Uninstall WeatherBug Windows 10, 7, Mac

Keep or uninstall WeatherBug? Is the Windows or ad-sponsored version safe or useful? Which is the bigger threat to personal computer: W32.Clodb15.Trojan.976c, APNToolBar (aka, APN ToolBar) or Artemis?

If I was asked to describe WeatherBug for Windows in one word, which should be an easy task to complete, my word would be riskware; moreover, it was installed as a promotional offer during the installation of aTube Catcher. Yay, WeatherBug has another name, "Search App by Ask", the victims of Ask Toolbars could refuse to believe. But that’s a tough truth about the product from Earth Networks. The answers are a little later in this troubleshooting post. Initially, I think that user could still keep using this WeatherBuzz with caution. Because WeatherBug (MD5, 81e80f8a38b0b5adff2a038595c67236) has however been deemed as an unsafe software and/or the variant of Ask.com Toolbar, according to the latest Anti-Virus scan at VirusTotal.com.

Uninstall WeatherBug - 2

How to Uninstall WeatherBug?

When it comes to the full uninstall of WeatherBug and/or any other PUPs, I must mention the most useful strategy: review all of the changes you made to your operating system. Again, take the install of aTube Catcher as an example (of junkware infection), Search App by Ask for Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer could also be installed as so-called "Bonus Offers" if you performed the express install mode.

1. Uninstall WeatherBug (app) on Windows 10.

The express install of WeatherBug (v10.0.7.4) comes with Microsoft .NET Framework Client 4.0 plus the mentioned ads-supported GUI. And once the said “.Net 4.0” is installed, you can only learn how to disable that feature from running with your Windows, later.

Follow the given directions below to uninstall WeatherBug manually:

  • Log on to your system as the Admin user.
  • Save all other stuff that matter your internet life.
  • Check out the "Show hidden icons" area. Find a temperature icon, shown below, righ click on it and launch the option "Exit".
  • Open Control Panel, if you’ve saved it on your desktop; or you do the following: hit Start > enter "All apps" > check out the Group W > hit the following WeatherBug file folder > hit the "Uninstall WeatherBug®" link.
  • Select the option Yes on the following User Account Control window.
  • Wait for seconds while the InstallAware is loading the "WeatherBug® Maintenance" wizard.
  • Make sure that the option "Remove" is enabled, then hit the Next button on the wizard below.
  • Wait additional time while InstallAware helps uninstall WeatherBug automatically.
  • Now, press the Finish button when you’re told "WeatherBug® has been uninstalled successfully".

App marketplace is available almost everywhere nowadays and, if you got WeatherBug (WeatherBug to Know Before™) installed via Microsoft Store, follow the given method above to remove that risky WeatherBuzz for yourself – you can also use the step-by-step instructions to uninstall WeatherBug on Windows 8.

Do you really want to uninstall WeatherBug 10 manually?! I’ve also attached detailed software information to this how-to:

  • Objects found: 107
  • Folders: 25
    • C:\ProgramData\{43F44E49-5C13-4185-AEBE-B57CB0AA8D4D}, , [92f3eec108918aacb0a7430b0400b54b]
    • (Other 24 items in that hidden {43F44E49-5C13-4185-AEBE-B57CB0AA8D4D} folder here, such as mFileBagIDE.dll, mIDEFunc.dll.)
  • Files: 80. Examples are, WeatherBugSetup.res, WeatherBugSetup.dat, WeatherBugSetup.dat, and more.

I made a short video to explain how to uninstall WeatherBug on Windows 7 last year. You can watch the vid below and share it later.

2. How to Uninstall WeatherBug for Chrome (v2.2.7)?

It can take just a few seconds to uninstall WeatherBug app on Google Chrome. Follow the getting started below:

  • Hit the Close button on the WeatherBug’s main window.
  • Hit the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu, and choose the Settings entry on it.
  • Enter the Extensions section.
  • Hit the "Trash" icon behind "WeatherBug 2.2.7" U installed.
  • Press the "Remove" button on the following "Confirm Removal" pop-up, informing "Remove ‘WeatherBug’"

3. Uninstall WeatherBug from yr Mac…

If you no longer wish to use the weather data from Earth Networks, take advantage of the following steps:

  • Hit the Finder in the Dock bar.
  • Choose Applications on the left-hand pane.
  • Scroll for the unwanted WeatherBug app in that folder, right click on the app’s icon and then launch "Move to Trash" option on the menu.
  • Remember to empty the Trash and delete other remains like "com.aws.WeatherBugLite.Beta1.plist" in the the Library folder. This helps ‘fully’ uninstall WeatherBug on your Mac machine.


And, the following section contains loads of advanced tips to help uninstall WeatherBug from Login Items, so you can speed up your Mac system without extra cost.

