Uninstall Opera Stable Win 10, 7, Mac, Ubuntu

Unable to uninstall (remove) so-called Opera Stable virus in your own system? Are you getting lost in Google’s "Featured snippets" or other material on video hosting websites?
Your programs list is becoming bloated, but is the simple yet proven fix finding you?

The very clear solution frequently lies in the aforementioned recommended "result" and internet security news websites. Although the No. 1 search engine giant has given billions of individuals, educational organizations and business companies the most effective possible way to get the answer to some highly trending topics, issues and other queries, if it is only implemented within few systematical factors, or it is still missing valid regular reviews, one could still get misled by sponsored ads, highlighted search result(s). Here’re some word games found on the web:

Opera Stable Removal Options

Step 1: Uninstall Ads By Opera Stable from Windows

Step 3: Remove Ads By Opera Stable with blah, blah, blah.

Well, with this truly troubleshooting page, ridding of an undesired app, program even stubborn greyware requires much less time and energy. Get yourself started with uninstalling Opera Stable (v36.0.2130.59), and then get familiar with how to fully take control of your own "Program-uninstall" feature, browser settings and other important system configurations, such as Startup.

Extra Safe Computing Tips to Uninstall Opera Stable in Your Operating System

The following section was specially designed to help tackle some potentially complex challenges in your own progress of removing Opera Stable once & for all:

  • Make yourself the Admin user now, if you too employed that access to install Opera on your hard disk.
  • Save this page on your desktop: To do so, you can simply click this "Opera removal" guide, then you press Ctrl + S, and then follow the latter "Save As" window and get the job done with ease.
  • Save all other stuff that matter your e-world.


Uninstalling Opera Stable for Windows – What You Need to Know

With over 13, 307, 919 copies of Opera offline installer (MD5, 09b780f74321c95b56e2f14ed0b21f62) already downloaded, Opera has taken the 4th place in the Download.com’s Windows-based Browsers sections. But, don’t get me wrong…

Whether you’re an inexperienced internet user, or an advanced surfer, you can’t miss seven better alternatives to Opera web browser, scroll for the specific programs later – you can still make the best of your personal bookmark and other data like the completed "Downloads" that have been saved in the unwanted Opera client.

If you performed the recommended installation progress, do the following:

  • Replace the following TEST with your OWN computer or system name, such as Joe: C:\Users\TEST\AppData\Roaming\Opera Software\Opera Stable
  • Copy… then paste that full path into your address bar, and then press the Enter key on your keyboard
  • Move your mouse… find a file named Bookmarks, locate it, and press Ctrl key + C key. Save it in a preferred location on your computer.
  • In order to safely uninstall your own Opera Stable, you shut down all related windows and quit the browser now: hit the Menu and launch the “Exit” option at the bottom.

Here, I’ve just checked in to make sure you can also successfully uninstall Opera for Windows and, to let you know about a couple of methods that will help force the problematic or unused browser to go.

1. How to uninstall the Opera Stable app on Windows 10?

I wanted to let you know that you have 2 common ways to meet your expectation:

Method #1 to uninstall Opera Stable:

  • Hit the Windows menu.
  • Then, head to the "All apps".
  • Go to the following Group O, right click on Opera, launch the option "Uninstall" on the menu, if you did not know where to find Control Panel.
  • Highlight the undesired install of Opera Stable, press Enter key or launch Uninstall option on the programs list to start uninstalling your own Opera software.
  • And to "cleanly" uninstall Opera Stable, remember, you manually check the additional option "Delete my Opera user data" first, and then you hit the "Uninstall" button on the following "Opera Installer", which offers "1-click uninstall" response to request to remove the product from a user’s computer.
  • Now, you can say "Good-bye" to the easy-to-use Opera browser by directly closing the following "Browser | Fast & Safe Web Browser | Download Free | Opera" webpage.
  • And now, you shut down the "Programs and Features" window. Save your job and restart your Windows 10 system later.
  • Detect and clean Opera associated remains, if you’re an experienced reader.
  • Hmm… Reset your default browser software at a later point.

Method #2 to remove the Opera Stable app:

  • Open the following Setting window.
  • Enter the "System" entry.
  • Now, hit the "Apps & features" link.
  • Click the installed "Opera Stable" entry, launch the given "Uninstall" option later.
  • Now, select the Yes from the UAC alert below.
  • Please re-follow the steps provided in Method #1 above to delete Opera Stable from your own "Apps & features" list.

Method #3 to remove your Opera Stable browser program:

  • Save the "Control Panel" icon on your desktop.
  • Open it later.
  • Head to "Uninstall a program" section.
  • Perform the standard uninstall process as admin.

2. Need help uninstall Opera Stable on Windows 7?

Like Windows 10, Windows 7 (should also) provides you with the very traditional way to perform Opera removal.

By the way, have you experienced the newly installed Opera Stable v30.0.1835.88 NOT allowing you to remove itself from Windows 7?

Then, why users chose to uninstall Opera Stable (completely)? And why were some unable to do so?

