How to Remove Ask Toolbar? (Search App by Ask Removal)

Your Firefox or Internet Explorer has been hijacked by Toolbar or, "Search App by Ask"? Suffering from its software partners like the Mindspark company?

Keep cool and your computer will be OK after those annoying & stubborn browser programs cleaned completely. Hundreds of thousands of inexperienced end-users have filed complaints about the term, "Browser Hijacking", being too "hard-to-remove", because Windows’ own built-in uninstaller even its official removal utility (* ToolbarRemover.exe, v2.2.0.1) won’t be helpful when you want to remove Ask Toolbar thoroughly! Since its first edition into the public sphere in late 2010, both AskDotCom’s browser toolbar and its clones, and other (aggressive) affiliate marketers, have been gaining audiences in tons of complaints. And this post mainly contains research-validated effective Ask Toolbar uninstall strategy and, options collected from and other reputed sources – that might work as well. Save your important stuff, bookmark or, download this page now so you can reuse it later.

remove ask toolbar from java

How to Remove Ask Toolbar Hijackware without Ruining Your Comp?

Note #1: The following section applies to the un-uninstall of OFFICIAL Ask Toolbar (MD5, d4b08d6e77a34a43466869b3342b9507)

Note #2: Seems that Microsoft’s Edge (v20.10240.16384.0) is currently safe from APN’s "Search App by Ask".

For Windows 10 users, may the part below help remove Ask Toolbar from your Win 10, completely.

  • Run Task Manager by right clicking your taskbar at the bottom of your display.
  • Make the best of WTM: find out Ask Toolbar’s installation folder; then terminate the following processes, "APN Updater (32-bit)" and "Ask Toolbar Notifier (32-bit)" manually so you can uninstall Ask Toolbar smoothly.
  • Enter "Control Panel" in the "Search the web and Windows".
  • Hit the "Uninstall a program" link.
  • Locate the mentioned Search App by Ask (product version, in the "Uninstall or change a program" list. Then, press your Enter key directly. You can also click on the "Uninstall" tab, too.
  • In order to remove Ask Toolbar automatically, select the option Yes from the "Programs & Features" alert below.
  • To continue with "Search App by Ask" removal, apply the Yes option to the UAC window below.
  • Please wait while your 10 helps remove Ask Toolbar from your device.
  • remove ask toolbar

  • Save your work, restart your own 10 powered device and, remember that cleaning APN’s leftovers is is critical to getting a complete removal of Search App by Ask or, Toolbar. For starters, I’ve provided an easy-to-use yet pro uninstall tool to help get rid of Ask Toolbar effortlessly.

Once you carelessly ran some sponsored setup file on your Windows 8, Ask Toolbar would be really "where the nightmare happens" – or doesn’t, only if you can remove Ask Toolbar thoroughly, later. Well, by following the given steps below, I almost ensure that your time is worth with this all-in-one guide: it’s really important to keep your programs list, your browser as clean as possible.

  • Close your Internet Explorer 10, if you’re still using it.
  • Run WTM, find out the hijackware’s install folder and then, end the said processes above: APN Updater and Ask Toolbar Notifier (* locate ’em and press the "Del" key)
  • Head to Control Panel, open "Uninstall a program".
  • Repeat the common uninstall routine I’ve detailed above.
  • BAD news spreads like wildfire, so must you have already heard or, been suffering from the bar’s redundancies: the infamous Search App by Ask just refuses to go completely. To cleanly remove Ask Toolbar, run your hijacked IE 10, do the following: hit the Gear icon > manually apply the option "Use default" or "Use new tab" (* this helps reset your "Home page" settings by erasing http ://www search.ask com/?tpid=TB-TEST&o=APN10606&pf=V7&trgb=IE&p2=%5EADE%5EYYYYYY%5ETA%5EUS&gct=hp&apn_ptnrs=%5EADE&apn_dtid=%5EYYYYYY%5ETA%5EUS&apn_dbr=iexplore.exe_6_10.0.9200.16384&apn_uid=A90A984D-E684-4620-9CE2-A5E897EF9648&itbv= > go to Programs tab > press "Manage add-on" button > enter "Search Providers" > reset Bing as your IE’s 1st search engine, then delete Ask Search from the list.

Still not sure where to get started? Download this industry-leading uninstaller program so you can uninstall Search App by Ask and/or any other stubborn items, with ease. The uninstall tool is kindly recommended on the basis of its must-have ability to (re-)gain computer’s performance & security and reduce cost and complexity of end users through managing installed programs the more effective way. See how an uninstaller pro can help you get rid of Search App by Ask the easy way.

