Uninstall OneDrive on Mac, Windows 10/8/7

Below are purpose-driven solutions in how you can completely uninstall OneDrive from your own computer. To help warm you up for the task, here’s an extra intro to that file hosting service: OneDrive (previously known as SkyDrive, Windows Live Skype, and/or Windows Folders) was originally developed by Microsoft since 2007, according to Wikipedia. And if you’re running a Windows 10 computer, OneDrive is definitely already pre-installed in your operating system. The point, like say, trouble is there’s no clear telling how to rid of that undesired app fully, but it’s clear the said app is not going to win too much of the user base. Then, we hear you: this post will give easy-to-follow ways to uninstall OneDrive from your device, thoroughly. And to make the best of this article, we kindly recommend you bookmark it now.

The following step is very important, if you want to avoid data loss: repay a visit to OneDrive.com > log in using your own ID > save, download or move all of your personal data at that site. Sign out your Microsoft account later.

In the below section, I will show you to uninstall Onedrive for Mac manually. It could be best time to learn about the basic skills for almost all starters to manage the installed apps:

1. Close the below Microsoft Skype window.

2. Head to the Go folder, then Utilities sub-folder and then run Activity Monitor – This helps make sure that the app is NOT running in the background and still eating up your system resources.

3. Shut down Activity Monitor and double click on the Applications on the left side of the window.

4. Right click on the below SkyDrive icon, launch "Move to Trash". Or, for the sake of efficiency, drag it to Mac’s Trash directly.

5. Enter your Mac password to complete the uninstallation.

6. (Optional) Dig around the Library folder and other system folders so you can completely uninstall OneDrive.


Using Microsoft Windows 10? You can follow the below steps we’ve outlined:

1. Make yourself the admin user now.

2. Check "Show hidden icons" in taskbar, exit the running agent properly.

3. Click on the "Close OneDrive" to proceed your request.

4. Heading to Windows Control Panel won’t help when it comes to OneDrive for Windows 10:

  • type CMD in the search box on taskbar in your OS.
  • Right click on the "Best match", launch the option "Run as administrator".
  • Now, press the Yes button when you see the below UAC come up.
  • Copy taskkill /f /im OneDrive.exe, go back to the "Administrator: Command Prompt" window. Just right click on that black GUI. Press the Enter key when ready.
  • Erase the above info manually.
  • If you’re running a 32-bit OS, please copy %SystemRoot%\System32\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall; otherwise, please copy the below command %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\OneDriveSetup.exe /uninstall.
  • Now I will take the latter one as an example in my case. Right click on the running CMD.EXE, Enter when ready.
  • Please note you will NOT receive any feedback when the uninstallation is complete.
  • Just restart your system when you’re good to go.
  • Then, simply check the Startup tab by running Task Manager.


Task: detect and clear out OneDrive-related remnants

Associated steps & commands are:

1) Clean file-related stuff:

rd "%UserProfile%\OneDrive" /Q /S
rd "%LocalAppData%\Microsoft\OneDrive" /Q /S
rd "%ProgramData%\Microsoft OneDrive" /Q /S
rd "C:\OneDriveTemp" /Q /S

2) Remove orphaned registry entries:

REG Delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6}" /f
REG Delete "HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Wow6432Node\CLSID\{018D5C66-4533-4307-9B53-224DE2ED1FE6}" /f

So let’s discuss how to uninstall OneDrive on Windows 8 & 7.

In this direction, all you need to do is these clicks: Start (1) > Control Panel (2) > Uninstall a program (3), as uninstalling OneDrive on the said OSs is really simple.

I just hope you get the best possible value at my blog. Any issues, ideas or suggestions? Shoot us a post at iuninstall.freeforums.net.

What’s next? Find one of other better file hosting services that truly works for you here. OR… you wanna re-install OneDrive, try these steps:

  • head to %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\
  • run the OneDriveSetup.exe using your admin access.

Plan B: Google OneDrive offline setup file for yourself.

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