How to uninstall MyPC Backup program Windows & Mac

What’s MyPCBackup? Is it a computer virus? If not, why has the JDI (aka, JustDevelopIT) Backup, the vendor of MyPCBackup, gained flood of complaints?

Okay, this is another talk about online backup service. Well, today at iWinPage, we will first talk about the proven, up-to-date way to uninstall MyPC Backup (v1.0.0) for Windows and rid of the Mac version later. And, we will dig around to find out what MyPCBackup is, and what has its affiliate members done to the inexperienced users worldwide. There’s lots more waiting for you once you read this update at iWinPage!

How to Uninstall MyPC Backup on a Windows Based Computer?

Everyone loves a junkware-free operating system, so here are some must-read information to keep said foistware at bay, and keep your computer at its best performance & stablity as well you can use for a thorough uninstall of MyPC Backup, later. Typically, such an action refers to the manual or automatic (recommended) removal of all related stuff that could be left in your own system. To make the long story ( * your programs list) short enough, I kindly suggest that you get rid of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x64 9.0.30729.17, at a later date. Because our latest test shows, the mentioned C++ (aka, vcredist_x64.exe) was installed as the component of MyPC Backup during the app install process.

Moreover, IF you have signed up for MyPC Backup, please check out your own (limited/ free) account, download and/or move all your confidential data there, and keep ’em private later, and always. There are two way to get work done – you may, of course, start to skip!

Option 1:

  • Run your MyPC Backup client.
  • Enter the following "Control Panel" entry on the main platform.
  • Download everything you want to keep when the following "My PC Backup : Browse" page comes up: hit the Menu icon behind the target item, and then press the Download button.
  • And, to secure your web privacy, you should consider removing your MyPC Backup account from JDI’s server. To do so, follow these extra steps: hit the "My Account" tab > scroll down to the bottom of the "Account" page below > hit the "Delete Account" link.
  • You must first select a provided reason, such as "Too many popups", "Do not like service, not user friendly", when the "Account Deletion" is loaded, and then you press the red "Delete my account" button below.
  • Ignore the extra discount box by hitting the cross icon on it.
  • To proceed yr MyPCBackup account removal, U then select the option "No Thanks" instead.
  • Shut down said "20% OFF!" pop-up again, press "No Thanks" then.
  • Close the bit annoying repeated coupon box, now you can press the "Log out" button, finally. You might need to submit a refund request letter in time by sending an email to cancel#mypcbackup[dot]com (Please replace # with @ )
  • Shut down the mentioned "Login" webpage.

Option 2:

  • Pay a visit to the "MyPCBackup : Login" page below.
  • Enter your account info correctly. Then, press the red LOGIN button.
  • Please refer to the given instructions to save your synced files on your local disk, then erase your own MyPCBackup registration.

Uninstall MyPC Backup on Windows 10

  1. To successfully get rid of MyPC Backup, you now close then exit the agent.
  2. Running MyPC Backup’s built-in uninstaller uninst.exe (77.9 KB) might be the fastest way to remove the MyPC Backup app: find out then enter the following MyPC Backup folder, run said uninst as d admin user.
  3. Select the option Yes from the UAC alert below.
  4. Press the Yes button to uninstall MyPC Backup on yr Windows 10.
  5. You can ignore the promotion "100GB storage for just $1 / first month" from JDI if you’re an unhappy user of MyPC Backup.
  6. Search and clean JDI’s remains, e.g., this MyPC Backup.exe in C:\Users\(your computer name)\AppData\Local\Microsoft\CLR_v4.0\UsageLogs, so you can fully uninstall MyPC Backup.

Getting rid of MyPC Backup on Windows 8

  • You can direct launch the option Yes from the "Set Incomplete" info box.
  • If you prefer to use to common method, perform the following steps: press the Windows key on your keyboard > check out the installed app list > right click on the following MyPC Backup > launch the Uninstall option in the lower left side of display.
  • Locate d following MyPC Backup 1.0.0 in your own program settings, launch Windows’ Uninstall/Change option in the list or, you can also press the Enter key to start the express uninstall routine.
  • Then, you press the light blue Uninstall button on to continue with the default MyPC Backup removal process.
  • Your undesired MyPC Backup should be uninstalled silently. Reload your own programs list to verify you’ve uninstalled MyPC Backup with success. Remember to delete said "C++ 2008" from your system.

Wanna erase MyPC Backup for your Windows 7? Please refer to the detailed Windows 10 part above.

So far, JDI’s MyPC Backup still supports Microsoft’s Windows XP SP3. Please refer to the following image to uninstall MyPC Backup 1.0.0 in your own XP system.

How to Uninstall MyPC Backup for Mac?

  • Download or save all your sensitive stuff ( * please refer to d given steps above. ), then quit MyPC Backup for Mac: right click on its icon in Dock, launch Exit on the menu.
  • Enter the Go folder, choose the Applications entry in it.
  • Search "MyPCBackup" without quotation mark, right click on the exact search result below, launch the classic option "Move to Trash" to uninstall MyPC Backup for Mac.
  • Close the result window, save your job and restart yr Mac. Unfortunately, Mac does not allow you to make any changes to those hidden items in the system by default. Thus, to clean JDI’s remains, you need to make those protected files appear temporarily.


How Did Other People Get MyPC Backup Installed?

Uninstall MyPC Backup - 1

Affiliate spam doesn’t always mean fake pharmaceutical ads and dodgy payday loan scams. Spammers will (also) push legitimate products (even some top security program in the market) and collect commission for every sale (installation).

