Uninstall AOL Desktop Software Mac, Windows

Do you have an AOL customized computer? Then you’re on your way to a junkware-free world, powered by iWinPage. At least, this is another best chance to fully uninstall AOL Desktop in your operating system!

Actually, the target app or program AOL is a small-sized app download platform covers popular projects for Windows, Mac, and smart phones. Examples are, AOL Desktop for Windows, AOL Toolbar, Mozilla Firefox & Internet Explorer optimized for AOL (FF/ IE + AOL Toolbar v5.0) and other secure downloads (recommended) by AOL Inc.. In the meantime, at iWinpage, we all are committed to providing you with the most proactive & efficient solution & tips to keep your computer safe from internet foistware, and to maintain your privacy & personal data security. Want a cheap, time-saving and proven fix to the AOL Desktop uninstall problem? Scroll down and read distinct section that works for you, then you can also get the right uninstall software for your system if you have any problem regarding uninstalling AOL Desktop in the normal mode.

What is AOL, exactly?

According to the official "Discover AOL." page, we can clearly detect the following projects:

  • Alto Mail Beta for mobile & the Web
  • AOL app for mobile
  • AOL Shield browser
  • AOL Mobile
  • AIM (aka, AOL Instant Messenger)
  • AOL customized IE & Firefox browser
  • AOL Toolbar (for IE & Firefox)
  • AOL Desktop for Windows & Mac
  • AOL Computer Checkup (for XP/ Vista)

Please be kindly educated that…

An uninstaller, … is… designed to remove other software or parts of it from a computer. It is the opposite of an installer. Uninstallers are useful primarily when software components are installed In ( * in) multiple directories, or where some software components… and other systems that remain in use.

How to Uninstall AOL Desktop for Your Windows, Mac and/or Other Devices?

I. Headline tutorials:

1. Uninstall AOL Desktop on Windows 10, Mac, 8/ 8.1, and 7, and XP SP3.

Take advantage of the following screenshot I made and review your own attempts to install AOL Desktop, so you can fully get rid of it in your OS.

(TIP: You can try the recommended uninstall tool below to force your AOL Desktop (suite) to uninstall if the general removal instructions do not work. To do so, you just add that AOL install location to the tool’s "Forced Uninstall" option and you’ll be quite good to go, making AOL Desktop removal much more efficient!)

a) Uninstall AOL Desktop on Win 10

(NOTE: This part can be used to uninstall the possibly unused AOL Toolbar for IE 11 & "Download Updater (AOL Inc.)" as well. You can also follow it to perform the un-install of AOL Desktop for your Win 8/ 8.1 system later.)

