Uninstall Remo Optimizer within 3 Easy Steps

Throughout my blogging & software testing career, I’ve had enough fortune to face adware, riskware, half-malware even true malware. Many of those authors are still making money from inexperienced users.

Without proactive sense of security, how can we even regular users employ the basic yet correct set of security tips & tactics to effect positive outcomes for our office/ daily life? Now, I am going to share several (* proven) approach(es) to uninstalling Remo Optimizer that will also help you keep potential half-fakealerts at bay.

How do I uninstall Remo Optimizer 2.0 for my Windows 10?

In order to uninstall Remo Optimizer smoothly, it’s also important to understand what the term "Uninstall / Un-install / De-install" is? According to MERRIAM-WEBSTER & Dictionary.com, the word "Uninstall" is defined as "to remove (software) from a computer system (especially by using a specially designed program)". Moreover, to archive this goal, gaining Admin access is also recommended.

  • Log on as the Admin user.
  • Check out your own "Show hidden icons" area.
  • Right click on a green icon that looks like a restore mark, then launch the option "Exit".
  • Then you can check the "Do not show this message again" option and press the red "Exit & Remind Me Later" button.
  • Below are the 2 common methods to get rid of Remo Optimizer:
    • Go to "Uninstall or change a program" list, launch the "Uninstall" given for Remo Optimizer 2.0 by Remo Software.
    • Enter Remo Optimizer’s install file folder, run the following "unins000" application as admin.
  • After that, say Yes to the yellow UAC alert below.
  • Apply the Yes option to the "Remo Optimizer 2.0 Uninstall" window below.
  • Wait while Remo Optimizer 2.0 un-installs itself. Then exit the said "Uninstall" window below.

And to cleanly uninstall Remo Optimizer, I perform the following:

  • Restart my Windows 10;
  • Check out the mentioned Startup menu;
  • Change Folder options so I can see almost every hidden items on my computer;
  • Search, clean Remo-related junk in my filesystem and registry settings.

What Is Remo Optimizer?

Remo Optimizer is a partially paid optimization program:

  • It does allow you to perform a complete system scan, from "COM & ActiveX" to "Junk Files". Furthermore, it will allow you to fix those problems found only when you complete the "Quick & Easy Registration" form@ https www remooptimizer com/register/basic-pro-1m.php provided.
  • It too allows you to enhance your Windows’ Startup speed. (NOTE: You cannot restore the deleted items due to some reason or software bug.)
  • It will set itself to run with your computer by default, as well.
  • It would also pop up information around "hard disk temperature", "drive health state".

So, for more common end-users, what’s more important, performance or security? Well, the downloaded official installation package "remo-optimizer_CPrTp6La1MoCFdh5vQodpHQMFg.exe" (MD5, 63cd069e56fddf5f8afd565718502321) has been detected as "Program.Unwanted.979" by DrWeb (antivirus engine, 20160130). Do you want more from your PC’s performance? Have you consider using an uninstall tool PRO for Windows to reform your current programs list, your possibly ruined browser configurations like hijacked homepage?

PS: If you mistakenly disabled some app or program from running your Windows, try re-adding that item to the list manually. Example, you will also need to manually re-enable Microsoft OneDrive by using Task Manager in case you deleted it from d Startup menu w/ Remo Optimizer 2.0. Hit here for detailed reports at VT.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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