uberdownloads.net’s YouTube Video Downloader installation (Review) 

Uberdownloads.net uses DownloadAdminTM to install your software. The software distributed on our site may be available for free elsewhere. The installers are compliant with the original software manufacturer’s policies and terms & conditions. Additional software recommendations may be offered on an opt-in basis during the installation process.

"Welcome to the YouTube Video Downloader Installer"

  1. "Begin Secure Download… File Size: 32.7MB…"
  2. Advanced Installation (mode offers the following riskware): ArcadeGiant.com… StormWatch (* Storm Watch), OptimizerPro (* Optimizer Pro) and Update Admin (aka, Download Admin).
  3. "As part of the software installation, you can also get (conduit’s) Search Protect… set my home page and default to Trovi Search for Internet Explorer…"
  4. "… Thousands of users have installed Crime Watch…"

Antivirus scan for c8efc3755a53211f998022cddc18d2ff04742fa86e0e5e3271820967680189fd

  • SHA256: c8efc3755a53211f998022cddc18d2ff04742fa86e0e5e3271820967680189fd
  • File name: youtubevideodownloader-setup.exe
  • Detection ratio: 18 / 56


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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