Uninstall FontExplorer X Pro Free Guide

Want to uninstall FontExplorer X Pro? Here’s the reminder you should bear in mind: gain the admin access so you can allow UAC to run Windows Installer later. We have just re-tested FontExplorer X Pro v3.5.0, it could add its name to the Startup menu, so this is another great opportunity for you to learn how to perform the custom installation of a 3rd-party download, so you can maintain your computer performance the efficient way. More?

  • Save your work, then we kindly recommend that you save this FontExplorer X Pro guide on your desktop.
  • Now, quit your own FontExplorer X Pro client: hit the app’s logo icon, launch the Exit option in it.
  • If you are new to Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system, this is the best possible chance to get familiar w/ it: input apps & fe in the search bar, hit that entry on the top of the search result. Wait while the OS is loading the list of your installed apps.
  • Hit the following FontExplorer X Pro 3.5.0, then hit the grey Uninstall button under it and then, hit another Uninstall button that will come up soon.
  • That being said, hit the Yes button on the UAC alert below.
  • Here…. you can simply press the OK button on the "FontExplorer X Pro 3.5.0" info box below, which will shut down the "FontExplorer X Pro. FontManangementService" automatically.
  • Sit tight while the uninstallation is in progress. Save. Restart your system manually. Unhide protected files, then search & clear FontExplorer’s remains.

PS: Need help ridding of the Mac version of FontExplorer X Pro? Then, you can use this top-rated app manager here (for Mac).

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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