Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe 2016 Windows 10, 8, Mac

McAfee LiveSafe (2016) was rated as an excellent security program suite by Neil Rubenking. In the meanwhile, the editor from PCMag too reported that regular computer users should not fully rely on the inbuilt firewall in McAfee LiveSafe due to some weakness of McAfee Personal Firewall. Moreover, quite lots of end users complained multiple times that they had very bad experience with the trial version of McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security. Examples are, problems with unsubscribing from Intel Security, issues removing McAfee’s Web Protection (aka, McAfee WebAdvisor), and other items regarding unpleasant pop-ups from LiveSafe, the effectiveness of detection of computer viruses, riskware and malware.

McAfee Active Protection technology provides the highest detection rates against threats.

(Note: The Setup.exe (MD5, 72462f793e49eecfecc2cfba43417148) for so-called Search Engage has been flagged as by Cro-bit Ltd (fs) by both AVware and VIPRE. Learn more.)

If you are not seeing happiness, please feel free to reach out and we’re very happy to work with you on uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe once and for all, and on preventing risky apps/ programs from landing on your desktop. To ensure that your own copy of McAfee LiveSafe will be uninstalled on your computer in an effective way, you can use the following industry-leading app uninstaller we’ve attached below. For experienced users, you can also read/ share the detailed information for future reference.

How to Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe Completely?

If you want to uninstall McAfee LiveSafe fully, we highly suggest that you review the actions you made to install the security suite in your system, and the changes you applied to your browsers, such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome.

For Mac users, you can’t miss out on this best app uninstaller, which is impressively professionally and feature-filled, especially suited to managing your installed apps, clearing out unwanted junk on your OS X and freeing up your disk space efficiently.

Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe from Windows 10

Windows 10’s powerful Settings app can help you learn more about getting rid of an unwanted program in the system. As for uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe here, you can choose one of the following 3 methods to get the work done manually. And please get yourself ready for the system cleaning:

  • Gain the administrator access
  • Export the current registry settings
  • Save all your personal stuff, close all the other apps that you’re using.
  • Save this how-to guide on your local disk so you can read it later, even without internet connection.

In this section of McAfee LiveSafe (2016, v14.0.8185) uninstall guide, we will outline 3 options you can use to uninstall the McAfee LiveSafe app from your programs list:

  • Method One: open the Start menu, hit "All apps", look into the Group M; then enter the following McAfee file folder, right click on the target project, launch the Uninstall option on the menu. Locate McAfee LiveSafe when your programs list is loaded, then press the Enter key or, launch the Uninstall/Change option.
  • Method Two: input "apps & features" without quotation marks in Windows 10’s search bar, hit the "Best match" on the top of search result; wait while that handy new feature is loading the list of the installed apps; hit McAfee LiveSafe in the list, then hit the grey Uninstall tap and then, press the 2nd Uninstall button on the following untitled info box, making the verification request to proceed with the uninstall process.
  • Method Three: Save Control Panel and other frequently used icons like on your desktop, then click on the "Uninstall a program" in Control Panel. Then, please repeat the given ste-by-step instructions in Method One.

Here we officially start uninstalling McAfee LiveSafe:

  • Wait for the following LiveSafe to load the installed programs in your system, check the following 3 checkboxes so you can uninstall McAfee LiveSafe fully. They are "McAfee LiveSafe", "Remove all files for this program" and the aforementioned "Web Protection".
  • Now, press the light blue Uninstall button.
  • Here, you simply continue to hit the Uninstall button when you’re told "You still have an active subscription".
  • Hit the Close button when you read the same security alert from the undesired McAfee LiveSafe client.
  • Wait while the McAfee programs you selected are being uninstalled.
  • To participate in the software improvement and/or development, you can consider spending extra time sending your feedback to the subsidiary of Intel Corporation.
  • Get ready to reboot your operating system? If so, you are good to go. To do so: press the blue "Restart now" button.
  • In order to limit the negative impacts of McAfee remnants, you may perform additional actions on your computer: what you need to do is to delete McAfee Secure Search and, erase leftovers associated with McAfee from your system.
    • Windows Internet Explorer 11: hit the gear icon > choose the "Internet options" on the list > hit the Programs tab > click on the "Manage add-ons" subtab > look into the "Search Providers" portion > locate Microsoft’s Bing > apply the "Set as default" option to Bing > here, the most important step is to rid of McAfee’s Secure Search in the list > close all the windows that you have open; apply the changes you just made to IE 11.
    • Mozilla Firefox: Hit the "Open menu" icon > enter Options > hit the Search tab > highlight Search Search in the list > hit the Remove tab.
    • Google Chrome: Run Chrome > hit the "Customize and control Google Chrome" icon > choose Settings on the menu > look into the Search part > hit the "Manage search engine…" tab; or you can directly copy and paste chrome://settings/searchEngines into the address bar > choose one available that’s right for you, e.g., Google, then apply the "Make default" option to it > move your mouse to McAfee Secure Search > hit the x icon behind it > hit the Done button.

Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe on Windows 8

We just have provided you with very traditional tips for un-installing McAfee LiveSafe in your own system, which can also be used to target other unwanted apps in the programs list. If you are not familiar how to manually edit system-level stuff we strongly recommend that make the best of the uninstall tool PRO below.

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard.
  • Check out your own Start screen.
  • Right click on the unwanted McAfee LiveSafe, launch the Uninstall option at the bottom of your display.
  • Locate McAfee LiveSafe, press Enter or, launch the "Uninstall/Change" in the programs list. Please review the "Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe for Win 10" guide above for more info.

Since not all readers accept to move to 8.1 or 8, we have just selected the following vid with hope that you can address issues regarding "McAfee LiveSafe Internet Security won’t uninstall", on your own.

How to Uninstall McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security software from Mac?

The following instructions are also made available to help uninstall the Mac version of McAfee LiveSafe and give you a different PUP troubleshooting tool, in the event that you have run into trouble.

  • Save your work. Exit all of the open apps.
  • Restart your Mac, switch from user mode to administrator mode during the reboot.
  • Hit your desktop, then enter the Go menu and then, select the Applications folder.
  • To un-install McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security for Mac, run the following "McAfee LiveSafe – Internet… (LiveSafe U)ninstaller" instead.
  • If you wish to keep using McAfee SiteAdvisor, you can directly press the blue Continue button on the following McAfee LiveSafe – Internet Security (uninstall wizard).
  • Enter your Mac system passcode, then press the OK button.
  • Sit back until the uninstall process is completed.
  • Now, exit McAfee LiveSafe uninstall wizard by clicking on the Finish button below.
  • Now, restart your OS X Yosemite manually.


Will MCPR be useful when you need to clean away your McAfee program?

MCPR is also known as McAfee Consumer Product Removal Tool. Review additional info on that Tool below.

  • SHA256: f4937bb527d00c3ff127d666eed5156ae4ecd5873b4d3b13576669821498bb9b
  • Copyright: Copyright © 2016 McAfee, Inc
  • Product (name) & (File) Description: McAfee ESD Package
  • Original name: coreESD.exe
  • File version: 8.0

I did the following test on a Windows 8 computer:

  • Ran the downloaded MCPR.exe using the admin rights.
  • MCPR said it would to remove all the components installed by McAfee (LiveSafe) in the operating system. Then I hit the Next >> button on the following "McAfee Software Removal" wizard.
  • In order to continue with the uninstall process, I checked the "Agree" box, then pressed the Next >> button.
  • I entered the security code I saw in the following picture then, I clicked on the Next >> button below.
  • I just watched while MCPR was doing its job.
  • I hit the Restart >> button when un-install procedure was completed.
  • I clicked the Yes button to restart my PC automatically.
  • And no wonder, McAfee Secure Search remained in the search engine list.

Last but not least, McAfee LiveSafe (-) Internet Security (trial) itself often comes as a preinstalled item when you choose to buy some brand new laptop & desktop computer, such as Dell Inspiron 15R SE. And, rid of those unused preloaded programs for better computer performance.

To find more about how other users deal with McAfee LiveSafe, please read the following threads on the web.

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