Uninstall Spotify on Windows, Mac & FaceBook Completely

Annoying with your unsuccessful removal of Spotify? Or, your agent just couldn’t be started? Well, take it easy here. The good news is, such known even unknown issues with (un)installation can be effectively managed by using an uninstall tool, if you’re just new to making changes to your operating system. And I have an all-in-one solution for you!

Spotify error-17

To start, you can view this Spotify for Mac removal guide, and scroll down for detailed instructions.


Uninstall Spotify for Windows 10?

Before you get started with this section, make sure that:

  1. You’ve gained the administrative rights
  2. You’ve exported or backed up your personal stuff like your playlist.
    • Save or download your personal files.
    • Sign out your Spotify account.
    • Now, exit the unwanted client.

    Uninstall Spotify - 1

  3. Run Windows’ Task Manager, look into the Processes tab and then, terminate the following SpotifyWebHelper (32bit) manually.
  4. Uninstall Spotify - 2

  5. Press Windows key, scroll up… choose Control Panel on the Start menu.
  6. Hit the “Uninstall a program” link under the Programs part.
  7. Locate the Spotify application in the “Uninstall or change a program” list, and click on the “Uninstall” tab.
  8. 20151111094622

  9. Now, hit the OK button on the “Uninstall Spotify” window below.
  10. 20151111094722

  11. Soon, your unneeded Spotify app would be removed from the programs list.
  12. Save your job and, restart your PC.
  13. Again, an uninstaller Pro give you the ability to clean Spotify’s leftovers, risk-free and efficiently. TRY it FREE!

Why you failed to remove Spotify from Windows 8 and how to fix it?

  • Save your playlist if you wish to use it later.
  • Quit the client.
  • 20151112092237

  • Run Task Manager, and terminate the mentioned SpotifyWebHelper (32bit) process.
  • 20151112092408

  • Go to Control Panel if you’ve saved it on your own desktop.
  • Enter "Uninstall a program".
  • Locate your Spotify project in the programs list, and then double-click on it.
  • 20151111094622

  • This time, you can also press the OK button on the following "Uninstall Spotify" alert.
  • 20151111094722

  • Wait, save your job and, restart your computer. Clean associated junk in your system if you’re experienced at editing filesystem and/or Registry Editor.

PS: Since you, Windows 7 readers, have the same goal to get rid of Spotify on your OS, try repeating the steps I outlined.


Windows XP (SP3) users: How can you remove Spotify from your case?

  • Exit Spotify.
  • 20151112093838

  • Hit the start menu in your taskbar, choose Control Panel on the right.
  • 20151112093954

  • Go to "Add or Remove Programs".
  • Find the Spotify in the programs list, then click on the Remove tab behind it.
  • 20151112094128

  • Again, press the OK button on the aforementioned "Uninstall Spotify".
  • 20151112094153

How to Manually Uninstall Spotify on Mac?

Now, I am rolling out this Spotify uninstall guide for Mac users, if, you too end up in a situation where you’re worrying about your privacy (* Spotify’s listening history), or if, you are also facing app error after an official update.

  • As mentioned, you’d better exit your Spotify agent.
  • In the event of the hidden Library folder on your Mac, simply try this: Hit "Go" menu > enter "Go to Folder…" > type ~Library > Press the Enter key on your keyboard or, you click the Go button.
  • Then you could consider deleting a file folder that’s labelled “com.spotify.client”.
  • Now, you hit the Applications folder, and scroll down slowly till you locate Spotify.
  • Then you right click on the Spotify’s icon, launch the "Move to Trash" option on the menu.
  • Here, I suggest launching the "Secure Empty Trash…" option on the Finder menu.
  • Then, you need to verify the change you made to your system.
  • Please wait while your Mac is processing your request.
  • Save your job and restart your Apple.


If you wish to remove/ unlink Spotify account from your Facebook, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Facebook official website. Use your own log-in information, and log on its service.
  • Hit the right top menu. Check out the "More settings".
  • Select Apps, look into Spotify.
  • Hit the "Remove app" link under the "Legal" section.
  • spotify4g

  • Then press the blue "Remove" button on the "Remove Spotify" window.
  • spotify4g-2

Had problem uninstalling Spotify? Then, take this easy-to-use yet powerful uninstall tool for Mac, as it provides you with full selectivity and access so you can effectively take control of what to be kept or removed — you can clean almost everything and, keep the desired programs on your computer.

Citing Sources:

  • Hit this link if you want to reuse Spotify later. The URL contains the offline setup file of Spotify, saving your time.
  • "Separating Spotify from Facebook and moving playlists from one account to another" By georgiawebgurl
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