How to erase Ask Toolbar on Mozilla Firefox?

If, you’re a Windows 7 owner, and your Firefox program has been hijacked by the annoying Ask Toolbar, follow this "how-to" part carefully. Again, the recommended uninstall tool will make it very easy to uninstall so-called "Search App by Ask" fully, and it provides many more benefits of owning an extra clean operating system.

  • As usual, to remove Ask Toolbar without problems, you first run WTM, then terminate the following "TBNotifier.exe *32"
  • Go to the Start menu > Control Panel > open "Uninstall a program" > locate "Search App by Ask" (v12.37.0.2802)
    , then press the Enter key to start removing Ask Toolbar by performing the standard uninstall routine.
  • Choose the Yes option from "Programs & Features".
  • Using your Admin access to continue with "Search App by Ask" removal.
  • Wait while your Win 7 helps process your request.
  • You’d be told that "Your Search App by Ask uninstall is complete…". Em, just forget it.
  • Save and, restart your machine.
  • Dreaming of having a fast, clean computer? Then try erasing all the other leftovers that have been left in your system.

Have problems? Owning a future-proof uninstaller can give you the confidence as well as a significant advantage in any overall even annoying software issues about installation and/or un-installation.

2016-5-24 Updated: What are the most recent next-gen variants of Ask Toolbar?

We all know there’s some confusion about what is the best way to remove Ask Toolbar, and to secure your own homepage & computer system, so iWinPage is here to clear up some of the common misconceptions. Example is, one would run into trouble when trying to employ traditional methods to remove Ask Toolbar and/or other unflagged members in the internet – the bar was just not listed in the Control Panel. In the following update, we have a few pointers that can help newbies and intermediate users thoroughly remove ask Toolbar, avoid APN’s partners and unlock the full potential of your system performance & security, without sacrificing efficiency or scale.

Well… a little bird just told me that Mindspark had updated (changed) its name to IAC Applications. The new "Ask Applications" project could only help rapidly grow their affiliate members’ profits and would turn into a huge $ making machine very soon, only if you still accidentally click the "Next" or "Accept" button without paying enough attention. Well, the most downloaded Ask Toolbars at could be:

  • TelevisionFanatic Homepage & New Tab
  • CouponXplorer Homepage & New Tab
  • FromDocToPDF Homepage & New Tab
  • WeatherBlink Homepage & New Tab

Apparently, is the new site for downloading risky programs from MindSpark, Slimware.

Now, let me exactly explain how to reproduce the annoying browser hijacking problem, which could have been caused by the said Ask Toolbar and/or its endless clones, step by step, so you can avoid messing up your own browsers, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and/or Google Chrome.

Few Steps to "Asking" Your Mozilla Firefox:

  • Check the box (above the green "Click to Install" button) to install TelevisionFanatic Homepage & New Tab
  • Press said "Click to Install" or "Free Download" button.
  • Now, hit the Allow tab on the following alert from Firefox client.
  • Wait while the automatic download is completed.
  • Then, hit the Install button when you read the following pop-up, informing "the site ( would like to install an add-on in Firefox…".
  • Soon you will be able to watch TV, or view your favourite shows online using the newly installed TelevisionFanatic by MyWay®, which is a sister website of Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc..

Want to take back your previous Home Page? Check out the Add-ons Manager section, locate the following TelevisionFanatic (V7.70.9.26992) and hit the Remove button, and then hit the grey OK button on the following "Uninstall TelevisionFanatic Firefox Homepage and New Tab" window.

You can, of course, ignore the following "Uninstall – Television Fanatic"@ http://www research net

Installing and un-installing CouponXplorer (New Tab) by MyWay for Chrome could be easy as well. Just keep in mind that, use that add-on (adware) at your own risk.

With Opera Stable and/or Windows 10 Edge, you won’t be connected to the Ask powered Mindspark Interactive Network at the time of updating this post!

Further test shows that running WeatherBlink Internet Explorer Homepage and New Tab could do more harm than good. Because the express install would not only change your IE’s homepage settings, but also provide you with another riskware DriverUpdate from Slimware Utilities.

Un-install WeatherBlink? Rid of DriverUpdate? What’s the deal? Somehow, avoid connecting to APN/ MindSpark/ MyWay is the proven option to remove the Ask Toolbar the most time-saving way!

Other methods known to fix Ask Toolbar hijacked browsers, with little luck

1. Will Google, the world’s largest search engine giant, be helpful to rid of the annoying Ask Toolbar?

a) Now, try following the promoted Lavasoft’s guide to remove the said Ask Toolbar:

You had better NOT download its Web Companion (aka, Ad-Aware SecureSearch), as it could just another less annoying alternative to Toolbar!

