How to Uninstall TeamViewer 11 on Mac, Windows, and Linux

Unable to get TeamViewer or "TeamViewer insider" uninstalled from your computer? Wrestled w/ (re)installing, downgrading or upgrading TeamViewer? Not familiar with TeamViewer for Linux (distribution) removal?

uninstall TeamViewer - 1

Here’s what to do if you are also having the same or similar prob. with TeamViewer. Please get the most out of this troubleshooting post, as this to-do is about uninstalling TeamViewer (11) on Mac, Windows and Linux; and it too contains effective tips & instructions that can be easily ingested for managing your installed apps/programs, for securing your operating system against badware in the Internet, and for fully understanding cybercrime & cyber security. What’s the proven stragegy to thoroughly remove TeamViewer and reuse it later? Catch up with this almost on demand FIX. Start with the simple yet essential basics and move on to much more advanced topics like securing your computer and web privacy proactively. Now, view the time-saving pathways by iWinPage:

How to Get Rid of TeamViewer 11 on Windows 10

View the content below to see how I uninstall TeamViewer 11 on Win 10, manually. Remember, if via Control Panel, please make sure that you have completely exit TV.

  • I gained the Admin rights.
  • Run Task Manager, and end the following "TeamViewer 11 (32-bit)" process.
  • Open Control Panel.
  • Go to "Uninstall a program".
  • Locate the "unwanted" TeamViewer 11 in the "Uninstall or change a program" list, launch the "Uninstall" option.
  • To ‘cleanly’ uninstall TeamViewer 11, I enable the extra option "Remove settings" and then I hit the Uninstall button on the "TeamViewer 11 Uninstall" wizard.
  • I exit the said wizard when it helps uninstall TeamViewer 11 automatically.
  • I shut down the program settings and, I complete the following "Uninstall feedback" page@
  • Then, I save my work and restart my Windows 10 Pro.
  • And then, I temporarily change Folder Options to make all hidden items re-appear. After that, I search and then erase files and registry settings associated with the half-gone TeamViewer 11 client.

If you did not fully exit (shut down) your TeamViewer agent, you would be fail to remove it from the program settings!

And, if you are not ready to make changes to your system, you can also try making the best of "TV 11 Setup" to uninstall TeamViewer completely:

To do so, TRY the recommended uninstall tool for Windows so you can safely clean all TeamViewer created information once and for all.

How to Uninstall TeamViewer 11 on Mac

The following section provides you, non-technical readers, with almost everything ( * one thing) you need to know about TeamViewer for Mac uninstallation in minutes.

  • Save your work (e.g., files, remote control, etc.), and terminate your own TeamViewer connection.
  • Now, make yourself the Admin user on your own Mac.
  • Locate TeamViewer’s logo in Dock bar, right click on it and choose the option "Quit" on the menu.
  • uninstall TeamViewer - 2

  • Hit your desktop, head to the "Go" menu, and select the "Applications" folder.
  • Press the letter T on your keyboard so you detect the unwanted TeamViewer the fast way.
  • Right hit on that TeamViewer icon and select the option "Move to Trash" on the menu.
  • Now, enter your Mac password you set, correctly. Then press the blue OK button.
  • Shut down the Applications folder. Restart your Mac.
  • Search and get rid of all other TeamViewer-related files.

Try the recommended app manager (remover) below, so you can work much less!


Below is the Plan C to let you know that you can manually uninstall TeamViewer (9 or newer) by making the best of its "Advanced" tab — by the way, it looks that TeamViewer 11 for Windows does not offer its users such an "Uninstall" option. And, if you have a tight deadline, you should use the best-rated app remover now!

  • Run your unneeded or problematic TeamViewer ("TV") client.
  • Hit the TeamViewer menu top-left corner of your desktop, then select the "Preferences.." entry.
  • Click on the afore-mentioned "Advanced" tab, scroll… down to the "Uninstall" section at the bottom of that tab.
  • To fully uninstall TeamViewer, you check the additional option "Also delete configuration files".
  • After that, you press the grey "Uninstall" button and start removing your own "TV" agent.
  • And to continue with TeamViewer uninstallation process, you then press the OK button on the following "Confirmation" box.
  • Please wait while your Mac helps uninstall TeamViewer automatically. After that, confirm that all TeamViewer related items will be cleared within the next system reboot.

