Uninstall BlueStacks App Player Mac and PC?

Cannot uninstall BlueStacks (BlueStacks TV, or BlueStacks App Player)? Need help with "BlueStacks uninstall error 2318"?

First of all, I could not actually reproduce the mentioned "2318" error. Yet, a picture is better than thousand words.

According to my own test, there could be another bug in the BlueStacks Notification Center v0.8.8.8006, then downgrading that v0.9.4.4078 to the said 0.8.8 version might do the trick. Find your system information, and check out the useful content below. Because I am writing to inform you of the up-to-date tips that will help uninstall BlueStacks on a Mac and Windows (later). See below for proven BlueStacks removal details. Example is, I just installed the latest version of BlueStacks using the official BlueStacks2_native_homepage-dl-button.exe on a 64-bit Windows 10 Pro and, I too wanted to check in to see how to manually uninstall the latest version of BlueStacks App Player (v2.2.19.6015). Share this deep-dive troubleshooting content and help your friends get rid of BlueStacks once and for all.

How to Uninstall BlueStacks?

In the following section, I will show detailed instructions as well as two top-rated uninstall tools that can help you thoroughly uninstall BlueStacks, and enhance the security & performance of your computer.

Part 1: Uninstall BlueStacks on a Windows based computer

With BlueStacks System, Inc. announcing a new build of BlueStacks, which is also known as BlueStacks TV, is in the works, I’ve also shared my methods for uninstalling it manually. More, as users become hugely Windows 10, the most efficient way to manage the installed items is on the rise. What’s it? Find it out for yourself.

  • To avoid personal data loss, Please go to the Settings portion, save/ export anything, such as your BlueStacks "ACCOUNTS" info, your installed apps and/or other forms of stuff, that could matter, if you wish to reuse BlueStacks.
  • Now, please check out the "Show hidden icons" area in your own taskbar, exit the following "App Player online".
  • Use Task Manager to terminate BlueStacks’ "Open Location Privacy Settings" (shown above) , BlueStacks Agent (32-bit), BlueStacks Log Rotator Service (32 bit), BlueStacks Updater Service (32 bit) manually.
  • Now, you hit Windows 10’s Start menu, head to "All apps" entry. Check out the Group B, right click on an icon entitled BlueStacks, choose the option "Uninstall" on the menu. This helps open the hidden Control Panel fast!
  • If, you’re still planning to uninstall BlueStacks via the classical approach, it’s important to do the following carefully. Because many end-users worry that junky stuff, which can be really frustrating to troubleshoot, would increase later. But, there is actually perfect fix available for you. Read on…
  • Locate the unwanted BlueStacks App Player in the program settings, hit the Enter key or, you launch Windows’ Uninstall option in the list.
  • Now, hit the Yes button on the "Programs & Features" below.
  • Here… select the option Yes from the following UAC alert so you can continue with the BlueStacks removal. This, of course, requires the Admin access to proceed.
  • Please wait while the 3e207d.msi application helps uninstall the BlueStacks program.
  • To reduce the amount of junk, you can say No to the following "BlueStacks App Player" info box.
  • Save your work, reboot your system later.
  • In the most recent computing technology it is imporant to keep unused or unwanted items at bay. As for this BlueStacks removal guide, you had better clean its remains like "BlueStacks_HD_AppPlayerKK_GameManager_setup_2.2.19.6015_REL" in Safe Mode.

NOTE: You might find many different ways to do so on the web. Perform different options to find the one that brings the most wanted result in seconds. Personally, the best uninstall tool for Windows above comes as a truly handy way to manage your startup, schedule and programs list, and to clean all other hidden, stubborn junk in your system.

In the following sub-part you will learn how to uninstall an older version of BlueStacks ( * v. completely. Lots of starters failed to do so. Because an unwanted program, named "BlueStacks Notification Center" will be left in the programs list, when the user complete the express un-install of BlueStacks. That’s to say, the unnecessarily "Center" program can easily become the barricade in a complete uninstall of BlueStacks.

