Should U Uninstall SlimCleaner Plus for PC?

What is SlimCleaner Plus? Who made the program (* risky program or, riskware)? And, is it a computer virus?

This 1500-word page shows you how to get rid of SlimCleaner Plus successfully, and how avoiding foistware can improve even boost your computer’s performance the cost-effective way! It would take hours to go of the illusions made by Google and reach the truth – the truth about SlimCleaner Plus by SlimWare Utilities. Forget about possibly misleading ads by search engine providers and access the effective solution to SlimCleaner Plus uninstall issue with this top-grade application uninstaller.

I will also explain how you can manually uninstall SlimCleaner Plus from your own Windows. Additionally, I too continue to work closely w/ you to help secure your case’s programs list, browser settings and more. Yes, it is vital to focus on keeping bloatware even half-malware at bay. Once you have this process, you are def. geared to take on 2016 with a more secure Web world.

How to Uninstall SlimCleaner Plus on Windows 10?

The following section contains the information you can use & share to uninstall SlimCleaner Plus from a Windows based 10 computer. Make the best of it, as I am going to teach you how to manage the apps or programs you (mistakenly) installed – not necessarily the most popular or most stubborn, but the ones that will ruin your computer.

  1. If you’re facing similar unwanted pop-ups from SlimCleaner Plus, try closing the client properly or, consider terminating the software by using Task Manager:
    • Gain the administrator access.
    • Click the "No Thanks" button in the right corner of the pop-up.
    • Hit the "Show hidden icons" ion in taskbar, find SlimCleaner Plus’s logo, and right click on it, and then launch "Exit" option on the menu.
    • Moreover, you can add WTM to your advantage: end the following "SlimServiceFactory" process manually. Then you should gain much greater control of program removal than you ever have.
  2. Type "CONTROL" in Windows 10’s Cortana, choose Control Panel on the top of the results given.
  3. Now, hit the "Uninstall a program".
  4. Locate the unwanted SlimCleaner Plus you’re annoying with, and then press Enter directly. You can also launch the "Uninstall" option in the programs list.
  5. To continue with the express uninstall of SlimCleaner Plus, choose the option "Yes" from the following "Programs & Features" alert.
  6. Now, select Yes from the UAC alert below so you can proceed with SlimCleaner Plus uninstall on your own comp.
  7. Please sit tight while your operating system helps uninstall SlimCleaner Plus.
  8. Save your job and restart your Windows.
  9. Well, my goal here is to help users all over the world delete SlimCleaner Plus cleanly. To help you with this ‘hard’ goal, I’d like to keep you up-to-date with some basic yet must-learn computer skills. That’s why I want to teach you how to make proper changes to Windows’ file system and Registry Editor. Don’t miss the opportunity to take your digital exp. to the next level. With that being said, I will explain exactly how I will do, step-by-step:
    • Make all hidden files visible, temporarily: open "This PC" > hit the "View" tab > go to "Options" > select View > enable the option "Show hidden files, folders, and drives" > press OK, and exit Folder Options.
    • Type or copy "SlimCleaner" (* without the quotation marks), let your Windows detect associated remains on your hard drive. Example, you need to delete "SlimCleaner Plus (Scheduled Scan – (Your computer name))" from the list of Windows Tasks so you can entirely uninstall SlimCleaner Plus for your own PC.
    • And, please be aware that common uninstall routine will def. leave leftovers in registry settings, as well. Your comp would become more and more unstable when the number of junky items keep growing.
  10. Save your job and reboot your computer again.
  11. So far, you should be on your way to getting online again with your own stunning OS.

Unable to uninstall SlimCleaner Plus for yourself?! You are still few clicks away from a bloatware-free computer: running an uninstall tool PRO is an easy-to-implement computing automation capability that gives you or your family a competitive advantage and can have a profoundly positive effect on the success of computer program removal process. Furthermore, released & updated with the industry-leading features, the PRO I highly recommend focuses on enhancing both security, performance and user experience when using computer. If you encounter sticky software removal issues again, consider using the PRO instead.

How to get rid of SlimCleaner Plus on Windows 7?

