Uninstall ABBYY Lingvo x6 on Win 10

This mini how-to provides you with automatic troubleshooting options you can use later to force ABBYY Lingvo and/or any other unused/ undesired installations to go, the efficient way. You can also make the best of this page to hugely improve your computer skills, such as, learn how to modify Windows’ file system and/or Registry Editor.

  • Save your personal job, then quit ABBYY Lingvo client: hit the Translate menu, launch the option Exit in it.
  • Start > All apps > (check out) Group A > (Enter the following) ABBYY Lingvox6 (entry) > right click on the main app > select Uninstall option on it.
  • Find out the target app in d programs list, press Enter or, launch Uninstall option then.
  • Say Yes to the following "Programs & Features" box.
  • Yes, again.
  • Sit back when yr system helps configure the un-install process.

It’s no surprise that lots of software leftovers will remain in your system. In the meantime, test shows that ABBYY created a folder in the Temp folder, keeping its extra install info there; moreover, the express install of ABBYY Lingvo too offered the install of "Yandex toolbar button" (v2.0.1.2130) and Yandex Browser, which would also change your own browser settings as well. Well, ridding of the said 2 changes so you can fully uninstall ABBYY Lingvo.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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