UniPDF Converter Download and Installation

All I wanted to see was how many potentially unwanted or malicious programs could be installed.

Here’s the complete re-production of foistware attack:

  1. "Welcome to the UniPDF Converter installation… UniPDF performs accurate conversion from PDF files to word documents…"
  2. "Welcome to the Windows Cleaner Installation… is a fast, efficient and powerful system optimizer…"
  3. "Welcome to the Ainishare Free Audio Editor Installation… converts audios file in popular formats, rip Audio CD…"
  4. "Welcome to the Docks Installation. … the most popular free dock for Windows…"
  5. "Downloading from Freenew.net… IObit Uninstaller 4.1"
  6. "Welcome to the AccelerateTab Installation… An extension application of browser…"
  7. "Setup – Windows Cleaner…. Install the Vtools Toolbar by Spigot… Set Yahoo! as my default search engine… Install the Savings-Slider, Domain Error Assistant, Ebay Shopping Assistant, Amazon Shopping Assistant… by Spigot… Savings-Slider is ad-supported software… Set my homepage and startup option to Yahoo!"
  8. "BetterMarkIt is a revolutionary new tool…"
  9. GiliSoft’s "Play Free Games" (Free Win Disk Clean Up; URL, upgrading-center.com/games.html)
  10. GiliSoft’s "Sexual Encounters" (URL, http://www.xxoomovie%5BDOT%5Dcom/dating-pop-lp2)
  11. GiliSoft’s "Upgrade Video Player" (URL, themedia-player[DOT]com/vlc/lp/?pid=15134)
  12. Flv Player (AKA, Ainishare Free Center)
  13. An unknown DocToPDFConverter (v1.0.0.0)
  14. Additionally, I found freecenterlite, PlumoWeb, RapidWebIE installed into my programs list.

Info about my download: VT documention

SHA256: e6d88f69fa6651676a39a384d4d92d2b633041150c39e6d4cdd0725697d55104
File name: UniPDF_Converter_downloader.exe
Detection ratio: 11 / 56


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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