Additionally, Ad-Aware’s Web Companion was pushed as a potentially unwanted installation by Free Mouse Auto Clicker, CNET TechTracker Downloader even by some flagged downware as well!

BTW, Toolbar was promoted by Avira, too.

(Credit: Fahmida Y. Rashid from Ziff Davis, LLC)

b)’s Ask Search removal guide contains too much information to use at a regular user’s side.

c) MALWARETIPS.COM’s post is bit out of date now: the post was posted on January 23, 2013. And, it’d be time consuming and logistically difficult (due to potential software compatibility problems) to run multiple security software.

d) AVG’s Ask Search toolbar removal guide contains some misleading info:

e) And, now, what’s’s answer now? Although the new and improved official "Ask Toolbar Remover" (MD5, 936948784a125f2b3c702dc6cf30215f) is available on site server, unfortunately, it falls short in not only resetting Firefox’s Start Page, removing its name (v125.5) from Firefox’s "Add-ons Manager" but in deleting its project from "Search Settings". So what can you do? What can you expect? Check it out for yourself: copy and paste this link into your browser’s address bar.

Failed to perform a clean uninstall of Ask Toolbar?! What else is there to do?

I. Let re-check out the "Ten Tools to Remove Stubborn Windows Applications" recommended by Nick Peers at

1. Microsoft’s Program Install & Uninstall Troubleshooter (file name, MicrosoftFixit.ProgramInstallUninstall.Run.exe; MD5, a0844c730f1091b491a8737404f4c914): it’d be the one if you’re annoying w/ problems caused by .MSI based programs. And, Office users would use it at your own RISK!

  • Run the mentioned "Microsoft® Fix it" as admin.
  • Select the Yes option from UAC.
  • Wait while "Microsoft Fix it" is loading its requirements.
  • Hit the "Accept" button to process the Ask Toolbar removal automatically.
  • Wait while your computer is installing "Microsoft Fix it".
  • Enter the 2nd option "Detect problems and let me select fixes to apply".
  • Hit the "Uninstalling" link, so you will be able to remove Ask Toolbar, partially.
  • Scoll down to the sticky "Search App by Ask" and, click on the Next button.
  • Now, press the "Yes, try uninstall" button.
  • Hit the Next button when you’re told that "Diagnosis is complete". Ensure that the default option "Uninstall and cleanup? Search App by Ask" is enabled.
  • Wait while your Windows is attempting to remove Ask Toolbar or, uninstall the Search App by Ask.
  • Hit the Next on the "troubleshooter" wizard when the automatic removal process is complete.
  • Re-run your Firefox client, and tell Microsoft company that "the (Ask Toolbar browser hijacker) problem has not been fixed (YET)".
  • Now, you can quit the "troubleshooter" by MS.

Your own results would be exactly the same:

  • The main application Search App by Ask, which was listed in "Uninstall or change a program", has been removed.
  • Firefox’s start page is kept being redirected to

2. IObit Uninstaller? Forget it.

When an inexperienced user falls into the wrong hands not only can there be significant performance leak (* By default, the Uninstaller will install ASC to your PC), the software vendor’s reputation and customer loyalty also suffers — which is why safeguarding your "All Rights" is paramount.

3. AppRemover just provided "No Applications Detected " to me.

II Prevention is much more important!

The complaints of staying with Toolbar and/or many other members has been continued climb in recent years. And, if you’re an owner of a Microsoft operating system, you must have experienced issues with getting rid of some stubborn apps or programs. The term "CPI" may take some understanding, but once you do, avoiding all the other downware powered setup file is highly recommended. If you’re planning on inviting a new program to your OS, make sure to read its REAL ratings & reviews on the Web, scan it by using an up-to-date virus scanner, because your downloaded installer could ship you with extra "OFFERS" (* PUPS or, PUAs)!

1. Learn the nature of the following toolbars from MINDSPARK:

  • Television Fanatic Toolbar
  • Weather Whiskers Toolbar
  • Gaming Wonderland Toolbar
  • Daily Bible Toolbar (aka, DailyBibleGuide extension)
  • Motitags Toolbar

More? Try installing some "popular" downloads from ClientConnect Ltd @!

2. Using a valid antivirus software should be an essential part of malware prevention but if you are new to foistware, junkware and/or CPI campaign, you are likely wasting your money. Review this in-depth post, as I’ve showed you how a downware based setup file could harm a personal computer.

The list below, as always, is a fabulous mix of must-read posts from the Web. Vote the best way to remove ask Toolbar now?

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