Uninstall Pinterest on Firefox, Chrome, and Safari

What is it about the Pinterest, Inc. that makes it one of the most popular un-uninstallable item in the market? You even said to yourself, ‘What shall I do to uninstall this frustrating Pinterest (Editor’s note: "Pin It button")’?

Well, I too had no idea what Pinterest is, other than knowing it’s a highly popular social media site – and know that it is an IPO (aka, Initial public offering) to watch this year, according to Brett Hershman’s insight. And, to get the easy explanations to the questions above, you need think the following questions through:

  1. What’s Pinterest?
  2. Answer: it is another online visual bookmarking company that requires regular registration and/or a problem-free Facebook/Google Account to fully take the advantage of the their service. Supported platforms for Pinterest include Windows, Mac, iPhone & iPad and Android at the time of writing this post.

  3. What’s the "Pin It button"? Is it virus? If not, why was it hard to remove it from your browser?
  4. Answer: to make long story short, your browser’s Add-on Manager should be the best option possible to deal with your frustration or annoyance. That’s to say, Pinterest won’t add itself to your programs list – you won’t be able to uninstall Pinterest by using Windows Control Panel.

Now, please direct scroll down for the detailed directions on how to uninstall Pinterest/"Pin It button" manually.

How can I uninstall Pinterest from my operating systems?

With the information in this troubleshooting page from iWinPage, you can uninstall Pinterest with ease, and restore your web tools even your system to the previous configuration using hard & practical statistics. For example, You also find out the best way you can use to speed up your web browser(s) as effective as possible: uninstalling every browser plugin and/or app that you do not absolutely need or, you did not know/use at all – Less is more, faster and safer.

(Note: Just imagine if you added too many projects to your Chrome client, they became confused or bloated, but you have no idea how to throw them out properly. Well, they just became another kind of junkware, messing up your browser even the whole operating system.)

With all of this, you can at least accomplish the following goals:

  • Uninstall Pinterest/ "Pin It button" on Mozilla Firefox & Apple Safari
  • Uninstall Pinterest Tab and/or Pinterest Save Button from Google Chrome
  • Deactivate or delete your Pinterest Account

Important – to reaccess or get the most out of this how-to guide, you had better save this page on your local system for offline reading, at a later date. To do so, please do the following – I just took saving Pinterest’s homepage, as an example:

  • Right click on this webpage
  • Select the "Save as…" option if you’re using the Chrome software.
  • Choose/ browse your preferred location, then hit the Save button.

Five Steps for Uninstalling Pin It button (v1.37.9) from A Windows Version of Firefox

  • Hit the Menu icon, choose the Add-ons entry on the list.
  • Check out the Extensions section thoroughly. For instance, you had better get enough information before you take action. To do so, you locate an item in the list, then you click on the blue word More for additional details such as the vendor/author of that add-on.
  • Once you confirm the target plugin, you scroll down to the bottom of that item, hit the Remove tab. In this particular case, you can also locate the "Pin It button" above, then you press the Remove button behind it.
  • The following "Pin It button has been removed." means that you’ve successfully uninstalled Pinterest at the point when you did read the same sentence below.
  • Now, you had better reopen your Firefox agent for the applied changes to take effect.

Moreover, this portion is also updated in a way to help you solve issues with other unwanted yet stubborn apps/programs by using the traditional uninstall routine: get complete protection of your personal computer and Internet privacy with an advanced uninstall tool for Windows.

How to delete Pinterest from Google Chrome?

  • Copy and paste chrome://extensions/ into your address bar, then press the Enter key on your keyboard.
  • Reivew the changes you made to your Chrome agent, then try locating the following TWO objects: "Pinterest Save Button" (v1.39.2) and/or "Pinterest Tab" (the version number is
  • Similarly, hit the "Details" link for more information. After that, you can… move your mouse on the link behind "offered by someone", or pay a visit to that app’s homepage.
  • In order to fully uninstall Pinterest on your own Chrome, please make sure the afore-mentioned 2 items are removed. To do so, you simply hit the Trash icon behind them. For example, you first click on the Trash button behind the said Pinterest Tab, then you press the Remove tab on the "Confirm Removal" alert below.
  • Then that Tab should be erased from Chrome’s Extensions setting within one second. Repeat this action to rid of the said "Button" so you can uninstall Pinterest fully. Or, you try this: hit the option "Details", hit "View in store" for extra info; and press the Remove tab on the said "Pinterest Save Button" info box, finally… hit Remove to get the job done.
  • You can tell the company why you chose to uninstall their product from your computer.

Uninstall Pinterest on Safari for Mac

  • Run your own copy of Apple Safari.
  • Hit the word Safari, then choose the "Preferences…" entry.
  • Here, hit the blue Extensions tab.
  • To uninstall Pinterest (Pin It Button) on Safari, you press the white Uninstall button. Or…
  • Tip: You can also choose to disable Pinterest from running with your Safari by removing the check icon in the front of the option "Enable Pin It Button".

  • Now, press the blue Uninstall button on the following confirmation box, informing "Are you sure you want to uninstall the extension ‘Pin It Button’?".


How to remove your information on Pinterest.com?

  • Pay a visit to the Pinterest’s homepage.
  • Hit the "Log in" button on the top right hand of the welcome window.
  • Input your Pinterest login details, E-mail & password, correctly, then press the red Log in button.
  • After that, hit your own avatar on the website, hit the gear icon, and choose "Edit settings".
  • Look into the following "Account Basics" section, and hit the "Deactivate Account" tab.
  • Choose the option "Permanently close my account" instead when the following "Deactivate your account?" pop-up comes up.
  • To get that deletion confirmation message as a final security check, you need to check out the E-mail address you used to register your ID on Pinterest. The whole process would take up to take up to 14 days.

One more thing: if you signed up for the Pinterest website using a third-party login details, e.g., your Facebook ID, then you need to revoke all access from your Pinterest account instead. And, if you are also shifting Pinterest to other platforms, what are some info for those Pinterest alternatives, as you’re new to ’em? If you are not confident enough to answer this question, you can take a closer look at this post later.

And on that note: I am also planning to uninstall Pinterest ("virus"), why bother with Reimage?

PS: I really hope that this has helped you uninstall Pinterest from your browser easily, and avoid other possibly misleading "content" even riskware in the Internet, like a PRO.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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