Annoying with other undesired apps? Well, it seems like every day there’s another app causing trouble. Even so, it will take only few moments for an inexperienced Mac user to become a master end-user. For your convenience any undesired apps you already have on your computer, with the most advanced app manager in the industry, will be thoroughly removed from your Mac within few clicks.


How to Uninstall TeamViewer 11 for Linux

Installing TeamViewer for Linux was a pain in the butt for me, a new Linux user… Never mind, I’ve outlined TeamViewer for Linux removal instructions below. Get started now:

  • Save your remote stuff and quit TeamViewer.
  • Gain the admin access to your Linux system.
  • Get Synaptic Package Manager installed manaully.
  • Hit Linux’s "Start" menu. Look into Applications folder.
  • Employ the access to root user to run Synaptic Package Manager: input your Linux passcode, then press the "Authenticate" button.
  • Hit the "Reload" button to update Synaptic’s software database.
  • Now, enter "TeamViewer" without quotes, right click on your own installation of TeamViewer like "teamviewer:i386".
  • Then select the option "Mark for Complete Removal", only if you do not want to use TV anymore.
  • Now, hit the light green Apply button.
  • To review the option you chose, you then hit "Show Details", and then you press the Apply button.
  • Please wait while your Synaptic helps uninstall TeamViewer for Linux.
  • Exit the following "Changes applied" box by clicking the "Close" button.
  • Hit the "Details" tab to verify that you’ve archived the goal successfully.

The Game between Installation and Un-installation

Generally, your computer skills and your carefulness of your mouse determine your computer’s performance and your internet security & privacy. Well, it’s been 7 years since TeamViewer GmbH released its TV (ver. 3.6.5523), according to Using TeamViewer is a great way to perform remote computer help, unattended access/meetings, and such.

And, to get setup of TV, you won’t even need to make huge changes to your device’s programs list and/or Registry Editor: Did you know that you can perform remote secure connection without installing TeamViewer — and it’s still easy to do? ( * Yet, you need to gain admin access to make changes to Windows Firewall.)

Wondering why you can’t find TeamViewer in the programs list, or why your newly downloaded installation package just refused to open? I am just here to give (remind) you (of) the scoop you probably missed out, plus I wrote extra tips and tricks on getting the most out of TeamViewer (while reducing the potential impact on system performance) and, keeping any other unwanted programs at bay.

Case Study #1: Run TeamViewer or install TV?

The said TeamViewer 11 Setup did provide you with 3 options when you run the latest download for Windows:

  • "Basic installation"
  • "Installation to access this computer remotely (unattended)"
  • "Run only (one time use)"

If you chose the 3rd method of working with your friends remotely, TeamViewer won’t be fully installed on your computer, that is to say, TeamViewer will not add its name to the programs list! My test too shows that the setup file created a file folder under Windows’ Temp folder. View the screenshot for further references.

Those files, of course, have been set to be invisible by default. At this point, quitting TeamViewer won’t be helpful when you wish to perform a truly complete un-install of TV. Meanwhile, the following mini article describes yet another way you can try or use to uninstall TeamViewer:

  • Make all hidden files appear
  • Search your system disk, find out all files that are matching TeamViewer’s name.
  • With Admin rights, you run the following "uninstall" application (aka, "TeamViewer Remote Control Application Installer"; 811 KB (830,808 bytes))
  • Say Yes to the following User Account Control window.
  • Review or re-check out the instructions I’ve given that match to your own case.

Case Study #2: Misleading even risky search results by search engines.

