How to Uninstall Thermon CompuTrace from A Laptop

You too have reason to believe your Thermon CompuTrace did nothing well enough as expected? And, if you’re having trouble uninstalling Thermon CompuTrace fully, it’s make more sense to review the express install of the said design program from the Thermon Manufacturing Company and, furthermore, in any event, I hope you still keep the original installation directory first. And, what’s the hidden meaning of that suggestion? Please note that, directly deleting Thermon’s installation information from your local disk would make the uninstall of Thermon CompuTrace hugely troublesome. I just guess that advice to you is always sound.

Now, what is the best answer for ‘How to uninstall Thermon CompuTrace’?

Uninstall Thermon CompuTrace- 1

The image above clearly shows that the question consists of two main parts (tasks that need to be completed):

  • First up, uninstall Thermon CompuTrace through Windows’ "Add/Remove" or, "Uninstall a program";
  • Secondly, for better system performance, you consider erasing the possibly unused SQL projects, and clearing out those leftover hives that match the aforesaid programs at a later date.

Yup, I must admit, uninstalling Microsoft SQL Server makes ridding of Thermon CompuTrace complicated. Now, I am passing along detailed yet easy-to-understand tips for addressing your problem effectively.

How to Uninstall Thermon CompuTrace on Windows?

I am not going to keep you long just for the sake of your time, I just wanted to follow up on Microsoft’s latest operating system, Windows 10. Can’t wait to uninstall Thermon CompuTrace on your own case?

ATTOW, here’re the top 3 most common methods for you to archive the goal:

  • Option 1: Open the high-contrast Start menu, check out the "Recently added" items, right click on the target add, launch the Uninstall option on the menu.
  • Option 2: you may need to head to the following group T, hit/enter the "Thermon CompuTrace 6…." folder, right-click on the main app, launch the said Uninstall option later.
  • Option 3 & 4: Processes with Windows’ default uninstall utilities would also be fluid, simply input CONTROL or APPS FEATURES in the Search box on the taskbar.

I am about to show you how to manually uninstall Thermon CompuTrace from the list of my installed apps:

  • Locate the target app from the list – please note though, that you may still need to search your apps list – then the gray Uninstall tab and press the latter one to launch the un-installation wizard.
  • Proceed to apply the Yes option to the User Account Control alert below.
  • Now, select the option "Uninstall" when the following "Thermon CompuTrace (please replace with the specific version number here) Setup" comes up.
  • When the process (your removal request) was performed successfully, exit the said Setup window.
  • Do you want to clean up your own program settings? If so, you can start by entering the said word CONTROL > on the next screen (a search result pop-up from Windows), choosing the blue Control Panel entry > checking & removing each of SQL-related items (e.g., Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Setup Support Files, "Server Browser", etc.) you do not use.

notā benē: my tests also show that both installing and uninstalling Thermon CompuTrace are vary between the operating systems. For interest, when it comes to a Windows 7 based computer, the following "MS .NET Framework 4" suite is quite worth noting when applied to a clean uninstall of Thermon CompuTrace.

After you have removed the highlighted projects, enjoy extra disk space and a highly shortened program list. As for Windows 8, I would also say "Never mind" because I am too lazy to repeat almost the same thing (words or removal directions) in this troubleshooting guide: I will just let the following "Programs and Features" window do the talking.

Closing Comment

Clear out and/or avoid space and/or performance hogs such as Windows’ Recy Bin Size, System Restore in time for better computer performance, and for a healthy operating system.

With that in mind, here’s an extra to-do list that you can treat it like cash:

All in all, It does take bravery to get honest with myself and begin seeking truly proactive tips & solutions for other internet readers I can help with. I never thought 4 years ago that this ministry would have the chance to be a meaningful help to so many starters looking for it but here I am and I don’t take that lightly. And, I have been working extremely hard to implement a solution for internet junk, from useless/misleading auto-generated web sites/ pages to annoying adware and to stubborn paranoia. As an added advantage, we have a great online community which you could use for free along with the this know-how.

PS: If you still need some tips to uninstall Thermon CompuTrace thoroughly, or if you need any assistance getting some aggressive PUP(s) cleared out even further, don’t hesitate to reach out to our iUninstall_Admin here.

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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