Well, I also wanted to get in touch with anyone who is still running a Windows 7 computer and see if I can help. Chances are that you installed SlimCleaner Plus alongside some sponsored free program even aggressive downware-powered setup file. In that case, not only you’ll feel hard to remove SlimCleaner Plus from your device using the "poor" Control Panel, but your system will be badly hurt by those creepy extra offers, such as hijacked search results, ads and alike. And, did you know that so-called "bonus offer" could differ depending on which country you’re in, or the IP address you’re using?! Well, I just want to ensure anybody who does care about privacy, and other rights you deserve are not left out!

Tips for removing SlimCleaner Plus from Win 7:

    • Get Admin access
    • Quit the software completely
    • Follow the on-screen info exactly
    • Repeat the removal instructions I’ve outlined above to delete SlimCleaner Plus from your 7’s programs list

In the video below, I’ve also shared some extra tricks for removing SlimCleaner Plus and why you should keep your distance from it.

It became clear to us that using an uninstall tool PRO to deal with undesired plus stubborn program in the fastest, most efficient way possible is key, because such an uninstaller program is the complete solution for anyone looking to perform a clean, effortlessly software removal. The PRO also includes the latest, most innovative features, support and technology needed to provide extra protection to you.

Why SlimCleaner Plus has been flagged as riskware?

I have been helping internet starters reclaim their basic right of privacy and security, making ’em absolutely secure from potential online threats, such as hijackware, adware, foistware and many other online threats. Please take a moment to review the following information contained in this section, which has shown exactly why you should get rid of SlimCleaner Plus virus as soon as possible.

Reason #1: Why you should uninstall SlimCleaner Plus for your own PC

Let’s review the following screenshot I made: the official download at has been detected as riskware!

What do the results from VirusToal mean?

  • "Program.Unwanted.614" by DrWeb: "Program.Unwanted" = PUP or, PUA (aka, Potentially Unwanted Program / Application); "614" = the ID that has been recorded by DrWeb, the famous IT-security company in Russia.
  • "Adware.FakeDriverUpdate.gen": adware, to be frankly, it’s not that bad, em, it’s just bit too annoying; "Fake.DriverUpdate", as for DriverUpdate, see the following screen shot, and for more info, read this similar VT file – it’s worse, as my upload got a higher detection ratio
  • As for "Worm. AllAple.Win32.28301" by Zilla, well, it’s clear that why SlimCleaner Plus is called a ‘legit’ VIRUS in the market. Just wanted to send you a reminder: SlimWare Utilities (* ID, 4297784067) has joined Microsoft Solution provider program successfully.

SlimCleaner Plus = "Program.Unwanted"?! You can’t miss the bloated install process I encountered below:

Then, what’s DriverUpdate exactly? It was known as a sponsored variant of SlimCleaner Plus. At the moment, many bad site admins or marketers are running some downware based domains through the affiliate programs (e.g., CPI) that they’ve seen a lot of success with so far, due to your careless clicks.

  • "SlimWare Utilities recommends… MyPCBackup"
  • "… AVG Toolbar to improve your Internet protection."

Yes, it is NOT your bonus and you should never get, nor receive ’em, and keep ’em at bay in 2016, or for ever, because we all would hate to see our computer messed up with junk. And, I truly believe I can help secure your computer and re-build the 1st line of defense together.

2nd, check out what people were saying about SlimCleaner Plus. Below is an overview of original reviews of SlimCleaner Plus:

  • "I don’t like that you can’t select multiple applications at once; you have to uninstall applications one at a time" —
  • "I installed the program SlimCleanerPlus ( * SlimCleaner Plus)… I decided this was probably a mistake…" — RussellKiddZO@ Microsoft Answer

Read more comments at SoftPedia:

And, Google is yet another option that is good at telling you the trend, too.

Meantime, you’d be misled by those ads from the search engine giant.

3rd. I too detected a bug behind some version of SlimCleaner Plus: I was just unable to close an alert from SlimCleaner Plus, saying "An update for SlimCleaner Plus is available. Would you like to update now?".

If you have any questions about SlimCleaner Plus removal or, any other software you just can’t get rid of, use the recommended application uninstaller and I guarantee you will get the proven answer the smarter way! I hope you enjoy the must-have weapon. It’ll definitely make software removal easier. And, you can spread this “How to Uninstall SlimCleaner Plus Guide”, and other information provided in this article for further research opportunities as well as to keep your internet security updated.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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