How to Remove Web Bar Adware from Desktop

Web Bar (* version 2.0.5291.23050) not uninstalled successfully? Have you accessed some possibly insecure download sites recently?

If so, things would definitely look a lot different. As usual, all our troubleshooting posts have been published to reflect those risky programs in the internet. So you do had better take care of your mouse click(s). And, as you may know, drive-by powered software download website can typically use misleading ads or sponsored search results to target inexperienced users. Then they use downware (* adware installers) based setup files to load their partners or affiliate members. Below are some frequently encountered bloatware:

  • Toolbar (aka, Search App by Ask). Do not miss its clones: InternetSpeedTracker, Elite Unzip, AllIn1Convert and more – which are now available on iacapps[dot]com by Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc.
  • Wild Tangent Games ( * according to Mark Hachman’s study. One more question: what’s another word for this Wild Tangent Games? BlueStacks!)
  • Slimware Utilities Holdings’ DriverUpdate (* you can get it from driverupdate[dot]net)
  • Yahoo Search/Toolbar
  • Pluto TV
  • TuneUp Utilities 2014

See? Adware installer is one the most aggressive way to market computer programs online. Downware works in a very similar way to custom installers. Junkware could be transfered from the affiliate campaigns to untrained victims. This makes drive-by download the most efficient yet unacceptable method for promoting an unneeded program possible. Then…

How to Remove Web Bar from your own Windows?

In this part, you will learn the manual removal instructions for Web Bar adware/PUA infection. Yes, Web Bar has been known as a dropper (*malware installer) or “not-a-virus”, according the latest antivirus scan for my upload (* 6c440235901ef54331e977450fbc4bf2f5151344474a80c73373aecbeb5b932e), which too has an extra relationship with the infamous Conduit Toolbar / Conduit Search by Client Connect, and the annoying DriverSupport (md5, 92edfe0fdb4b4d19a6356de0adf84d64) and other possibly fake system optimizers like PC Booster (MD5, 6ce82e40252faa7867cecca33d162a3d)! Check out this URL@ http www safestsearches com/?ctid=CT3334970&searchsource=55&UM=4 for yourself.

The screenshot I made would tell you almost everything!

How to remove Web Bar for Windows 10? I dug into the details to help you do so manually.

  • Make yourself the Admin user.
  • Save everything that matters your www life.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Del to open Task Manager.
  • Hit the “More details” link when the window opens.
  • Terminate the following two processes manually: “ISightHost” and “Web Bar”: locate ’em and press the Delete key directly.
  • Go to Control Panel.
  • Enter “Uninstall a program”.
  • Target Web Bar, press Enter or launch Uninstall option.
  • Select the given “Yes” option on the “Web Bar Uninstall” wizard below.
  • Wait…
  • Exit the uninstall wizard when the default un-install is complete.
  • You can still help improve Web Bar by explaining why you chose to uninstall it later.
  • Save again, restart and then, search & delete related leftovers like some registry entris that have been left in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AppCompatFlags\Compatibility Assistant\Store

How can you take Web Bar off your Windows 7 desktop?

It is also vital to review how you installed Web Bar. Check out your programs list, clean any newly installed yet unknown items on the list.

How Web Bar started? What’s new in it?

Web Bar made its very first appearance to the public when it was the year 2014: our journey began with a group of computer security experts who were competing together on a private community to address the issue about adware infection. In 2012, our friendly competition grew into a unique forum of “PUP hunters” that’s now over 90,000 members strong. And, I got Web Bar installed on my VMware station on September 16, 2014.

Being a fan of PUA (Potentially Unwanted Application) takes cutting edge computer skills, knowledge and a fighting spirit. I just know what you’re annoying with for a while: Web Bar could all start with an installer file with additional sponsor offerings.

In all fairness, Web Bar is yet another desktop-based search tool. By default, your own queries would show up in the Bing powered search engine. There’s little even no difference between the search results by Bing itself and those by Web Bar, according to my latest test.

And, the newest build of Web Bar has become worse if you unintentionally installed it on a Windows 10 computer. See the comparison below:

  • 2.0.5527.25142 still successfully added “WebBarUpdateTask” and “WebBarLaunchTask”to Windows’ Task Scheduler without authorization. It removes path info for it.
  • (By: MBAM Forums)

  • For details, see the post by Metallica (* 01 April 2015) on MBAM board.

In case you haven’t read Web Bar reviews, I just got the following list of the most common types of user complaints:

Did anyone else get the bar (* Web Bar) when they downloaded Painttool.sai (* PaintTool SAI)?

That (* Web Bar) was annoying me, I don’t even know how it got on my computer, as I shut it of for a while and came back on to see it. I deleted the task (* Web Bar.exe, or ISightHost.exe) it didn’t go away (* a user would need to provide Admin permission to do so).

i (I) removed it once, it’s still in the programs list and still on my desktop but says it’s not installed when i try uninstall it (* Web Bar).

I have web bar (* Web Bar) version 2.0 / build 5527.25142 on my window (* Windows) 7 but I can’t find it in my programs (list) to uninstall. It does however show up in task manager (* WTM). Also i (I) had getnowupdater witch (which) is werid i never had it before…

Now, I will also discuss other potentially misleading approaches that could results in starters unable to remove Web Bar. Please be kindly educated that, a computer virus is UN-UNINSTALLABLE at all! You can also scour the web in search of new methods that would also help remove Web Bar differently – you can also test across as many bloggers or websites as possible. Here I go with a list of 10 sites that contains possibly unneeded or useless information.

#1:’s Web Bar toolbar (virus) removal Guide

Reading’s blog posts could be one of the most complicated task in the world. Please make it right and simple.


