Can’t uninstall Skype Windows or Mac?

Suffering from Skype? Want to completely remove the VoIP app for your own computer but you can’t do so?

Then this in-depth troubleshooting page will help to bring an end to your undesired Skype suite ( * What are they and how to do they work? ), as I am going to show you how to simply uninstall the latest build of Skype for Windows (v7.18.85.112) and, for Mac (ver. 7.21.350) at a later point. Moreover, you can consider performing the uninstall process automatically by TRYING an exclusive uninstall tool PRO FREE, if you just can’t uninstall Skype due to some annoying application-related message, e.g., "The older version of Skype (unique or specific version name here) cannot be removed. Contact your technical support".

How to Uninstall Skype for Windows and Mac?

I have been doing another side project to play around with filesystem, Registry Editor, drive-by infected ads/ downloads/ installation pkgs, and foistware in the internet and providing proactive tips & measures to help address issues about online privacy, PC performance & security. "If one could keep his or her program settings as clean as possible", I thought, "that would definitely help avoid avoidable cost". Learn more case studies below.

Section #1: Uninstall Skype For Windows 10, 7 and XP.

If, you are just not sure why your own Skype has not been uninstalled successfully, you hire this powerful uninstall tool – you can try it for FREE- today to seriously reform your programs list, browser settings even schedule list easily: With such an advanced "software manager", even unprofessional users can remove any other hard-to-uninstall items from Control Panel within few minutes.

Here’s a 20-minute guide that help uninstall Skype on Windows 10:

Learn the essentials in one minute:

  • What? This is about how to do a complete uninstall of Skype. You should consider getting rid of the main application Skype (version, 7.18.112), the optional components Skype Click to Call (ver. for IE 11, and Bing Search.
  • When? You’ve gained the admin access, and you’ve exported your personal contacts.
  • Caution? Review the original discussion link for more details.

(Reinstalling) Installing a Skype version older then ( * than) 4.2 can WIPE all your contacts. Please be careful!

To save your Skype contacts, follow the brief tutorial below:

  • Logon via your Skype or Microsoft account.
  • Hit the "Contacts" menu, select the "Advanced" option and launch the 1st sub-option "Backup Contacts to File…"
  • Use the default "File name", choose a location (saving that file on a non-system disk is recommended) and press the Save button.
  • Click the Skype menu and choose "Sign Out" entry.
  • Keep that VCard file (.vcf) safe and private.

It’s quite easy to get overwhelmed with Windows’ own uninstall utility, Control Panel. That’s why I kindly recommend using that uninstall tool PRO above, which is a must-use weapon that provides the feature "Quick Uninstall" and delivers the most important option "Forced Uninstall", and other tools (e.g., Windows Cleaner that helps remove junky traces in Windows Registry) & commands, all in one simple user interface.

In this part of this how-to article, I am going to teach how to uninstall Skype manually and completely. To do this requirement, you need to follow the exact steps carefully.

  • Hit "Show hidden icons", right click on Skype’s logo, S, and then choose "Quit".
  • Confirm your request by hitting the "Quit" button on a latter window. See it below.
  • Go to Control Panel, open "Uninstall a program", and then locate the Skype agent you installed, and then you can simply press Enter to start the default uninstall process.
  • Say Yes to "Programs and Features" to verify that you wanna uninstall Skype on your Win 10.
  • During the process, you choose the option Yes from the following UAC alert so you can continue with the default Skype removal.
  • Sit back when your 10 helps uninstall Skype automatically.
  • You can take some time out to tell or MS why you chose to remove that product, e.g., inappropriate usage of resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth, or Internet connection), even security concerns (reasons), etc..
  • The benefits of ridding of Skype Click to Call & Bing Search (aka, Microsoft Bing Service) possible by other methods include providing you with a clean uninstallation of Skype, with a re-tweaked device or network.
  • However, since Skype has been powered fully by Microsoft Corporation, it can be challenging to modify the file system and other advanced settings like Startup & registry entries.

For Windows 8, 7 and XP SP3 users, view the following images to see how to uninstall Skype and related stuff manually. With the uninstall tool above, you can make the software information that’s relevant stand out easily!

(I also wanted to share a quick note about manual removal of Bing Search ( for Mozilla Firefox.)

(It looks that uninstalling Skype for XP is relatively easier. Because the Skype Click to Call was not installed due to some reason.)