  1. In order to smoothly uninstall AOL Desktop, you first save all AOL-related stuff, from your personal app profile to downloaded file and to any other data you want to keep or reuse later.
  2. Save your online activities, e.g., quitting the AOL Desktop 9.8.2 below. To do so, hit the light blue File menu, then launch the Exit option in it.
  3. And, check out your own "Show hidden icons" area, exit the running "AOL – Connection Available" client: right click on it > choose AOL > enter it, launch Exit command.
  4. Now, you run Task Manager to terminate the following processes ( * two AOL (32 bit) images).
  5. Hit yr 10’s Start menu, enter All apps, and look into the Category A, and then you can perform the uninstall of AOL Desktop first: to do so, you right click on it, launch the Uninstall option.
  6. You then locate another hot search "AOL Uninstaller (Choose which Products to Remove)", press the Enter key on your keyboard then you can get yourself started w/ AOL Desktop suite uninstallation.
  7. Now, select the option "Yes" from the "AOL Uninstaller" wizard below.
  8. Wait while that Uninstaller is scanning the complete list of AOL programs you chose to install.
  9. To ‘fully’ uninstall AOL Desktop, you configure the said "AOL Uninstaller (Choose which Products to Remove)" wizard this way:
    • 1st, consider erasing or keeping your AOL data: hit the clickable word Manage > enable the 2nd option "Local Data", if you just wanna uninstall AOL Desktop completely > hit the light green Remove button on the "AOL Uninstaller" below > press the OK button then.
    • 2nd, you manually check the removal option for "AOL Connectivity Service", "Uninstall AOL Emergency Connect Utility 1.0" and said "AOL Desktop 9.8.2", consider disabling the saving option for said "Downloaded Files" & "Filing Cabinet files", and then, hit the Uninstall button.
  10. Press the Yes button below to verify that you wanna uninstall AOL Desktop software suite.
  11. Sit back while AOL Uninstaller wizard helps uninstall AOL Desktop partially.
  12. Now, choose the grey option "Restart Later".
  13. Then, you could share your comments why you’re uninstalling AOL Desktop 9.8 today.
  14. Reload your "Uninstall or change a program" list, locate the remaining AOL Toolbar, then launch "Uninstall/Change" option.
  15. Wait when yr 10 is removing AOL Toolbar automatically. Exit the following "AOL Toolbar Uninstall" window when the progress is completed.
  16. You might consider installing the promoted AOL Radio Toolbar to your Internet Explorer, later. Or, you directly shut down the "AOL Toolbar Uninstall" page below.
  17. You then need to rid of said Download Updater to uninstall AOL Desktop completely.
  18. Exit the "dnupdatersetup Uninstall" box below when that process is done.
  19. And don’t forget to reset or change the homepage settings in IE & FF so you can cleanly uninstall AOL.
  20. Needless to mention, you need to detect and clean those potentially hidden AOL-related leftovers in Windows’ Safe Mode (w/ Networking).

b) Uninstall AOL Desktop for Mac (v1.7)

Test shows that removing AOL Desktop for Mac is (should be) relatively easier. If you have any questions about the given removal tutorial below, you can use the recommended app remover below, you may also contact us here.

  1. Exit the "Problem report for AOL Desktop" below if you’re also facing it.
  2. Or, you then sign out your AOL account and then quit the running AOL Browser for Mac.
  3. Go back to your desktop, enter the Go folder on top and choose Applications in it.
  4. Find yr own install of AOL Desktop for Mac, right click on it and, as usual, launch "Move to Trash" command on the menu.
  5. Save your job, reboot yr Mac. Again, you can learn how to clean AOL remains in your system.


c) Install vs. Uninstall AOL on Win 8

d) Uninstall AOL Desktop for Windows 7

2. Remove the AOL (Shield) Browser

Apparently, AOL Shield Browser is a Chromium based web browser. More, it requires the install of Flash Player to run properly, according to my latest study. Here’s how to get rid of AOL Shield completely:

  • Save your personal stuff.
  • Hit the Menu icon, launch the Exit option on it.
  • Run WTM, then end the following two AOL Shield (32 bit) processes.
  • Go to Control Panel, choose "Uninstall a program" in it, of course, and locate the following AOL Shield (v1.0.22.0), and then launch Uninstall option.
  • Now, hit the Uninstall button on the "AOL Shield Uninstall" wizard below.
  • Please wait while your own copy of AOL Shield is being removed.
  • Then, quit the "Uninstall" wizard.
  • You can choose the option "No" from the "AOL Shield Uninstall" box below.
  • You can consider helping improve AOL Shield by submitting your own feedback on the "AOL Listens" page below. Or, you can ignore it then.
  • Uninstalling Adobe Flash Player 21 PPAPI should be easy. You can follow these additional steps for removal on Windows 10.

3. Uninstall the Firefox with AOL (aka, AOL Edition of Firefox)

Turns out that removing Firefox with AOL is almost the same like ridding of AOL Toolbar (aka, AOL Customizations), if you’ve already installed Mozilla Firefox on your Windows.

Check out this new, free AOL Toolbar uninstall guide below, if you installed that browser add-on mistakenly.