#2:’s removal instructions

It recommends a so-called “Quick solution” to remove the Web Bar desktop toolbar. As it turns out, offers yet another chance to install the really BIG annoyance, SpyHunter@ https www (MD5, 9f99896e2a20935d0779fad92f9addcc), with Windows-based computers.

Yet, you can review SpyHunter Affiliate Program benefits!

  • Earn the possibly highest commissions (* Global Commission, 75%) in the industry.
  • Work with a trusted brand. Spyhunter is an anti-spyware application from Enigma Software Group USA, LLC (“ESG”).

SpyHunter (4) Reviews:

West Coast Labs certifies SpyHunter at the Platinum level of its Checkmark system.

SpyHunter by Enigma Software… is a program that WAS previously listed as a rogue product on the Rogue/Suspect Anti-Spyware Products List because of the company’s … aggressive and deceptive advertising.

I tried to uninstall (the) Spyhunter, but I can’t find it. I still receive notifications from it, but its completely invisible from my downloads.

SpyHunter 4 ruined my laptop! I had to reinstall it ( * my operating system) because I got always black screen with white text.

Seriously I have tried everything from removing it ( * SpyHunter) from the services menu and registry to deleting every file location and it STILL WONT DIE! HOW THE FU*K DO I REMOVE THIS S*IT…

Any example? If you’re interested, Google this 800 telephone number “1-800-681-6492”, or pay a visit to the following website, you would make the install of Spyhunter happen instead!

#3:’s removal guide

Seems that is sharing a similar list of categories with

  • Remove Web Bar from Windows 7
  • Promotes AdwCleaner and MBAM to its visitors

But Max Reisler made the following correction to the Web Bar program:

Do notice that Web Bar is not a virus. …

#4: Will Frances’ Anvi Smart Defender (* asd, v2.5.0.0) be really helpful to remove Web Bar?

Firstly, please be noted that:

Antivirus startup Anvisoft was founded by an infamous Chinese hacker (* Wicked Rose or Withered Rose) who allegedly cut his teeth exploiting Microsoft Office security holes to hack US defence contractors…

2ndly, it successfully detected the installation of Web Bar, yet it failed to help me remove it from Windows 10 – it ended Web Bar’s main process only.

#5:’s Chona Esjay too provides a possibly useless page

  • The manual uninstall guide is not clear.
  • The downloaded Avast Browser Cleanup failed to remove Web Bar either.
  • Resetting Mozilla Firefox to default does not help remove Web Bar.

The good news is, the award-winning Avast Browser Cleanup, detected the install of the toolbar protector “Istartsurf” (aka,

#6: Will jscher2000’s solution be useful to remove Web Bar?

jscher2000 is one of top 10 contributors at Mozilla Support Center, yet, the “Chosen Solution” (* a clean reinstall of Firefox) would be unable to address Web Bar uninstall issue.

#7: Sean Doyle’s “Virus Removal Guide”

Sean is an engineer from Los Angeles, California. His primary focuses include internet security…

  • The article title itself too contains misleading info
  • The installed HitmanPro v3.7.12 (Build 256) (* a cloud based security application) stopped working due to some reason, and, “removal of viruses and other malicious software is disabled (by default)” until you activate or buy HitmanPro.
  • I too love CCleaner and think that, under this situation, its “Cleaner” feature could be most useless function. A user could be unable to disable Web Bar from running w/ system via CCleaner.
  • There’s no proof that Web Bar installs anything on IE, FF, and/or Chrome.

#8: too recommends using SpyHunter 4 to remove Web Bar. Admit it, yet another fake SpyHunter review has been spotted on the homepage of

The most effective of all the products tested at both blocking and removing spyware & keyloggers

That sentence is a review of PC Tools Spyware Doctor, instead!

John Clyman from said that Spyhunter 1.4.42 is a video game.

#9: Dennis Blair’s article too contains misleading and unclear instructions you should avoid. Meantime, the owner of has also added some “affordable” packages, starting at $39.95 / Time.

Once installed …, numbers of pop-up ads will jump out some icons of the desktop … will be ineffective.

Also, resetting Windows DNS does not help.

#10: Should you use “”?

If you want to install a driver manager (* so-called Windows® 7 Driver Update Utility) by and/or, you hit the pop-up when you visit For more recent changes, you check out those “Sponsored Links” for yourself.

Keep Your Desktop Clean and Secure Your OS like a PRO

You can keep your desktop from being messed up by performing the given actions below. For experienced readers, you can also try redirecting the Desktop folder to other drive you have, which can secure your data like those saved bookmarks, and free up disk space on your system drive.

  • Change browser or other downloader’s default download locations. Or, you should move those downloaded items to other non-system disks in time.
  • Consider disabling creating possibly unused shortcuts on desktop. At least, you can manually delete any unneeded icons.
  • Take a closer look at the following the very best desktop search programs
Application Name Method Extra Info
Everything v1.3.4.486 (from VoidTools) Indexing
DocFetcher v1.1.16 (by DocFetcher Development Team) Indexing DocFetcher requires Java to run
LookDisk v6.3 (by Vincenzo Iuorno) No indexing
MasterSeeker v1.5.1 (By DxCK) Caching MasterSeeker requires Microsoft .NET Framework to run; the user would experience high RAM usage
UltraSearch 2.0.3 (By JAM Software) Master File Table

As usual, don’t hesitate to reach out to me with additional questions. If you’re suffering some newly released junkware or if you would like to talk about computer optimization or security, let me know and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Last but not least, remove Web Bar permanently and get protected for all your personal devices now!

Take your computer knowledge from newbie to pro…

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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