How to Uninstall PC Clean Maestro Efficiently?

What is PC Clean Maestro? Will it boost your computer’s performance the efficient way? And, is it safe to install PC Clean Maestro? Why using such "PC/registry cleaners" can actually be a really risky action?

First of all, PC Clean Maestro (MD5, 65eb44fc7020e2763c7c8d1b1f4b3d7c; v4.1.3.144), developed & updated by ComputerClever Systems Inc., has been flagged as "W32.HfsAdware.7151" by Bkav, and also as "Program.Unwanted.740" by DrWeb. Then, remove PC Clean Maestro and/or its variants for good:

How to Uninstall PC Clean Maestro on Your Computer?

This section highlights the list of practices to manually remove PC Clean Maestro. What is more, I suggest that you delete "Program Management Console" later, so you can ‘fully’ get rid of PC Clean Maestro.

  • You might need to stop PC Clean Maestro’s local scanning service first by clicking on the Cancel button on the Clean tab.
  • Or you need to choose the "No Thanks" option when the service is complete.
  • Hit the “Close” icon on top right corner of Maestro.
  • If you are not planning to buy PC Clean Maestro, hit the following Exit button.
  • Check d "Show hidden icons" area in taskbar, exit the afore-mentioned "Program Management Console", which has a box like icon.
  • Run Task Manager to terminate that application if the given action does not work.
  • For Windows 10 users, you now hit the white Start menu, click All apps, enter the CompuClever folder below, and then right click on the following "CompuClever PC Clean Maestro", launch the option "Uninstall" on the menu.
  • Locate the risky PC Clean Maestro when your programs list comes up, then you press Enter key – this option too supports Windows 8, 7 and Vista readers (NOT tested yet). You can also launch the Uninstall option in the list. XP?! Read more.
  • Now, press the Uninstall button on the "PC Clean Maestro Uninstall" wizard.
  • Then, you apply the option Yes to the PC Clean Maestro alert below.
  • Wait… then quit the said uninstall wizard.
  • Remember, to remove this updated version of PC Clean Maestro, you should perform the un-install of Program Management Console (v2.0.3.30): locate… then launch Uninstall.
  • Similarly, you click on the Uninstall button below.
  • Select the Yes option from the mentioned Console info box below.
  • Exit the Uninstall box below.
  • Reload your programs list and make sure you’ve successfully uninstalled PC Clean Maestro.
  • Unhide protected files, search and clean remains that match CompuClever so you can cleanly uninstall PC Clean Maestro.

Beyond the trends, I’ve also provided an image that you can use to uninstall PC Clean Maestro on Windows XP SP3.

Now, let me tell you more about the aforementioned terms simply:

  • Generally, "HfsAdware"is the combination of "Heuristic (analysis)" and "Adware" (HackTool, a term from AVG Threat Labs – that’s to say, "Adware" has been also defined as multi-offer installers ( * downware, custom installers) and many more other risky software). And, Heuristic Analysis is another effective method that top Anti-Virus programs frequently use to help protect yr computer from previously unknown viruses, as well new clones of viruses already in the Anti-Virus database.
  • Apparently, "Program.Unwanted.740" is another member of "Potentially Unneeded Application" (aka, PUA). For more, you can pay a visit to Dr.Web’s "Live antivirus Base Info" and, Google "Program.Unwanted.740". Well, that said, in addition to PC Clean Maestro, ComputerClever’s other products, e.g., Ultra File Opener (MD5, d94796f60ec817cfdbba22a69867692d), PC TuneUp Maestro (MD5, b7e03938ec9083b370e75a4936f9445c) have gained higher detection ratios, according to file reports.

Fortunately, PC Clean Maestro, a paid system problem resolver, is uninstallable. Scroll for removal instructions. Once again, when’s the last time you got your operating system infected with PC Clean Maestro? What do you need to completely uninstall PC Clean Maestro? Please feel free to describe what are the most recent changes you made to your OS, such as visiting some affected website, installing some rogue programs. Because, without the proper background checks, at the right time, and the most effective strategies, from common security tips to preventive measures, in place to maintain your online safety, our communications and proven solutions could be dead on arrival. Now, read this white paper to learn how to forcefully uninstall PC Clean Maestro, how the top-rated uninstaller for Windows can help manage your operating system like a pro, and how to secure your device to prevent badware even malware.

(Explanation: In the past 4 years alone, "Custom Installers" have been hugely rising due to the term "CPI", as well.)

Research Library from Google!

With so many how-to domains and security related blogging websites/forums, it is quite frequently hard to know when double down with your energy/trust and when to cash out. Example is, how do you tell the difference between the proven & simplified fix and misleading guides? In the meanwhile, Google just can’t take control of every site out there, so why not educate ourselves? Again, the hardest & the most important step in solving riskware/malware infection in a Windows based environment centers on figuring out how those programs landed on the computer.

Case Study #1: Can you use the FREE Download of Anvi Smart Defender to uninstall PC Clean Maestro?

FREE? Safe, yet? This article contains extra information that you need to know about Anvisoft Company (aka, Anvei Technology Co., LTD). I’ve also re-tested ASD (v2.5.0.0), read or share the content below so you can still take advantage of ASD in today’s market.

