Uninstall Online Vault in Windows, Mac, Android, Windows Phone & BlackBerry

You would like to know why we highly suggest that you uninstall Online Vault ASAP and use other better alternatives? Well, we are reaching out to inform you that that the official download (SHA256, 449a693b727aa8237b815efdc5f29fc4bcf79174bedac573b1b9462dbacfe681) from OnlineVault[.]com is nothing more than another risky software or flagged PUP, according to the latest antivirus scan at VirusTotal site. Please get educated now, PUP has become one of the biggest irritations in modern life, so please, try NOT to touch the said technical term PUP (aka, PUA). Seriously though, you just can’t thoroughly get rid of an undesired program unless you use a top-rated uninstall tool.

And, here you can take a closer look at those who have lodged complaints about Crawler Toolbar, PC Fix Speed (SHA256, cf4f236c5d1175939ee23892c94f2b2e6494fcf22fb9ff3006b3b885688fc85a), and Spyware Clear (SHA256, 5f4505a005d2406334d31ed3f09ca61e0f279240e5ef1307a9d29f910ae124b0) from Crawler, LLC. You can even use Google to find how many complaints in relation to the Crawler company are there. In addition, the Crawler, LLC has built a Windows Store version of app, one of our Anti-PUP researchers updates.

Below is the complete process of how to uninstall Online Vault in Windows, Mac and smartphone, such as Android, BlackBerry. In case you fail to remove that Crawler app on your device, bookmark this troubleshooting article and give industry’s best uninstall tool a try. Now, please select the appropriate sections below:

Do you know how to uninstall Online Vault using Windows 10?

If you installed the reported trialware through Microsoft’s Store, then try referring this part as outlined. Note that we cannot guarantee that the given directions will be the 100% working solution. For this reason, our recommendation is available with the more robust options and features that allow you to get the job done more effectively, ensuring the stability and performance of your system. Remember before modifying the file system and/or Registry Editor you had better make a backup of the target item then only you can perform further actions.

  • To uninstall Online Vault without data loss, pay a visit to the following URL@ hxxps://www.onlinevault[dot]com/login.aspx, log in with your Online Vault Account and download or save your backup data there.
  • So after getting your backup data back, sign out your Online Vault ID, close your browser.
  • Now, check out your Start menu, or go to "Apps & features", type the app name in the search box, or scroll down to the target app. Then hit the location of the app, and launch the embedded Uninstall option behind Online Vault.
  • Hit the latter Uninstall tab to verify your removal request.
  • Please wait a bit while your system retrieves the app’s information and finalizes your request.
  • As stated in the intro, junk items are a major issue for system performance and stability. Note this: edit the 2 core functions of a Windows operating system very carefully. In case if you just do NOT know on what you’re about to do just stop it and running the uninstall tool Pro below will help tackle the task easily.

If you performed the installation of Online Vault, try using the method we have given below. If that does not work, try making the best of the uninstaller for Windows today. Now, please check "Show hidden icons" area in the taskbar for the potentially running client:

  • Right click on the app’s icon, launch the Exit option on the short menu.
  • If that does not help you out, run Task Manager, look into the Processes tab, enter the app’s installation folder and terminate the background process manually.
  • Sometimes, there is no difference between running the default uninstaller and using Control Panel. The difference (suggestion) is that run the following unins000.exe as the administrator.
  • Now, you need to apply the Yes option to the User Account Control alert below.
  • The following "Online Vault Uninstall" wizard will let you do the removal process automatically: what you need to do is to click on the Yes tab on the said wizard.
  • Please wait while your computer helps uninstall Online Vault.
  • Restart your system when ready.

So did you install the risky app on Windows 8 or 7, if not go and try following the steps. In case you encounter any unexpected problems like missing/ corrupted files or it is just taking too much time and/or energy to complete the removal of Online Vault, then you can solve them with our solution here, once and for all.

Steps to uninstall Online Vault on Windows 8 & 7

  • Check whether you are still running the client.
  • Try to quit the software properly.
  • Double-check that all related processes have been terminated completely.
  • As soon as you finish completing all things you would be successful in this task.
  • Providing that you have saved Control Panel on your desktop, head over to that settings directly.
  • Visit the "Uninstall a program" link.
  • Locate the project on your own programs list, press Enter or, launch Windows’ Uninstall option.
  • From the test we discovered that, the removal procedure is almost same as what we posted above. Just repeat the steps for Online Vault for Windows 10. The only difference being, you have to restart your Windows 7 manually.

If you confront or you’re facing any error messages, or when all else fails, running the uninstall tool PRO will work out for you in a short while by storing all of associated files, services and data thoroughly away from your computer.

Update: Get started with a short video tutorial that will guide you through few steps to erase Online Vault for your XP system:

How to Uninstall Online Vault on Mac?