Avoid accessing computer or site server generated articles:

1)’s "Completely Uninstall TeamViewer from Computer" guide:

Locate TeamViewer and click Change/ Remove to uninstall the program 100% CLEAN? My upload was detected as "Program.Unwanted.1087" by DrWeb. See or review Antivirus scan for aa117d70d72d555abbe25d6907d0dac1f5eda272a365e9d4b2f8ded926cddde6 @ Moreover, itself offers starters ads based download page (like this one@ googleadservices[dot]com/pagead/aclk?sa=L&ai=C0vh_96j3VtjPKpPoBZDGjbABj-KRmESMuLrelwKLmpLIShABIN-MiARgyZb3jOSkrBOgAZyis9cDyAEBqAMByAPDBKoEoAFP0Lw2-M_cVwnHvg7weI9gtwW9bqABDnuj0lakxcKI9wzqHACsCHqIYpbc_hvvrNYLZPfT8AWgR62HQgImvLOGtU1B9ssDwUTRLdO8bK48VR7TxYrizjE0ms6GaEpEnxrfnh2X1-wvcevIZoAQXbikYSVlW3EjvzhBqVau-nroXV_qhs6vnopY_gyQvD7IZ4xZTUnHFnvMyAEGJcYn-68piAYBgAfM3cwoqAemvhvYBwHYEwg&num=1&cid=5GgJg2-StTm7Dek2iRYw1clF&sig=AOD64_0dC7GXywJNQ_95jDnmuvb82pxyPw&client=ca-pub-7009009024834738&nm=47&mb=2&bg=!srFE9vT_Ol23epUCAAAAF1IAAAAlCgAdaopOip2TRAouW58TQSV0UZrpml9C2Id7kfZMxCuZAQ_YfD_RNhkL0x9Cbi46AMl8fn-ifwCcZioSkw5W2g_xMxmtdzfn68wHi4EwRbnXg18OJ5d2oBTNlQmVXP2tKmkf0f_iipFyoj9DsWt6wZCnlvseJmFPtA0_9RlMFqv7leIdLlBQj7VtMYn-vVB8Tc-LIDFZMqTjOZ0kSuvAQ0vb9WIHThjITPNPaqCEEdIxh0AAbYH26-TTMTwYBLfkKTXlmcsCpVosKqkGw6SMDRgeYc7PMF0wo5pmrAREmFm5iixPjwiitrMPXWN3ebMnjl5Y3YGwQNai5NP_k9aNfbI80VPDJ2MpIi4s6Q-sHTeZ5grDfjSXxIUGOuneXmwiJPpCRvH1i4-ItK6aP5EtO2E2&adurl=!

5 Stars Rating by! I was told that "Sorry no matches found!"

2)’s "[Solved]How to Uninstall TeamViewer Completely" guide:

Scroll… to locate TeamViewer and click Uninstall.

… Uninstall TeamViewer with its built-in uninstaller.

Video of Uninstalling TeamViewer

Your issue with uninstalling TV has been really resolved?! Of course many of untrained readers would also have trouble with complicated TeamViewer removal guideS.

3)’s "How to Uninstall TeamViewer Application/Software on Your Mac" guide:

Terminate TeamViewer process(es) via Activity Monitor

4)’s "Easy Way to Uninstall TeamViewer for Windows 8" guide

Locate the TeamViewer… Click the Add/Remove (or Uninstall) button.

5) Is "Should I Remove It" really a good download? How to surf "Should I Remove It?" safely?

Should I Remove It? … helps… decide what programs they should remove … This typically includes finding and removing… adware, spyware, toolbars, bundled unwanted applications as well as… malware.

(Or, simply…) Should I Remove It? is a good download to help you decide what programs you don’t need.

Actually, the Internet could be a really, really horrible, horrible place! Well, you might be able to get rid of TeamViewer via Should I Remove It?. Before that, you have to face high risk of infecting yet another risky program,’s SlimDrivers (MD5, 713570610228c38dae67a649632cae15).

Here’s the must-know truth: "Antivirus scan for 2aad06624e9b698ec0dc0276b433c606a4858d6585028cd658ae7c697358ffec at
UTC – VirusTotal".

  • DrWeb: Program.Unwanted.614
  • Jiangmin: Backdoor.Generic.aegf
  • SUPERAntiSpyware: PUP.Slimware/Variant
  • Sophos: DriverUpdate – Slimware Util (PUA)
  • VBA32: Adware.FakeDriverUpdate.gen

This study is also for malware researchers, security bloggers, and future visitors who want to learn more about affiliate marketing, malicious advertisement and, drive-by (downware).

Still unable to uninstall TeamViewer for yourself? PM me and I will carefully follow up your case. I really welcome feedback, and actually listen to you always, as I just want to make this blog the best it can possibly be for you!

In case U just needed it:

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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