How to Uninstall Typing Master 10 Guide

Which uninstall method would you like to delete Typing Master 10 from your apps/ programs list? Well, we’ve just provided you with both manual uninstall instructions and a proven solution below so you can rid of Typing Master 10 and/or other stubborn installations – in HALF the time!

  • Save all of your personal stuff, close the Typing Master client you’re running.
  • Reboot your computer, gain the admin rights during that process.
  • find out Typing Master’s installation folder, run the following unins000.exe as the Admin Account.
  • Apply the Yes option to the following UAC info box.
  • Again… press the Yes button on the following "Typing Master 10 Uninstall" wizard.
  • Wait… then quit the said wizard.
  • Send your feedback to the company by completing the "Uninstall Survey" below. Or, close that page directly.
  • Save yr job, restart yr system and then try erasing TypingQuest related remains on your disk space.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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