Uninstall DuckDuckGo Windows 10, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari (Mac)

Are your browsers acting weird (e.g., "firefox at DuckDuckGo", hijacked by EasyDocMerge, etc.)? Your operating system also takes almost forever to load? You have no ideas on how to handle those troublesome issues?

Well, it could be a number of problems. And, what are the proven solutions for those annoyances? Now, let’s dive into this weekly Mr. Trouble troubleshooting white pager by iWinPage Team. Read on for practical up-to-date problem-solving tips and, get the most of this well-informed blog post so you can keep other unwelcome guests at bay: just learn how to beyond the traditional reactive, and enjoy the benefits of being a truly proactive computer user.

The main voice has been summarized as follows:

  • Simplified DuckDuckGo 101;
  • Uninstall DuckDuckGo on Windows 10, 8.1 (8);
  • Uninstall DuckDuckGo for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Apple’s Safari;
  • How to deal with browser extension(s) and/or portable Windows/Linux (Unix-like) based software (aka, standalone applications).

What does Google say about DuckDuckGo?

Unlike Google, Yahoo!, and/or Bing, DuckDuckGo has been generally known as a unique search service provider that promises not to track/browse you.

While DuckDuckGo is definitely one of the more private search engines around, bangs really have me (Nate Swanner) loving it.

Anyway, I truly believe that Googling is quite the best way to crawl the Web, especially when it comes to Data Collection, Data Analysis (for SMB) and Online Advertising.

(Image source: Third Door Media, Inc.)

And, as the word App continues to boom rapidly, you may even use DuckDuckGo as yet another desktop search app, which typically means you can easily start running your own query on your display in no time, with the help of DuckDuckGo for Windows 10 (Editor’s note: Apparently, DuckDuckGo is not fully ready to compete at the search engine games at the time of commenting.) / 8.

How do I uninstall DuckDuckGo?

The following section is ground zero for all who want to learn how to uninstall DuckDuckGo manually.

Part One shows how to uninstall DuckDuckGo on a Windows 10 based computer:

Before you begin, it important to note that despite entering the "All Programs list" under Control Panel, you go to Windows 10’s "All Apps list" to uninstall this build of DuckDuckGo successfully.

  • Hit the Close button above when your specific search engine query can’t be processed.
  • Click on the "Shut down" icon at the top right of the main GUI.
  • Simply input apps fea[ture] in the Search box > choose the "Apps & features" function.
  • Inputting du should pick up DuckDuckGo fast, locate the target app and hit the gray Uninstall button.
  • Hit the second Uninstall tab when prompted by the following untitled info box.
  • Please sit tight while your Windows helps uninstall DuckDuckGo silently.
  • Be sure to double-check your effort by closing and re-opening the said apps list later.

Plus, I hope the following screen capture works for you and that you’ll be fine with that trick: check your own Apps screen > mouse over DuckDuckGo, just right-click > launch Windows’ "Uninstall" option from the given options toolbar that should appear in the left bottom of your screen. And this method should also work on other Windows 8.1 computers.

Part Two includes step-by-step pointers on how to uninstall DuckDuckGo on the popular web browsers, and maintain & optimize them for better performance.

Well, there are more frequently queried issues here, which are these: how to uninstall DuckDuckGo from the list of popular browser software that are truly notable (N.B.: they are Mozilla’s Firefox, Google’s Chrome and 360’s Opera). To avoid any undesired data loss, please download your free copy of the guide on your local disk.

Uninstalling DuckDuckGo from Firefox

Note that removing DuckDuckGo from Firefox’s toolbar does not help uninstall the add-on completely.

  • Hit the "Open menu" icon at the right top of your Firefox client.
  • Hit the Add-ons entry on the menu.
  • Check your own Extensions setting, right-click on the following DuckDuckGo Plus, and launch the Remove option.
  • Use this simple yet practical tip to rid of any other unused items from your Firefox.

Removing DuckDuckGo for Google Chrome normally requires only 3 clicks – it’s just more efficient – just call Google Google. Please take a look at the attached images below.

(Tips: right-click that "DUCK" icon; launch the "Remove from Chrome…" option.)

(Tip: Press the Remove button on the "Confirm Removal" window above.)

Assuming you too installed the DuckDuckGo Home Page app, please check the following Apps portion (path: chrome://apps/ ) and erase that item there.

(Tip: Apply the Yes option to uninstall DuckDuckGo Home Page.)

Uninstalling DuckDuckGo from Firefox

  • Right click on the duck’s head, choose the 2nd option "Manage extension…".
  • To uninstall the DuckDuckGo for Opera (version 1.6.0), hit the cross icon at the top right of the section that contains the said extension.
  • Now, press the OK button on the following "Remove extension" window.

If you’re an ordinary guy consider this top-rated uninstall tool for any other undesired installations in your operating system.

Uninstalling the DuckDuckGo for Mac Safari

This portion just explore how you can make the best of the built-in Extension tab from the Safari menu. Find out how to get the job done manually:

  • Run Safari, hit Safari’s logo and select the "Preferences…" option.
  • Go to the Extensions tab. Hit the gray Uninstall button behind the following "DuckDuckGo 1.7.1".
  • Now, hit the following blue Uninstall button to proceed with your removal request.
  • Hit the red "Shut down" icon to quit Safari’s extension manager.


How to up your OS performance with portable programs?

First off, I want to let you know about this Latin word Port, which means to carry in English.

(Source: erinleanne44 at imlovinlit.com)

Personally, portable apps could appear in 50% – 60% of the executable programs. Using clean portable installations could hugely help keep your personal computer run at peak performance. All of this speaks to why portable computer programs have become an important contributor to genuine tech help, Cloud Computing and Computer Performance. Are you completely ready to go?! Please keep the following direct quotation in mind:

A portable software can easily be moved between different computers by just copying the program folder, since no installation is required and all settings are contained within this (the) folder.

In orther words, you would be unable to find a portable item on the installed apps/programs list.

Question: how can you uninstall this DirSync Pro FULLY?

DirSync Pro: Powerful synchronization and backup utility. It’s portable, easy to use… (which) is compiled to run on Java Runtime Environment (JRE) 1.7.0 and higher

BUT when it comes to an add-on for a browser, I would make the following comment: less is more, faster even safer – uninstall DuckDuckGo and/or any other unused browser plug-ins in time to stay secure. Do you know that…

AVG’s Web TuneUp (My note: that item is a free browser add-on for security) put millions of Chrome users at risk

Last but not least, please do not use the following "Leave a Reply" option, as your comment will not be answered for one simple security reason (to avoid WordPress comment spam). Please visit our iWinPage official Help Forum instead if you still have problems uninstalling DuckDuckGo on your own.

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