Below is the most common way of ridding of an undesired app for Mac, so we kindly recommend you follow the manual way carefully. If the method does not work then you try the attached app remover below.

WRONG/INCORRECT way out – your attempts to uninstall Online Vault for Mac will be in vain.

  • Step 1: Quit the app.
  • Step 2: Hit your desktop, head to Go entry, enter Utilities and run the embedded Activity Monitor. Check the Process Name tab, locate the following Online Vault Tray and hit the i (Information) icon.
  • Step 3: Now, hit the Open Files and Ports tab, write down "Output information" that has been listed.
  • Step 4: After that, press the Quit tab and verify your request for quitting confirmation.
  • Step 5: Shut down Terminal’s windows, hit your desktop again, and take these steps: enter Go > choose Applications > right click on the following Online Vault folder > launch "Move to Trash" option on the menu.
  • Step 6: Reboot your OS X when ready.
  • Step 7 (optional yet recommended): open System Preferences > run "Users & Groups" > open Login Items. Worse still, you would find that you have login issue: you may be unable to log in to your Mac using previous passwords.

Then, what’s wrong with the procedure above? Well you may be quite wrong about the Step 5. To address the uninstall problem, you try the basic method below:

  • Open Trash.
  • Put back the removed Online Vault folder.
  • When the Applications folder opens, double click the said folder.
  • Now, double hit the following "Uninstall Online Vault" app.
  • If you just don’t see any warning message or pop-up appear, we’re given proven solution that equips you with an efficient way to roll back to the clean version of your Mac system. Below is the trick you need.


How to rid of Online Vault in your smartphone?

If you are on an Android and you got the app from Google Play, take the below steps, which could also depend upon whether your Android system is rooted or not.

First of all you need to Enter your device’s Settings, which should be typically embedded in the app or the dropdown notification bar.

  • Way out #1: tap Device > choose Apps > check out the list of your downloaded (installed) apps > locate Online Vault > tab it > launch the "Force stop" option first > tab "Clear cache" then "Clear data" > in the end, tab the Uninstall button. Let us take uninstalling the Blendoku as an example.
  • (Original photo: pcadvisor.co.uk)

  • Way out #2: Settings > Apps or Application Manger > Select the app and/or any other undesired apps > (App info) > stop the one from running; clean cache & data > uninstall.
  • (By Hussain Ali Shah@ linkedin.com)

  • Way out #3 (applies to Samsung Galaxy range, HTC M8 and M7 and Nexus range): enter App Drawer > tap and hold the app until you can grab it and freely move it around > drag and drop the app on to the Uninstall option. Please given the attached images a referral.
  • (from: ubergizmo.com)

    Or, enter app menu > hit Edit > locate the app > hit an icon that’s labeled with a minus or (sometimes) a cross image > read and follow the onscreen wizards to get the process done.

    (from: pcadvisor.co.uk)

  • Way out #4: Google Play > swipe from left to right > tab on "My apps" > check your installed items > tab on the target app > follow the main page (on-screen info) and complete the un-installation > reopen Google Play and access the All tab to make sure the app has been thoroughly removed. Otherwise, you need to erase the record manually.
  • (from: ubergizmo.com)

If you no longer need the app and/or extra items on your Windows Phone, below is a guide on how to fix it (them) manually:

  • enter Apps > locate > tap and hold until a contextual sub-menu is shown
  • (from: digitalcitizen.life)

  • tab Uninstall > answer Yes to proceed with the needed action.

You can rid of the app in your BlackBerry smartphone this way. Let me remind you that you had better know which exact version/build of BlackBerry Device Software you are currently running.

For BlackBerry 6 users:

  • press the home screen or select the Universal Search > Options.
  • (from: blackberry.com)

  • input "Application" without quotation marks > choose Application Management.
  • Highlight the app, hit the Menu key and choose Delete
  • Reboot your phone when ready.

If you are still using the BlackBerry Device Software 5.0, here is the trick:

  • Home > Options
  • Enter Applications
  • Re-refer the given steps to complete the task.

For those people who are using BlackBerry Device Software 4.1 to 4.7, please try these simple steps:

  • Home > Options
  • Advanced Options > Applications


As you can see from this all-in-one solution, uninstalling Online Vault in Windows & Android-based OSes should be relative easier than performing the actions on an Apple’s Mac OS. Another difference is that, in Microsoft Windows, you can usually rid of the main installation except those that were part of the removed items. And, as your programs list, and/or system startup programs/ Task Scheduler (LogIn Items) grows, it would become increasingly tough to keep track of all of your operating system. With just a few clicks, you will achieve stunning results, with ease. You bet.

Last but not least, if you uninstall Online Vault from Google Play, you can consider reinstalling it later, with buying it again.

Still new to Android? Learn the below basics. Get a question about your Windows or Mac? Feel free to leave a comment here and let us know!

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