Below are the complete "Firefox with AOL (Toolbar)" uninstall guides:

a) Remove the Firefox with AOL on Windows 10:

View the following vid and follow detailed manual Firefox uninstall instructions in it and discover what you can do to maintain your PC’s stability & performance.

b) Erase Firefox with AOL for Mac:

Somehow, getting rid of AOL optimized Firefox Browser for Mac is the same like uninstalling Mozilla Firefox for Mac. Having trouble doing so? Try the industry leading app remover below and instantly manage almost every aspect of your Mac, easily!


Here’s the summary of how to perform the uninstall of AOL Edition for Firefox for Mac manually:

  • Save or make a backup of your AOL profile.
  • Exit your own "Firefox Optimized for AOL" app: hit the Firefox menu, launch "Quit Firefox" option on it.
  • Hit yr desktop, click on the GO menu, and choose Applications folder in it.
  • Right click on the following Firefox.app, launch the option "Move to Trash".
  • Open Trash app and make sure you’ve successfully got the job done.
  • It’s also a common adage in Mac world that 90% of iOS, OS X Yosemite share slow down issue. To better understand why that’s the case, you first unhide those protected items in your OS, search AOL or Firefox related files.


As for uninstalling the AOL Edition of Internet Explorer (aka, "AOL customized IE browser"), it is another process of removing AOL Toolbar, personally.

II. Get rid of other programs from AOL Inc.

1. Uninstall the AIM on Windows & Mac

a) Remove your Windows version of AOL Instant Messenger:

  • Move or save your personal data in AIM agent.
  • Quit AIM.
  • Search or go to Control Panel > "Uninstall a program" or, "Add/Remove" > locate the following "AIM for Windows" > press your own Enter key or launch Uninstall option in the programs list.
  • Press the Uninstall button on the "AIM for Windows Uninstall: Confirmation".
  • Hit the Close button then.

b) Rid of AOL Instant Messenger for Mac:

  • Download or save your AOL contacts.
  • Sign out then quit your AIM for Mac client.
  • Detect your own AIM app in the Applications folder, right hit on that unverified app, and launch "Move to Trash".
  • Remember to reset your "Security & Privacy" settings later, and, of course, clean those remains associated with AIM or AOL.


2. How to Uninstall the AOL Computer Checkup Lite on Windows XP? Please try following the given instructions below:

  • Hit the Close button on the GUI, then answer Yes to the following info box.
  • Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs > locate AOL Computer Checkup Lite (v31.0.56.1; from Support[dot]com, Inc.) > hit the Change/Remove button behind it.
  • Press the Uninstall button on the "AOL Computer Check Lite Uninstall" wizard below.
  • Wait while your Lite program is being uninstalled.
  • Close said "Uninstall" window.
  • Clean those potentially unused "AOL Computer Check Lite Report(s)" (on your desktop), and other leftovers that match AOL in your system.

3. Detailed Steps to Remove the AOL Toolbar ver. 5.0 Completely:

For everyone who wants to uninstall AOL Toollbar manually, you can also take the following actions:

  • Get the Admin access.
  • Check out your own program settings, locate d the following AOL Toolbar 5.0 in the list and then, launch "Uninstall/Change".
  • Click on the Uninstall button on the following "AOL Toolbar 5.0 Uninstall" window.
  • Exit the "Uninstall" wizard above by hitting the "Finish" button.
  • Apply your own preferred homepage to your IE app/ browser.

Now you: Do you believe running multiple spyware/ malware protection can really enhance your IT security & web privacy? Let’s take a closer look at the "AOL Internet Security Central" section. Get ready for a surprise! Currently, that sub-page provides users with the direct registration page for the anti web threat programs. They are:

  • McAfee Comprehensive Online Security
  • SUPERAntiSpyware
  • AOL Tech Fortress
  • Norton 360 Version 5.0
  • LifeLock
  • MyPrivacy
  • ID Vault
  • ID Protection by AOL

You probably know how much computer performance & stability can matter to your work or your e-business. You too won’t be at a loss for even better cybersecurity. Then you should use the recommended app removers – the most popular & professional utilities that let you uninstall AOL Desktop, said AOL Shield, and/or rid of any other undesired yet stubborn installations within few seconds.

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