Case Study #1: adware and other junkware:

i ( * I) cant ( * can’t) uninstall opera stable ( * Opera Stable) 29.0.1795.47 from my windows ( * Windows) 7, pc ( * PC) running slow, pop up ads

opera ( * Opera) causing too many popups… Opera not listed in control panel ( * Control Panel)…

Case Study #2: WRONG utility

(Windows) will NOT allow me to uninstall opera (* Opera) says access not allowed. device manager (* Device Manager) uninstall opera (* Opera) then ask for permission…

Please review the following Design Guide from Microsoft for future references:

Device Manager is a(n) … application that allows you to manage devices and drivers on your system. You can use Device Manager to uninstall devices and driver packages with some limitations.

Case Study #3: Unwanted "Opera icon"

… saved HTML pages were still found flaunting the Opera-icon.

As for this annoyance, I’ve shared one basic tip, a 3-step solution, to fix it:

  • Right click on a file like the following youtube.crx.
  • Choose "Open with…".
  • Browse the "Other Programs" portion, choose an application you prefer, mark the possibly missing option "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file" and then press OK.

What did Opera employee say when a user did not know how to uninstall Opera (Opera Internet Browser) from her iMac?

As an official member, aeyoun too gave us the instructions on how to uninstall Opera Stable on a Mac based computer. That Prof. introduced one dramatically common type of uninstall method. Then how can you manually delete Opera Internet Browser from Mac, exactly? Let us count the time!

  • As usual, save related stuff and exit Opera client.
  • Run Activity Monitor and terminate the following opera_autoupdate: locate that process, then press the cross icon in the top left of Monitor.
  • Now, simply launch "Quit" or "Force Quit".
  • Close Activity Monitor, hit the Applications folder on the left pane.
  • Detect the following "Opera Internet Browser" icon, right click on it and launch "Move to Trash" command. This helps erase the main app in your system.
  • Wait while your Opera app is being uninstalled.
  • Close Applications, save your work, and get your Mac rebooted later.
  • Clean Opera associated data that has been left in the Library folder so you can fully uninstall Opera Stable.

My blog was created around the following key values: ease of use, reliability, security, efficience, and value for money & energy. And, if you have more than one program that you would like to get rid of, you can give the fantastic uninstall tool a TRY! Learn more…


Learn how you can uninstall Opera Stable on Ubuntu Desktop!

Review the following lines so you can get the job done, better:

dpkg ( * Personally, "d" means "deuninstall"; "pkg", package) is a tool to install, build, remove and manage Debian packages…

When you install(ed) via the downloaded .deb binaries/installer (e.g., opera_12.16.1860_amd64.deb)… then… (you can do the following)

  • Now, hit the Ubuntu logo.
  • Type comm(and) in it, choose Terminal.
  • Similarly, make yourself become root manually via the correct system passcode.
  • Try using sudo dpkg –remove opera to uninstall Opera Stable in your Ubuntu or Xubuntu.
  • Please sit tight while your Ubuntu system is updating Opera software’s catelog.
  • Exit Terminal when it gets your job done.

Other cool stuff: Top six alternatives to Opera for Windows

Whilst I am always here to help out, I do have better solution available to you, helping avoid any issue (chance) of infecting adware.

Name Good Bad File Size (* Official Download)
Chromium Light on programs list ( * offers portable version) Run as a 32-bit application only 98.1 MB (102,871,919 bytes)
Vivaldi One will spend few seconds installing Vivaldi Browser Incomplete program profile ( * filesize is missed in d programs list); a beta product ( * Vivaldi.1.0.435.42.exe) 37.0 MB (38,810,232 bytes)
Midori Offers "Minimal" install mode. Unverified publisher; a beta web browser (ver. 0.5.11); issue of showing its "Website" link; Incomplete app information ( * filesize); detection ratio@ VT (1 / 56; flagged as W32.Troj.Emotet!c by AegisLab v20160409) 37.7 MB ( 39535258 bytes )
Maxthon (Cloud Browser) provides a rich set of features like "Magic Fill", "Resource Sniffer" bit bloated removal wizard { e.g., "Tell us (Maxthon (Asia) Limited) what went wrong"} 44.6 MB ( 46798944 bytes )
Pale Moon Offers really advanced install options 64-bit versions have a few known issues in terms of compatibility with 3rd-party browser add-ons. 781.3 KB ( 800024 bytes )
SeaMonkey Known as an all-in-one browser Unverified publisher; Detection ratio ( "1 / 56"; WAS detected as PE:Malware.Generic/QRS!1.9E2D [F] by v20160408 of Rising) 34.6 MB ( 36263023 bytes )
SRWare Iron Better at safeguarding one’s internet privacy V49.2600.0.0 contains possibly undesired Adobe Flash Player (PPAPI); takes bit longer time to complete the install 53.7 MB (56,313,680 bytes)

Can’t uninstall Opera Stable for yourself? Or, are you still struggling to get Opera (virus) or Opera Mini uninstalled (removed)? Well, the mentioned uninstall tools are quite ideal for everyone, and synonymous with the "master of PUAs (Possibly Unwanted Applications, or PUPs)". If you want to strategies and techniques to address riskware issues, or you want to help your friends avoid junkware attack, you will want to share this blog!

What do you think then?

If you can spend extra time reading the posts below, U can get very close to a PRO:

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