Section #2: Uninstall Skype for Mac

  • Export your personal contracts and other personal info.
  • Log out your Microsoft account.
  • Quit Skype for Mac properly and/or employ Activity Monitor to kill the main process manually, when your agent has become unresponsive.
  • Then, head to the Applications folder by double clicking it.
  • Scroll down the following Skype icon, right click on it and choose "Move to Trash" command.
  • Please wait while your Mac helps uninstall Skype.
  • Open the Trash app and make sure that Skype has been removed, partially.
  • Searching your Mac system then provides yourself with the answer for "Why You’re Running A Slow Mac", and, with the answer to the rapidly increasing junk files that you will be getting annoyed eventually. At the same time, the following app uninstaller for Mac will significantly reduces the time spent on performing such unimportant tasks.


Have You Skyped Today?

(To) Have a spoken conversation with (someone or someones) over the Internet (or Web) using the software application Skype, typically also viewing by a video camera.

Skype was designed to allow you to communicate with your guys on the planet easily. With the most recent version of Skype, you should be able do the following stuff:

  • Performing a group video (e.g., e-meeting) on any device
  • Performing everyday or group chat if you need it
  • Sharing everything, from your own amazing moments to any files of any size, with your contracts
  • Saying "Hi" worldwide at the lowest possible calling rates ( * NO 911 calls!)
  • Socializing with people the easiest way possible

So… You want to try Skype on your own device. Now what? What’s it like to have a default install of Skype? Skype now operates as one of the most popular video-calling services, however, not everyone gets a happy ending due to its additional yet possibly unused components, such as "Skype Click to Call" and Bing (Search). Scroll and learn the efficient way to manage your programs list like a pro.

Based on the customer feedback and serious consideration, I decided to run the bit bloated Skype installer on my Windows 10 Pro:

  • Installation Step #1: Choose or verify a location for Skype. If you too had issues with the regular install or un-installation, make the best of the following automatic installation path so you can completely uninstall Skype and perform a clean install of it at a later point.
  • Installation Step #2: By default, "Skype Click to Call" has been set to install on your Windows. Is growing junkware slowing your PC down? This link contains the ticket ( * a must-have uninstall tool) to a cleaner, faster Windows operating system. And, learn how to keep all other undesired programs at bay.
  • Installation Step #3: You can also consider putting Bing (Toolbar/Search) as undecided, if you’re prefer to keep current browser configurations.

In the meanwhile, the install process of Skype for Mac has been hugely simplified. See the following screen shot I made.


Revolutionize Your Computer

Below are the newly detected risky adware and junkware last week. Worse yet, aggressive badware like ransomware has also arrived on the Mac world. Well, any version of the popular bundleware, or downloadware, e.g., Air Installer, DownloadAdmin, distributed via the app’s marketers or application developers, can easily cause adware, spyware infections. Sponsored installer files could be very first of its kind to mess up Windows. They are typically capable of downloading and installing junky offers without permissions. Such a big concern will then demand extra effort in exchange for their disappearance!


Real crapware samples will allow you to take your computer knowledge to next grade fast, and to fully manage your computer system like a pro. Somehow, such an attack is super cool because it lets us so much easier implement new protective strategies. I will give you a for-instance of what I am saying: a drive-by powered installation package from Video Plugin software S.L..

A bloatware show can start now:

  • "Welcome to the Skype Setup Wizard Install…"
  • "TERMS… Primary Color. Please read the following important (unclickable) information and terms before continuing…"
  • "QUICK SPECS… Install Find Search Windows to set your default search provider…"
  • "SELECT FOLDER… (Uniblue’s) SpeedUpMyPc (2016)"
  • "Yes, I would like to add a shortcut to multimedia content. WebBar…"
  • "AGREE & INSTALL… RinoReader…"

New year, new marketing strategies. Last year, Laura Lake@ also revealed "Five Easy Tips on How to Develop a Marketing Strategy". But adware installers are different beasts these days, and some of those tactics could now irrelevant and inefficient, depending on the circumstances. In the dark about Internet security? Never fear. I’ve created a comprehensive, free guides dedicated specifically to transforming you into a bonafide computer user. Now you: what to do if you’re a victim of such an adware infection? What can you do to prevent other risky programs from landing on your case? Anyone care to send me your insights.

P.S.: To ensure you full access to the Skype Community, you had better register or gain an activated Microsoft account then pick a forum name that’s different from the Skype name you’re using. Check out the official client and explore what’s new in it for yourself.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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