  • Exit the unneeded BlueStacks agent.
  • Run WTM to force the aforementioned processes to close.
  • Windows’ own tool for uninstalling an unwanted program might be helpful, yet less efficient. Here, again, you highlight BlueStacks App Player in your own program settings, then launch "Uninstall/Change".
  • Press the Yes button on the following small "Uninstall BlueStacks" box.
  • What will you see? It seems that nothing makes it worse than the "BlueStacks Quit Utility" below!
  • Exit that Utility. Press the OK button on the following untitled info box, informing "BlueStacks has been uninstalled. Bla bla…"
  • Un-install, when it comes to BlueStacks uninstallation, also refers to the BlueStacks Notification Center removal: locate that Center project, launch Uninstall.
  • Select Yes from the "Programs and Features" box to proceed.
  • Employ the admin rights to allow the 19e118.msi to run.
  • Similarly, you can choose No when the following "Warning 25003" alert comes up.
  • Now, you can save the download of "BlueStacks 2", restart your computer later and then, try reinstall that new BlueStacks using admin access.

PS: The newest build of BlueStacks allows its users to stop receiving the possibly unwanted notifications. Then, how? When you shut down the main platform, you do the following:

  • Hit the following blue Yes button.
  • Plus, you can also check the additional option "Remember my choice".

Part 2: Uninstall the BlueStacks client for Mac


Now’s the very perfect time to cleanly uninstall BlueStacks, and to re-take control of the Applications folder, the Login Items and more other essential settings. The following top-rated app remover is just uniquely made for someone who otherwise couldn’t afford a malfunctional system.

  • If your BlueStacks client just got stuck due to some reason, you find its icon in Dock, launch the "Force Quit" option on the menu.
  • Now, you can choose the "Ignore" option from the following Mac alert.
  • Hit your own Mac desktop, enter the Go folder and choose Applications.
  • Detect or scroll for the following BlueStacks icon, right click on it, and to remove it from your Mac, launch "Move to Trash" then.
  • The latter action too requires your Mac password to continue: enter that code correctly so you can get rid of BlueStacks successfully.
  • Aside from that, you can consider apply the "Delete" option to the "Uninstall BlueStacks" window, if you want to start from scratch later.
  • Now, click on the OK button.
  • Save and restart your machine.
  • If, you’re familiar with Mac system, head to the Library folder, delete the following "BlueStacks", and "BlueStacks App Player", and clean all other associated remains, allowing you to fully uninstall BlueStacks, and to run your system fast without keeping junky stuff.

Still relying on “Move to Trash” to remove an undesired app from the Applications folder? There’s a more efficient tool for taking care of your Mac computer.


4 reasons why you ran into BlueStacks uninstall issue

Internet has thousands of new projects submitted every second! Then, how should you evaluate search engines’ results? It’s an important question. We must admit, there are some useful links. I also know you trust some top-grade malware protection and extra security features that high-profile websites give you. For that reason, I thought that you may be interested on trying our simple yet proven solution above, completely Free for one month. And I too thought I’d follow up with a little more information.

Review some of webpages outlined in this article, and you’ll not only have a better idea of your likelihood for computer technology, but when you move forward, you’ll be doing so in a strategic and responsible way. Below are some tips to get you started:

  • Did the job in the wrong way or facility. Some user ran an exe application entitled "HD-RuntimeUninstaller". One should try overwriting the existing BlueStacks via its latest build. As for direct deletion of BlueStacks stuff like its installation folder in Drive C, one at least try performing such an action in Windows’ Safe Mode instead!
  • Nowhere to erase BlueStacks?! Try reviewing the attempts you made to invite BlueStacks to your system. Usually, the ProgramData file folder is hidden by default, for security reason. You make appropriate changes to Folder Options first.
  • BlueStacks won’t run, nor uninstall? Make sure you have a good/fast internet connection. Again, make sure you’ve completely closed BlueStacks.
  • You can remove BlueStacks automatically via SpyHunter or MBAM?! I am a little surprised you haven’t been able to understand what’s the difference between computer virus and PUA and malware.

I love hearing from readers, so don’t be shy! Have any questions? Please let me know how I can help! In the meantime, below are a couple of posts from my blog that I think you’ll find helpful:

Happy internet surfing!

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