  • Click on the System Preferences icon in Dock.
  • Input "Login" in the "Search".
  • Highlight the undesired WeatherBug, launch the option "Delete the selected item".

In someway, this is fortunate: being a big shark in weather service providers, there is a way you can control "popup ads by WeatherBug" without advanced computer skills.

  • Hit the following icon entitled exclamation point.
  • Click on the "Adjust Notifications" link.
  • Enable the "No" option to the Notify settings.

PS: With a bad even inactive internet connection, it’s impossible for you to receive any weather data, or to customize your WeatherBug client (app).


What is WeatherBug? Who is benefiting from the install of WeatherBug?

WeatherBug is one of the most popular weather APPs with the best possible customer ratings, according to iTunes and Google Play. Aside from that, it could be a potential risk to Windows or desktop computer users: Starting w/ version 6, WeatherBug has also gained lots of unhappy users due to its extra offer(s) like "My Search toolbar" and the result of incomplete removal, — BTW, adware powered setup files (aka, drive-by or downware) provide the perfect hunting ground for affiliate program members — and worse yet, the free version of weather program by AWS WeatherNet has the power to advertise its partners, such as KHOU-TV, and show unpaid user with possibly undesired pop-ups.

Stay calm and make sure you don’t become yet another victim of foistware!

You spend days-and-nights online? You have a lot of bloatware? You want to regain a mess-free computer? Then the following content is for you. Because, every week I bring you the most can’t-miss information on the PUA troubleshooting. Check out what’s new this week!

Long gone are the days when the No. 1 search engine provider used to give top priority to websites with huge number of backlinks, and when some high-profile blogging sites started to provide non-technical users complex, time-consuming and even more costly problem-solving techniques. At least we don’t have to worry about ’em doing any worse.

Examples are, the recommendations (* include AdwCleaner, MBAM and HitmanPro) at Stelian Pilici’s website, the list of so-called "Best tools" (* include the download of Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008, Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6, Emsisoft Anti-Malware, even Microsoft’s Windows Defender) for removing greyware, badware and malware@ Mark Hasting’s site, and 2spyware’s MISLEADING WeatherBug removal guide ( * The page includes the download of SpyHunter, MBAM).

MBAM Free (Home)! Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2008! The licensed version of SpyHunter! What could be better?! Well, then as of this moment, your programs list will grow up fast, won’t it? Needless to repeat, two or more roads diverged in a wood, but one of them is looking pretty rutty! The only way to stay truly secure on the web is to slow down your mouse, and gain & perform the proactive security approaches.

If you’re still not seeing truth, please Google and I am happy to work with you on the most efficient way to uninstall WeatherBug, and to deal with junkware in depth: The Dark Side of Google.

1. Mark’s (outdated & potentially misleading) "WeatherBug Removal Instructions and Help":

According to their website, Weatherbug is… adware.

Right click on the folder titled “AWS” …

How to (Do) I Remove WeatherBug?
Many times Spybot – Search & Destroy… dont (don’t) find traces of Weatherbug in systems as spyware.

You must admit that "we require any software that is offered with WeatherBug to also be spyware-free." is a big joke!

Additionally, getting the same functionality by using Weather Pulse is a bigger one: quite often it just sounds too good to be true! You should definitely think twice, as the weatherpulsa.exe has been flagged as "Virus.Win32/Induc.A" by Windows Defender ( * Its virus and spyware definitions were created 319 days ago!)! Learn more about why Windows Defender blocked the install of Weather Pulse v2.10 (MD5, 0aa488734ea773970e7c88198eccb64a) by paying a visit to this VT report.

Apparently, performing an internet search is the safest way to get a specific weather report.

(Credit: Yahoo Weather)

2. 2spyware’s "Free WeatherBug Removal Guide". Check out the "article" for yourself.

3. How to uninstall WeatherBug via Stronghold AntiMalware?

Well, here’s where to download "WeatherBug Removal Tool"! Yet, my test showed that the unregistered version only allowed me to do the database update when trying to perform the "Express scan" in the "Scan computer" section. In addition, the latest Microsoft operating system, Windows 10, is NOT supported by the build of Stronghold AntiMalware, according to the official setup file.

4. It turns out that Che SanJuan’s another misleading guide on how to "get rid of WeatherBug virus".

You may also look for and delete the following name(s) ( "Suspicious Program") that were (is) identified with WeatherBug: Earth Networks

5. Tomas Meskauskas’ website too sets Spyhunter as the recommended malware removal software! For more info, check out the dowload of "WeatherBug desktop widget" remover. Similarly, "Spyware Removal Guide" is a commercial for more c**p!

Using an advanced uninstall too is the fastest way to uninstall WeatherBug, to clean identified greyware, and to speed up your computer to the next level. If you too love to surf without an Anti-Virus or Anti-Malware program, make sure you’ve gained enough proactive defense tactics! Then, are you ready to unlock the potential of your own junkware-free computer?

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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