How to Uninstall Razer Synapse Windows, Mac

The reason you failed to cleanly uninstall Razer Synapse could be, well, complicated. Meantime, turns out video game players around the world experienced similar issues to use Razer smoothly, according to my own searches related to this troubleshooting post.

As usual, help is on the way, right away. As for the issue of upgrading Razer related devices, if you’re also worried or, you are just not sure about that on your own Windows, you first perform a full backup of current drivers manually, just BTW. Scroll for detailed step-by-step instructions.

How to Uninstall Razer Synapse 2.0 on Windows?

Note: If you worry that you can’t rid of Razer Synapse for Mac by yourself, try running this app remover PRO instead.

There are too many how-to articles in the internet, right? But, do you really know what they are? Well, here it is a proven, up-to-date & easyish way to uninstall Razer Synapse, and to control your installed apps/ programs in your operating system. And, the following content will help you warm you up the fast way.

Avoid the trouble restoring your Razer profiles!

If, you too have lots of game settings in Synapse, do the following so you can reuse those profiles at a later date:

  • Apply the option "Go Offline" to your Synapse: click More tab on the left side of your mail address > launch said "Go Offline" option.
  • Press the "GO OFFLINE" button on the "OFFLINE MODE" alert.
  • Close and exit Synapse client completely.
  • Make all hidden files, folders and such appear temporarily: go to or, check out the View tab under "Folder Options" > enable the highlighted option "Show bla bla" below. Remember to disable it later, for security reasons.
  • Copy and paste this path "C:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Devices" (without quotation marks, of course) into your browser or address bar.
  • Scroll for a folder entitled Profiles.
  • Copy the location of each file, and then paste that info into your installed browser – you should get a "ProfileName" tag – you might be able to save those profiles on your disk then. Sorry, I just can’t reproduce that situation, nor offer you additional information about that action, as… I am just not a fan of video games. And… you can, of course, choose to delete any empty Synapse profiles you’ve set up. Please be kindly noted that, you will need to re-create your profiles if you choose to delete those empty items.

The Plan B is that, you make proper changes to the Accounts folder under Synapse. You could find said folder by visiting this path C:\ProgramData\Razer\Synapse\Accounts\[Random Name]\Devices\[Your Device Name]\Profiles . See the following screen shot, and review GoldenGnu’s steps for future references.

Uninstall the Razer Synapse on Win 10

  • Offline your Synapse profile.
  • Save all other work that matters.
  • Restart your computer, then gain the Admin rights.
  • Shut down Synapse manually.
  • Run Task Manager, check out the Processes tab and terminate the following GameScannerService (32-bit) so you can uninstall your own copy of Razer Synapse smoothly.
  • Hit your own white Start button, scroll for Group R, and enter the Razer folder below, and then right click on the target app Razer Synapse… Launch the given Uninstall option on the menu, and you’d be cool to go.
  • Find, and double hit Razer Synapse in the programs list when the "Uninstall or change a program" comes up. You too can launch Windows’ built-in Uninstall option then.
  • Now, you click on the Yes button on the "Programs & Features" box below.
  • Then you apply the option Yes to the following User Account Control alert.
  • Please sit tight when yr 10 helps uninstall Razer Synapse automatically.
  • In order to fully rid of Razer Synapse, you can consider erasing related residual stuff in your system, e.g., the hidden RzUpdater file folder in the following Temp folder. I kindly suggest that you perform this action in Windows’ Safe Mode with Networking.

Un-install Razer Synapse on a Windows 8 & 7 computer

Using the industry-leading uninstall tool for Windows when you want to uninstall Razer Synapse and/or another unwanted computer program is also a definite and surefire way of dramatically increasing your system’s stability and performance.

How do I handle the uninstall of Razer Synapse on an XP SP3 machine?

On top of that, are you still playing games on your XP? I bet you are. And, because according to recent test, Razer Synapse requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to be pre-installed. Hit Play to see how I manually uninstalled Razer Synapse — and learn to edit filesystem and registry settings at once.

You will need to get rid of that .NET 4.0 that you brought to your XP as well, provided you did already uninstall Razer Synapse. Well, what other users wouldn’t love a better way to eliminate clutter, organize installed programs and boost computer’s performance right at his/ her fingertips? An inexperienced reader can even get rid of some infamous & stubborn foistware once and for all!

And if you’re also thinking that the manual uninstall routine could be too difficult or energy-consuming for yourself to manage, keep in mind that the following PUP remover offers an intuitive user interface. Moreover, it offers outstanding simplicity and the must-have ability to help clean your unused or undesired items in just few clicks.

This year you might still go with traditional junkware cleaner that your computer may not really want. Or you could be original and give your OS a powerful way to get re-organized.

How to get the work done on a Mac based computer?


In this section you can expect to learn how to manually uninstall Razer Synapse for Mac. Well, uninstalling an unwanted Mac app on iWinPage can be also quite efficient and can save you big $ and energy. Within just seconds, both the target app and associated items will be cleaned on your system. If you are unsure how to begin, you can directly go ahead and check out the pro-grade app uninstaller in the market.

  • Sign out your Razer account. Then close the client.
  • Run Activity Monitor (My Processes), write down info about the following items: RzUpdater, RzDeviceEngine. For e.g., locate said RzUpdater, then hit the icon i in the top left corner of Activity Monitor.
  • Now, hit your desktop, enter Go menu and then choose Applications. Scroll for the Razer Synapse below, right click on it and launch "Move to Trash" option on the right-click menu.
  • Similarly, first you unhide those hidden items in yr Mac, then you search and wipe off Razer related leftovers.


Here’s another check-in from iWinPage Team:

If, you have installed another legit app even adware mistakenly but haven’t had the chance to remove it, you will find that the top-rated app remover is def. useful to yourself. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please feel free to post your concern here. we are here to help! As always thank you for being an iWinPage visitor and/or reader, and hope you enjoy this iWinPage Week.

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