Should U uninstall Symbaloo?

Is Symbaloo (aka, SymbalooEDU, Symbaloo Bookmarker) an insecure program? What are the ingredients for a successful Symbaloo removal? Why don’t you find out for yourself?šŸ™‚

First of all, my upload (b87b1959406eb86d30cd0ce3ab7a9cf53edd5bfe46d4f401998775bb9a26b012) at VirusTotal indicates that the executable file "Get_Symbaloo.exe" (MD5, d687b7776dafee7d92e92bbffba508ef) is a risk-free program. Yet, I’ve learned lots of lessons while testing a potentially undesired program (aka, PUP/PUA) for both Windows and Mac. And now, I want to share some advice with you. Three of the most essential yet basic that will make you smarter are:

  • Always perform a simple security scan with an online virus/malware scanner or an "offline" yet up-to-date security solution.
  • Always try to perform the "Custom Installation" when you’re offered such an option.
  • Rid of any unused/unknown program thoroughly, in time.

After all, my goal is just to deliver you insightful, proactive threat prevention solutions. My troubleshooting posts are different. I will always bring you all of next-gen computer security guidelines — right to your mouse click. And, I will always do the heavy-lifting and you enjoy the results.

How to Uninstall Symbaloo on Computer or Webpage?

Fully uninstalling Symbaloo relies on how you got/installed it on your computer. Running a comprehensive security audit is absolutely not for the faint of heart; knowing how to reduce troublesome factors and fix common issues the efficient way helps make the whole thing feel less intimidating.

I’ve worked on your requests and got back to you accordingly. Scroll for details.

For Windows 10 users, please follow the methods given below to uninstall Symbaloo in your system:

Preparations for an error-free Symbaloo uninstallation:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

  • Sign out your Symbaloo account, then close the app.
  • Make yourself the Admin user.

Approach One:

  • Press your Windows key
  • When the huge Start menu appears, choose the "All apps" entry.
  • Check the Group S.
  • Right click on "Symbaloo for Windows" and then launch the option "Uninstall" on the menu.
  • Then your 10 will provide you with an option "Uninstall". Press that botton.

If your 10 does not display "Symbaloo for Windows" in the Start menu, try the 2nd method to remove Symbaloo on your computer:

  • Type settings in the taskbar, press Enter.
  • Select the provided result on the top.
  • input "apps" in the "Find a setting", choose "Add or remove programs".
  • Wait while your 10 is loading the list of installed apps.
  • Hit "Symbaloo for Windows", tab the grey "Uninstall" button.
  • Click the "Uninstall" button to uninstall Symbaloo for Windows 10.
  • Wait for extra seconds while your system helps uninstall Symbaloo.
  • Close the "Settings – SYSTEM" window.
  • Save your job and restart your computer.
  • Change "Folder Options" to make hidden files reappear.
  • Detect and clean associated remains so you can cleanly uninstall Symbaloo.

Question: With browser hijackers becoming the common concerns, what issues would arise?

Even after suffering from the annoying Windows 8, it would take longer to completely remove Symbaloo in your 8 system.

Below’s a screenshot of the installation of Symbaloo on Win 8 to give U a sneak peek at what you’ll need to take action to fully un-install Symbaloo.

NOTE: By default, Windows 8 does not give you any chance to uninstall Symbaloo.

Part one: Uninstall Symbaloo on Google Chrome

  • Run your Chrome agent.
  • Hit the "Menu" link.
  • Enter Settings.
  • Wait while is the "Settings" tab is loading.
  • Select the "Extensions" section instead.
  • Locate "Symbaloo Bookmarker 0.5.0", press the "Trash" icon behind it to uninstall Symbaloo for Chrome.
  • Now, you tab the Remove button on the following "Confirm Removal" window.
  • Apply this change to "Symbaloo Homepage 2 (v0.1.2.0)" later.
  • Close your Chrome and re-run it later.