We want to reach out to say "Hey! Watch out for JDI’s affiliate spammers"
and show you the shocking truth about MyPC Backup. To help get the point of the following content, please keep in mind that:

  • MyPC Backup has been known as a RISKY computer/Windows PUP (Potentially Unwanted Program) from Cloud Backup Software Limited.
  • MyPCBackup Affiliate Program has been around since Aug 15, 2012, according to a thread at
  • Go somewhere and find much better online backup solutions/ services that truly care about d safety of your personal data or, what you value.

Examples are, Antiy-AVL has flagged my upload (file name, MyPCBackup_WebInstaller.exe; MD5, 3c3b17c6909d0031f0d636bcf7ff592a) as Trojan/Generic.ASMalwNS.29A6; McAfee read that exe file as Artemis!3C3B17C6909D, according to this file report 85c27331f6c0626c5d57f7fdd64fce692db5c3342f59213886f577160e0f565b at VT.

The following list contains latest collections of variants of MyPC Backup. See similar content in a post by Geoff Akerlund from later. Continue to secure all your OS & devices by skipping the listed application programs below:

  • JustCloud
  • Zip Cloud
  • Backup Genie
  • StudyBackup for Windows 8
  • YesBackup
  • Right Backup

Well, those app names above will let you quickly check if you’re involved in another riskware attack, because of a marketing term CPA (Cost Per Action). That’s to say, if you happen to meet any other options for installation of MyPCBackup, JustCloud and such, you should at least press the Deny or No button during the possibly bloated software install process.

$150 CPA makes MyPC Backup the obvious Advertiser of choice.

Got MyPC Backup and/or its clones installed? It’s all because of YOUR MOUSE, U must admit. It’s no secret that security threats are increasing very quickly every moment – we hear the shocking stories in the news all of the time. Examples are, PC starters ran into when trying to remove so-called "Superfish malware", the sale of stolen personal information is a multi-million dollar annual business. Many of you may still feel safe from attacks thanks to their antivirus software – but are they, really?

The following images highlight the seriousness of the security/ computer threat that our customers faced and provide you with very proactive internet security tips. Well, to keep your OS and/or other devices as safe as possible, you definitely need the right tools and strategies. iWinPage allows you to manage your programs list the much more efficient way, and maintain your computer performance without costing extra money while building or enhancing your bottom lines. Learn more about how you can protect your computer system from internet badware the smarter way:

1. RegClean-Pro (from recommended "Right Backup to backup your precious files and memories".

2. IObit Malware Fighter recommended you also install MyPCBackup to automatically back up your PC.

3. SlimDrivers Free Setup: Check below to install the free MyPCBackup, then click Next.

4. MixiDJ V1 Community Toolbar (aka, Conduit Toolbar) vs. MyPC Backup Free Online Backup.

5. Delta Search Community Toolbar vs. MyPC Backup.

6. Video Converter Community Toolbar vs. MyPC Backup.

7. YourFile Downloader: By clicking "Next" button you… agree to install MyPCBackup.

8. SpeedyComputer recommended MyPCBackup to Backup (Back up) your computer, back up your life.

9. SpeedingUpMyPC vs. MyPCBackup.

10. PCKepper: "We Recommend ‘MyPCBackup’ To Backup Your Computer, Backup Your Life".

11. DVDVideoSoftTB Community Toolbar vs. MyPC Backup.

12. Fixila PC Optimizer Setup: "myPCBackp[dot]com Protect your files now! Backup your computer".

13. Free All-In-One Media Player: "MyPCBackup – Online Backup for your photos, music, emails, videos, documents & more".

14. PC Booster vs. MyPCBackup.

15. "Start Now.. Community Toolbar" vs. MyPC Backup.

16. "Recommended by Vuze My PC Backup".

17. Powered by Cnet: "AnVir Task Manager Free… What does MyPCBackup do? MyPC Backup uses a small desktop application to…"

18. (Download) Auslogics (aka, TweakBit) Disk Defrag Free: "Yes, also install MyPCBackup, a free tool…".

19. PC Cleaners Setup highly recommended "MyPCBackup" to backup your computer and protect your important files.

20. PC HealthBoost 2.3.1 – 800EN Setup vs. MyPCBackup.

21. Kromtech’s PCKeeper Antivirus vs. MyPCBackup.

22. Vgrabber Community Toolbar vs. MyPC Backup.

23. YTD Video Downloader 4.8.1 Setup: MyPC Backup will automatic backup all your files…

24. Zip Opener: "myPC – Backing up your computer doesn’t need to be complicated…"

Closing words: Reinstalling (changing) your current OS or, buying a new computer or smartphone might be not a problem for you. But, it would still be easy to add new spamware as many of them as you own. Your digital life happens on so many devices, right? With our high-quality informational tips & proven solutions, you manage and monitor all of them from a single blog site here.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this "How to Uninstall MyPC Backup for Windows &Mac" guide! Please review related links below, as you can use the information provided in this page for better computer security opportunities as well as to keep your startup, Schedule and other essential system settings as clean as possible. Because, Drive-by attack or adware infection could easily take place when you visit some insecure site or, run some sponsored setup file without virus check, which presents an excellent opportunity to help those aggressive affiliate members promote foistware in order to gain the referred customer accounts.

Now You: How to uninstall MyPC Backup once and for all? Learn about the information that will truly impact your web safety, your digital life, and your e-world.

PS: If you are still having difficulty uninstalling MyPC Backup on yr own, TRY d recommended uninstall tool that best meets your operating system requirements.

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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