How do I uninstall Bing Desktop?

Do you like a "spectacular" desktop? What about other so-called beautiful wallpaper managers for Windows?

Here at iWinPage, I’ve set a goal for myself. I want to help inexperienced computer users around the world reach their daily or office goals. However, getting there doesn’t always happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen without some expert guidance. As in past years, I sat down with my tech support team and we compiled a list of risky e-marketing trends to avoid these years. Below is yet another list of the top aggressive software marketing "techniques" of 2014 & 2015. One major theme is the establishment of bundleware or downware as a widely unaccepted business practice. If last few years those bad coders were "embarking on the golden age of (totally misleading) software recommendations/ offers", this year finds themselves harder entrenched in it. Yet: New Year, New Threats.

#1 Question: How to Uninstall Bing Desktop for Windows 10?

The following sentences are yet another friendly reminders in case you weren’t aware of the reasons why you failed to uninstall
Bing Desktop thoroughly, which could still available to reoccur later:

  • With an admin access, you will be able to help yourself get through the express removal process successfully.
  • And to fully uninstall Bing Desktop, you need to alter the newly changed background for your own Windows desktop later.
  • In the term of "A Clean Uninstall", for experienced users only, you need to clean off remains that have the potential to leak your system’s performance, stability and alike.
  • If you’d prefer not to manually uninstall Bing Desktop and would also like to get rid of any other undesired programs once and for all, I’ve even got U covered completely: you can try the following top-grade application uninstaller at the bottom of this part.

Here’re the detailed instructions:

  • Make yourself the system admin now.
  • check out your own "Show hidden icons" section.
  • Locate and right click on the following orange letter "b", and then launch the option "Exit" on the menu.
  • To smoothly uninstall Bing Desktop, run Task Manager, check out the Processes tab and terminate "Bing Desktop updating service (32bit)" manually.
  • Open Control Panel if you’ve saved it on your screen or, you can also make use of search box instead.
  • Head to "Uninstall a program", check out your own "Uninstall or change a program" list.
  • Locate the unwanted Bing Desktop, then you can… press the Enter key directly, or you launch the option "Uninstall" given.
  • Say Yes to the "Programs and Features" alert below to verify that you wanna uninstall Bing Desktop on your PC.
  • To continue with Bing Desktop removal, you hit the Yes button on the following UAC window.
  • Sit back when your Win10 helps uninstall Bing Desktop automatically.
  • You’d be requested to reset the default browser app during the process.
  • Furthermore, it’s weird to see a blank Edge page as shown below, saying "mailto: Bing Desktop Uninstall Feedback".
  • Search "Internet Explorer" in the search box, revert your own IE 11’s homepage settings manually, depending on your software exp..
  • If you’re too using Chrome and/or Firefox, check out the main configurations like the start page, search provider list, and then repeat the action above, it might take some extra time, but worth it if you want to get rid of Bing Desktop cleanly.
  • And, if you’re an experienced Windows reader, still, take precautions, but don’t panic, as you do not have to make additional changes to your filesystem and/or Registry Editor. In other words, you could ruin your system by making improper changes to the mentioned projects above.

# 2 Question: How to Uninstall Bing Desktop on your own Win 7 computer?

Welcome to the 2nd part of Bing Desktop Removal Guide by iWinPage. Below’s a quick recap of highlights and tips that you may have missed on this topic:

  • Gain the Administrator password.
  • Quitting Bing Desktop will make the uninstall process easier.
  • Usually, you can hit the Start menu, choose Control Panel and then hit the "Uninstall a program" link.
  • Then, the default removal process should take less 5 minutes to complete: review the 2nd part of this article and remove Bing Desktop from your own programs list.

TIP: You can choose the "Cancel" option on the "Launch Application" below when the uninstall is complete.

#3 Question: What’s Bing Desktop? Is it safe to use?

If you haven’t heard of Bing Desktop, or, you’re just new to this product from Microsoft company, read the following specs collected through Google:

  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Basic software properties: A Win32 Cabinet Self-Extractor based desktop customization app
  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7

Bing Desktop has also been classified as an Internet searching tool, according to

Well, take a look back at 2012, Bing Desktop could be installed as an optional update for a Windows based personal computer, as well.

(Credit: Jeffrey Van Camp@

Simply, it can be used for either decorating your default desktop background or for understanding what’s popular now.

Even so – Microsoft was also pushing Bing Desktop (* its own search provider Bing) that hard, there’re a lot of bad reviews about it, still existing on the Web. here’s a snippet of what other websites are saying about Bing Desktop: Bing Desktop for Windows: So lame it’s practically spamware

Bing Desktop is beautiful and annoying – BetaNews

Windows, stop trying to make Bing Desktop happen… –

  • its inability to show up the cleanest, most-accurate results.
  • its GIANT ugly GUI that a user can easily detect it on the MAIN area of the screen.
  • its bit long list of predefined installation options (* that proves its extra annoyances; and this too makes Bing Desktop become a desktop based toolbar in someway) to change one’s browser configurations

The logical conclusion about Microsoft’s Bing Desktop is that it is bit annoying yet beautiful computer monitor based Bing™ toolbar.

Do you really need to install or run a desktop customization tool for your Windows?

If the install routine is clean, and the uninstall wizard is clear, there’s probably nothing to worry about. But always keep an eye on your downloaded app. Because, The internet as we know it is about to look radically different. Below are several things on iWinPage I especially liked: call me a fan of greyware & malware!

  • Misleading webpage-based pop-ups are being built more like those real ones.
  • Fakealerts based adware even so-called system optimizers have been frequently rolled out to make money.
  • TrojWare powered rogueware is yet another truly nightmare for starters.

What went wrong in software development / marketing? Now is the perfect time for you to enhance your lines of defense. Let’s check out the "10 Best Desktop Customization Tools" one by one:

  • Fences (aka, Stardock Fences)
  • ObjectDock
  • RocketDock
  • Tiles
  • Dexpot

I. Fences: #1 desktop organization solution by Stardock Corporation.

Optional offer, ObjectDock, was detected during the install process. A user would suffer from those bit annoying product registration pop-ups.

II. ObjectDock: One of the most popular animated dock for Windows operating system

"Would you like to also install the Fences free trial?" BTW, Fences failed to be installed due to an application-level crash.

III. RocketDock: yet another specially added Taskbar service

RocketDock is clean so far.

IV: Tiles: a neat program designed to manage Windows tasks.

"Yes, also install ObjectDock"?!

V: Dexpot: Virtual desktops for Windows

"Install (* iolo’s) System Checkup – Recommended by Dexpot". Moreover, you can consider associating Dexpot profiles (* .dxp) with Dexpot.

Uninstall Bing Desktop for better PC experience & computer performance now. And, don’t missing upgrading your computer skills: junkware even malware authors would not waste any time in 2016. They’ve already broken into some famous online advertising platforms and infected millions of users’ PC. That means you shouldn’t waste any time either in making sure all your new or current devices are protected. If they connects to the internet, then they could be potentially vulnerable and you should shore up your defenses fully. Yet another way to achieve your deserved success is to be help secure your personal computer first.

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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