Part Two: Uninstall Symbaloo on Mozilla Firefox

Note: It’d be relatively easier to get the job done, as "there was problem installing Symbaloo Addon on Firefox".

  • Open your Firefox client.
  • Go to the Options menu.
  • Apply the "Restore to Default" option to your FF’s "Home Page" settings.
  • Go to the Privacy section, clear your internet history manually.

Furthermore, you can try using Firefox’s Add-ons Manager to uninstall "Symbaloo bookmarker", if you got it installed through Firefox’s ADD-ONS library.

Resetting IE’s "Home page" option will help uninstall Symbaloo fully. Remember to delete "Bookbark on Symbaloo" in your IE 11’s Favorites bar.

Do not miss the shortcut file that has been left on your desktop.

And, by making additional changes to your filesystem & registry settings (displayed below), you will be able to cleanly uninstall Symbaloo. This too helps avoid OS stability problem.

I am here to teach you the extra info to manually uninstall Symbaloo on Windows 7: Symbaloo requires ".NET Framework 4 (suite)" to run properly. Rid of that .NET suite later so you can completely uninstall Symbaloo.

Would Symbaloo make your e-life better or not?

It’s up to you, as Internet’s most popular browser programs have been facing one of the most annoying term, "Browser Hijacking", in the past few years. Despite being a free social bookmarking tool, it has earned lots of unhappy users. Did you know that Symbaloo can be installed as so-called "Award winning homepage"? Plus, it needs Microsoft .NET Framework v4.0 to function properly if you want to use Symbaloo on Windows 7. And I really do believe that you can benefit from understanding the importance of being an advanced computer user, and keeping your computer clean. That’s why I am personally reaching out to you to tell you that cybersecurity does not take luck, it does take a lot of time, love and hard work. iWinPage helps monitor and report on all that effort. Check out my troubleshooting solutions later and choose the one that suits you best.

*** What is really Symbaloo? ***

I would like to remind you that, Symbaloo is a cloud based social bookmarking service that can READ and change all your data on the websites you visit. Meantime, it has been a while since I noticed a downside of its express install mode ( * Read more and get the answer for yourself.). Personally, those predefined install options are NOT corresponding to the original value of the service and sabotaging the brand image that Symbaloo Team built.

Or, simply, Symbaloo, is an alternative to Bing Desktop. Yet, untrained users can easily get his or her browser configuration changed. How those totally unneeded installation options will affect you? I think that the majority of Windows 10 & WordPress users will NOT be affected by the term "Browser Hijacking" because of the way a 10 end-user get the app/code for his/her device. For those who accidentally installed Symbaloo on Windows 7, I will work w/ you to find an optimal solution for a healthy computer in the long-run, as fixing hijacked Web tool or cleaning junkware could be yet another challenge. It’d be expensive, and time consuming.

In this case, your best bet is to explore the advanced install options, e.g., "Add Symbaloo bookmarker to browser…", or, to have the best uninstall tool in place that can help you fully uninstall Symbaloo, and address any other uninstall errors that could have more a huge impact on your computer’s performance, and on your online privacy. In this article you will learn how to uninstall Symbaloo for Windows manually, and how you can keep your home or office computer secure while making the best of internet. OK, get started on a clean uninstall of Symbaloo now.

If you know your way around a mouse, you have the chance to invite an adware even malware infection and get your operating system messed up easily. New computer threats are always ready to roll. What is the easiest possible way to stay secure and private online while accessing the content you love? On the left side, being limited by time and computer knowledge is definitedly not fun, and when you need to rid of some foistware even badware, traditional methods will become really slow and labour intensive. So you now have yet another wonderful chance to move to a Pro level with my blog here for almost half the price. Let’s get started with your mouse click first, simple as 1-2-3. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a trouble-free computer?

Ending this week’s post with iWinPage‘s wise words: "Never 100% believe in search providers, only keep what you need/use/know, and keep trying new ideas." Do you have a friend who would benefit from my articles? Let them know by simply sharing this weekly update! Good luck!

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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