How do I uninstall Pandora Windows, iPad, Mac and Android

What do I mean by the word "Pandora"? Pandora Jewelry? Hehe, please do not get me wrong. Well, I am just talking about Pandora Radio (aka, Pandora Internet Radio), which has been recognized as one of the very best online music players in the market. And, if you are not happy with that online music streaming service from Pandora Media, Inc., and are concerned about the performance and/or privacy of your device, read this troubleshooting post to uninstall your own copy of Pandora.

Then, how to perform the uninstall of Pandora successfully? That would be the problem. Because, you will probably not detect the installation of Pandora Radio in your programs list under Windows 10 Control Panel. Umm, just two gentle reminders that I managed to get another build of Pandora (by SweetLabs) installed and, I won’t be able to exactly reproduce the process of uninstalling Pandora for iPad/ iPhone, as I was told that "The item you’ve requested is not currently available blah blah blah". Apparently, that might be another issue.

How to Uninstall Pandora Manually?

The following section allows you to perform the un-installation of Pandora for different platforms, from the widely used Windows 10 to iOS and to Android.

Uninstall the Pandora for Windows 10

To archive the task, you need to make yourself an authorized Microsoft account with administrator privileges.

  • Save all of your personal data like the "Music Feed" and other setting files/ logs in your own Pandora account.
  • After that, sign out your music account.
  • Now, hit the Cross icon on the top right hand corner of the main Pandora login interface.
  • Enroll now and choose one of the following two options to uninstall Pandora in your Windows 10 system:
    • Method 1: hit the white Windows icon in the taskbar, enter "all apps", locate the Group P, right click on the following Pandora with a white background image, then launch the Uninstall option on the menu. And then… you are just 1 step closer to uninstalling Pandora for Windows 10: press another Uninstall tab to confirm your request.
    • Method 2: You can just type Apps & fe in the search bar in taskbar, then choose the target item "Apps & Features", please wait while your 10 system is loading the list of your installed apps and other computer programs; and then… locate the music recommendation service from Pandora Media Inc.. Simply clicking on the grey Uninstall button will allow you to uninstall Pandora automatically.
  • Usually, your undesired Pandora app will be uninstalled in a silent way.

Did you know? The Pokki platform too is offering a different build of Pandora from the aforementioned SweetLabs company.

Additionally, to run that build of Pandora (v1.0.3), the computer user will be required to get Pokki and Adobe Flash Player pre-installed. And, my independent test shows that, another unused program, named Pokki Download Helper, was installed along with the express installation of Pokki, without showing notification.

Then, the following course might be a must for every common end-user who wants to uninstall Pandora from SweetLabs, which is known as the owner of Pokki platform, the Pokki Start Menu and Pokki for Windows 8. And, in previous posts (e.g., McAfee LiveSafe removal guide, uninstalling Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved), I’ve discussed in greater detail how to get rid of an unwanted Windows 10 app using 4 different methods, so… here, you can perform the very classic uninstall routine:

  • Directly open Control Panel, in the event that you’ve also saved it on your desktop.
  • As usual, enter "Uninstall a program".
  • Locate the following Pandora from SweetLabs… the number version is… v1.0.3, at the time of writing this how-to page. Then, press the Uninstall tab in the "Uninstall or change a program" list.
  • Please sit tight, as it will take some time for you to face the following "Uninstall Pandora" info box. And then, you hit the Uninstall button on it.
  • Wait while the uninstall of Pandora app from SweetLabs is in progress silently. Then you reload your programs list manually. Rid of another 3 items if you do not use them at all. And, clear their leftover remains in your operating system later.

Uninstall Pandora for your iPad/ iPhone

  • Remember to sign out then exit (close) your Pandora app.
  • Hit the Home button on your phone or iOS device.
  • Locate and hold the undesired Pandora’s icon.
  • Release your finger until your screen display starts to wiggle.
  • Hit the little X icon in the top-left corner of your own Pandora app.
  • Follow that info box regarding uninstalling Pandora, then hit the Delete button to proceed with the process of uninstallation.
  • Press the Home button again when the uninstall of Pandora is completed.

Please view the following gif (aka, Graphics Interchange Format) based images for future reference: for informational/ problem resolving purposes only, it shows the steps for ridding of Emojli instead.


Running a OS X Yosemite? Please scroll manually to the bottom of this how-to page, just BTW.

Uninstall Pandora for Android

As our valued readers, you can not only learn how to erase Windows based app/ program but also get tips for ridding of other platforms based items via this professional blog centre.

  • If your are adequately prepared to get the job done, please do the following: save your personal stuff, log out then exit the undesired Pandora client.
  • As a downloaded app, you can go to the Settings portion.
  • Choose the Apps entry on the list.
  • Check out the apps list under the Downloaded tab.
  • Locate Pandora in your own Downloaded list, launch the embedded UNINSTALL option. You can, of course, launch the "FORCE STOP" first if you are having trouble closing Pandora properly.
  • (Note: I re-edited the attached images from

  • Should you want to reinstall Pandora, you can browse the "My apps" option in your own Google Play account later. Or, you can also choose to delete that record/ log from that "ALL" tab manually. To do so, tab the record of Pandora, then press the white Cross icon in the right-hand corner of that app.
  • (Source: Chris Martin@

Take This Chance to Avoid Internet Junk

Always beware of those automatically generated pages or, auto-generated "content" on the web, as they are providing you with totally misleading instructions. So…

Example #1:

Are you trying to completely uninstall Pandora One Desktop App 2.0?

The fact is…

When it comes to December 16, 2015 7:59 pm, the Pandora (app) is only available to download for free in the Windows Store today for Windows 10 based PCs and tablets. (Note: Microsoft Account is required.)

Then, the very obvious question is, how can you uninstall Pandora with Windows 7’s "Add/Remove" applet?

Example #2: "pandora" or, Pandora (ONE), and/or, "Program Icon"?

How can (?) Uninstall pandora on Mac

Review the latest Pandora for Mac info below. And, Pandora Desktop (v2.0.8) for Mac requires the pre-installation of Adobe AIR, just by the way.


Now you: How to share your own "Shuffle"? Or, would you please tell us of your way to the uninstall of Pandora?

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