Uninstall e-mix Pro Edition on Windows 10

We posted this how-to guide to meet the need of Windows starters who aspire to uninstall e-mix Pro Edition (aka, e-mix [version info] Pro Edition Free) completely. Because this article too provides extra info and an uninstall tool PRO needed to manage your programs list like a pro.

  • Save your personal data like created album, lists, groups and the like.
  • Hit e-mix’s logo and launch the following Close option.
  • Answer Yes to the info box below.
  • To get the job done, head to Windows’ Control Panel, visit the embedded "Uninstall a program" and/or the old "Add/Remove" option.
  • Locate the target item on the programs list, press Enter or, launch the Uninstall option below.
  • Press the Yes tab on the following "Programs & Features" window.
  • Now, apply the Yes option to the UAC alert below.
  • Wait…. restart your computer when ready.
  • Remember to rid of DS-MP3 Source (v1.30) and associated remains so you can uninstall the said e-mix Pro Edition completely.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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