Uninstall NetSpot 1.0 on Windows/Mac?

You want to uninstall NetSpot 1.0 on your computer, what should you do? Great question! When it comes to the term Uninstall (aka, De-install), the frequent quibble is that you can’t actually uninstall the 1.0 app and/or other PUPs cleanly with the help of the default uninstaller or uninstall utility, like say, the traditional "Uninstall a program" feature under Control Panel. And, for computer performance, the best way to maintain and/or improve is to review the system requirements first and review the attempts you made to get the app installed. Below are the proven tips to help address your issue on your own computer. Another solution that can help you out effectively is to choose an uninstaller PRO that works for you. For detailed tips, go below:

Below are basic steps to perform the express un-install NetSpot for Window.

  • Save this troubleshooting page on your desktop, save other personal stuff and disconnect your device from hotspot you’re using.
  • Before you start doing the job, you had better shut down the agent completely.
  • Now, simply type CONTROL in your own search box in taskbar, choose Control Panel from the results you’ll see.
  • Access the said "Uninstall a program" link, locate the target item on the programs list, then press your Enter key or, launch Windows’ Uninstall/Change option.
  • Hit the OK button on the following NetSpot Maintenance window.
  • The majority of NetSpot should be erased. Refresh your system. Restart your Windows when ready.
  • Try clearing out Etwok-related leftovers later.

Of course, you may still give the "Move to Trash" a try when it comes the Mac build of NetSpot. Yet what makes our recommendation quite different is its professional-grade features.

1. Save all of your personal data, such as some detected networks. To do so, hit the EXPORT icon below.

2. Then, exit the unwanted app.

3. Now, you click on the Go menu, choose the Applications folder in it.

4. Pressing the N key will help locate the app from Etwok LLC.

5. Drag the target to Trash afterwards.

6. Close Applications. Hit the Apple icon, launch the Restart… option in it.

7. Head over to the Library folder, enter the Application Support, and the Preferences folder. And, clean out those remains for good.


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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