Uninstall Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved Windows, Mac

If you have the latest version of Raptr or AMD Gaming Evolved installed, then very sooner or later you will find yourself in trouble when you want to uninstall said app completely.

You’ve heard the complaints. Worse still, bloatware and grayware are on the rise with no signs of slowing down. Well, we are a proactive security team helping regular computer users get the most out of system performance & stability, and prevent endless risky computer programs from installing into your own program list. We have just tested two builds of Raptr: one was the highly promoted Raptr for Windows (MD5, 15fa749c5de03540c7f47bed121173ed); the other download was the "AMD Gaming Evolved" (MD5, 431b67ee14ae1390d4e954b716cde64e; and that executable application had been flagged as GrayWare[:not-a-virus]/Win32.Downloader.gen by Antiy-AVL about one week ago, just by the way).

Almost everything you need to troubleshoot the Raptr uninstall issue on your computer

You may find that both Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved are really awesome and see a great potential in your PC gaming experience.

Raptr makes PC gaming fast, beautiful, and hassle-free.

However, there are some issues with current versions of Raptr (5.2.1-r113066-release) and AMD Gaming Evolved (same as the mentioned version info above) that need fixing as soon as possible to get even better online privacy and enhanced computer security. We hereby would like to share some points of improvements in the gaming app manager you’re using.

  • When it comes to Windows based PUPs (Possibly Undesired Programs or, Possibly Unwanted Applications, a term from ESET), Raptr, now also known as PlaysTV, can be used as a bad example. Because, test shows it successfully preinstalled the PlaysTV (v1.11.2-r113542-release) from Plays.tv, LLC without clear information, nor the user’s permission.
  • Additionally, test too shows that PlaysTV sets itself to run w/ our Windows 7 computer automatically, without authorization.

How to Uninstall Raptr?

Follow the given instructions exactly so you can uninstall Raptr completely, and re-control your own program settings, Startup and other main system configurations.

Uninstall Raptr on a Windows 10 computer

  1. Save your personal stuff, backup your game profiles, and save your app games/ installers, and then stop running Raptr Download Manager.
  2. Exit the game that you’re playing, such as Smite, Neverwinter, Forsaken World and such.
  3. Sign out your own Raptr accout. Check out the "Show hidden icons" area in your own taskbar, quit the unwanted Raptr agent.
  4. In order to smoothly uninstall Raptr, we suggest that you run Task Manager, then you look into the Process tab, and then you manually terminate the following "Plays.tv Service (32 bit)" process.
  5. Now we are writing to inform you of four ways to perform the uninstall of Raptr in your own Win 10 system:
    • Method #1: Press the Windows key on your keyboard, hit "All apps"; go to the Group R below, open the Raptr folder, right click on the target app Raptr; then launch your menu’s Uninstall option. You then locate your own build of Raptr in the "Uninstall or change a program", press the Enter key or, launch Windows’ Uninstall option in the programs list. View the following attached images for future references.
    • (NOTE: To fully uninstall Raptr, we highly recommend ridding of Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 9.0.30729.17 and the aforementioned PlayTV.)

    • Method #2: Right click your desktop, select Display settings, enter "Apps & features", or you input apps & f, then select said entry from the result; type "Raptr" without quotation marks, hit what your Windows find out, then you hit grey Uninstall tab under the Raptr app.
    • Method #3: Go to Raptr’s installation file folder (usually, it’d be located in C:\Program Files (x86)\Raptr Inc\), run its original uninstaller uninstall.exe as the administrator; select the Yes option when the following UAC alert comes up.
    • Method #4: Open Settings, type icons, select "Show or hide common icons on the desktop"; check the tickbox in front of Control Panel, press the OK button on Desktop Icon Settings window; double click the Control Panel icon on your display, hit the "Uninstall a program" link under the Programs section; and then you will be good to go.
  6. To automatically uninstall the Raptr client, then you hit the Uninstall button on the following "Raptr Uninstall: Confirmation" wizard.
  7. Please wait while your system helps uninstall Raptr.
  8. Hit the Close button to shut down the "Raptr Uninstall" window.
  9. Complete the following "Uninstall Survey (M 3-24)", telling the company the reason why you chose to uninstall Raptr from your computer.
  10. You can also directly close that "Uninstall Raptr – Raptr" page @ http:// raptr.com /client/uninstall?bundle= . Then, reload your programs list to make sure you’ve got rid of Raptr. Save your job, restart your system. And then, you clean away other items that have been installed alongside the half-gone Raptr.