  • I launched the "Quick Scan" option.
  • I noticed that there were 11 threats found during the scanning progress.
  • I too learned that the option "Delete" has been enabled by default. Then I hit the blue Apply button after scanning.
  • Then ASD told me that "All threats have been resolved successfully". Please review the original "Detailed Report" below. By the way, "Detectted", or detected?
  • Never mind… I went to programs list in my Win 10, and then I got the following screenshot: the "detectted", no, the "fixed" Maestro and the said Console were still left in the list!
  • Then I simply double hit the remaining Maestro… the mentioned "PC Clean Maestro Uninstall" wizard just came up again.
  • Again, I applied the Remove option to the quarantined CompuClever stuff.
  • Then I selected the option Yes from the Remove box below.
  • I closed ASD’s Quarantine tab and re-checked the program settings under Control Panel. Again, I had to perform the un-install of CompuClever’s Program Management Console, manually.
  • The ‘good’ news is that ASD stopped informing me about the "detect(t)ed" computer threats.

One more question here: which one is correct, "windows" or "Windows"? Please help make further corrections to the following notification box.

Case Study #2: Destroy your computer with more riskware!

Should I Remove It? is seemingly "a good download", according to Kim Komando’s article@ Yet, recent study shows that it has joined Slimware Utilities Holdings’ Affiliate Program.

As a (bad) result, even PC Clean Maestro would be removed from the computer, another PUP, named "DriverUpdate™ Utility" (MD5, e82491e2bef1b917d4422bbcc3ef446d) could be added to the programs list!

Meanwhile, the "highly recommended" DriverUpdate by Slimware Utilities Holdings, Inc. has been globally rated as 1 Star by Should I Remove It? itself.

Furthermore, I’ve just found that the download of Reason Core Security (MD5, 7ba746c7c5350f2fcadde06a42067b31; file version, has been flagged as riskware, as well:

  • Trojan.Generic.vjoe by Jiangmin
  • BehavesLike.Win32.BadFile.wc by McAfee-GW-Edition
  • Trojan.Generic!8.C3-QcNpL97EN4V (Cloud) by Rising

Once again, the installed Complete Protection (Trial) warned me of "PUP.Slimware.Task.Optional".

And, the SECURITY client, of course, told me of another low risk threat "Win32.CompuCleverSystems.Generic". Then, what’s the deal?

Case Study #3: Allen Thomas’ article@ getridofallmalware

Performing the download of "Automatic Removal Tool" @ virusremovalhelps com/download.php would "help" get the another questionable program: STOPzilla_ASM_RW65.exe (MD5, ecbe59276a38ad3e4333062adec55c9d)

"There’s a new sheriff in town. Malware should be afraid. They should be very afraid". One more thing, iS3’s AntiMalware 6.5 found nothing when performing the "Custom Scan". So, what’s the deal, again?

Case Study #3: What’s the NEXT download, please?

BC’s noknojon recommended the visitors use RKill by Grinler, AdwCleaner by Xplode, MBAM and ESET Online Scanner. Personally, they are good, but installing multiple anti-badware apps could hugely slow down the computer’s performance. BTW, downloading ESET’s virus signature database would be quite time-consuming, if you have a low internet connection.

UPDATE: EOS did not find any threats in my system.

Needless to mention, EOS recommends that I perform the install of ESS or ENA later.

Case Study #4: Plumbytes Software’s "PC Clean Maestro Removal Instructions".

(Credit: Google AdSense)

1st, my upload (MD5, c72630840f2729fa6663e6dbd26d6cef), an online installer (aka, Plumbytes Installer), at VT has a very low detection ratio, 1 /56 ( * personally, it might be a false positive error), according to this Antivirus scan for 15bc7b0b7ab28c472c18620550619eeb6155b1713717c347ff29f7ace1cbde22.

2nd, the LP’s "Types of Threats Removed by Anti-Malware"section got me confused by inputting the bit misleading information below:

This driver updater tool contains drivers for all variety of Windows devices. With just one click you can update the driver as well as the rest of the drivers in your system…

Downloaded… installed… scanned, Plumbytes’ ANTI-MALWARE detected the install of PC Clean Maestro ( "Detection: 53" ).

Then I pressed the blue "REMOVE SELECTED" button, and then… I was asked to REGISTER to uninstall PC Clean Maestro. Wait! What are the 58 threats?

More, I was unable to customize that 1.0 ANTI-MALWARE program, such as disabling the "Perform Scan on Startup".

Case Study #4: Scott’s PC Clean Maestro Removal Guide

Following that guide would get SpyHunter on the desktop.

When it comes to SpyHunter… let’s make an image from BetaNews talk:

Think about this: When so-called security programs go risky even rogue!

Well, PUP creators, from adware to riskware and to malware, continually find new methods (e.g., a hacked/bogus site, malicious mail attachment, physical devices, etc.) to spread those bad apples on the web, while we security researchers look for better ways to protect you and your personal data. At iWinPage, both Efficacy and Efficiency are my top priority. I will be constantly working to keep you secure the most effective way. Make sure you do your part by:

  • scanning your downloaded file before opening/running;
  • slowing down your mouse when installing 3rd-party;
  • choosing A valid virus protector that you know well;
  • updating both your security software and operating systems, in time or regularly;
  • and using your best/wise judgement when going online.

Now you: which download could lead to computer disaster? Test the highlighted sites in a VMware station for yourself. Scroll for the shocking answer!

Admittedly More Interesting:

Software available during installation:

  • MySearchDial Toolbar
  • Delta Toolbar
  • Iminent Toolbar
  • WhiteSmoke Toolbar

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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