Please refer to the following screen shot of our Windows 10 "Uninstall or change a program" list to get rid of AMD Gaming Evolved.

Uninstall Raptr on Windows 8

Study shows that one needs to make even more of an effort to fully uninstall Raptr, as a computer user does not need the following programs to run his or her Win 8 system. They are:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 Redistributable – 10.0.40219
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable – x86 9.0.30729.17
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 Redistributable – 10.0.40219
  • PlaysTV

Detailed instructions on how to uninstall Raptr manually:

  1. Save all your personal stuff, then reboot yr system, make yourself the system admin afterward.
  2. Quit the Raptr that has been set to run w/ your computer.
  3. Run Windows Task Manager and end said "Plays.tv Service (32 bit)".
  4. Now, you use the very classic method to uninstall Raptr: press the Windows key on yr keyboard, check out your own Start menu; right click on the undesired Raptr app; and then launch the Uninstall option at the bottom left side of your display screen. You can also enter Raptr’s install folder, run the default uninstall.exe as admin.
  5. Locate your own build of Raptr, then you launch Windows’ Uninstall option in the programs list, or you directly press Enter. Review the given steps above and complete the rest of task.

If you installed said AMD Gaming Evolved app, then you only need to get rid of said PlaysTV plus one C++ app later. Review the screenshot of our Windows 8 programs list below.

Uninstall Raptr on Windows 7

In order to get the work done, you can refer to the "Raptr removal for Windows 8 guide" above. Remember to erase the following highlighted PlaysTV and other one "C++" application so you can uninstall Raptr completely.

Similarly, you need to repeat the given guide to get rid of the installation of AMD Gaming Evolved for your own Windows 7 system.

How to perform the uninstall of Raptr for Mac?

Provided you are using Raptr for Mac (v0.5.1), we have also outlined extra details regarding uninstalling the Mac version of Raptr Desktop app.

  1. Log out your own Raptr account. Save anything that matters.
  2. As usually, you had better exit the running client: right click on Raptr’s icon in the Dock, then launch the Quit option on the menu.
  3. Hit your desktop, then enter the Go folder, and then select Applications on the list. Check out your installed apps or, you search Raptr in the Applications folder.
  4. Right click on the target item Raptr, choose the "Move to Trash" on the right-click menu.
  5. Close the Applications file folder. Reboot your Mac. Check out the Library folder and other system folders like Application Support, move Raptr related leftovers to Trash manually.


Having a junk-free system can help maintain web security and internet privacy more easily and effectively, very likely taking your computer performance to the next level as well. In the meantime, due to computer skill restrictions, many people will be unable to detect & wipe off remnants that match Raptr. As you know, an uninstall tool PRO will allow users to bypass those limitations to experience a trouble-free digital world.

And, if you don’t want anyone to find out your personal privacy even sensitive data, you had better do the following if you’re still using some build of Raptr. To do so, you now open Raptr preference settings:

  • Visit the "Alerts & Sounds" tab, apply the "Off" option to the "Popup Notifications".
  • Check the "Games" section, uncheck the 2nd project "Track web and flash games".
  • Hit the "Privacy" tab, uncheck the 3rd option "Enable hardware and game data collection".
  • Last but not least, we kindly suggest that you re-turn on the Firewall after you install AMD Gaming Evolved on your Windows 8 computer.

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