How to Uninstall Sonarr 2.0 on Mac & Windows 10

We have noticed many Mac users have run into trouble while trying to uninstall Sonarr 2.0 from their OS X. For starters, it’s much harder to rid of the app for Mac than do the uninstall on a Windows computer. Then, how do you NOT get sucked into the troublesome instructions? We’ve got you covered completely: check out the below 2 parts to uninstall the Sonarr app (2.0) successfully. If you need to get the job done in a few minutes consider one of our recommendations that works for your own operating system.

Now, learn about how to rid of Sonarr for Mac OS X:

1. Pay a visit to the said localhost:8989 by running your preferred browser.

2. Dig around in your own library, and save all of your personal stuff there.

3. Quit the browser when ready.

4. Maybe someone you know is still suffering from "Sonarr won’t uninstall but won’t run as well".  The problem should be connected to the unwanted app that runs behind the your display. To address this annoyance, run Activity Monitor under the Utilities folder > look closely at the below Process Name > kill the running Sonarr manually.

5. Now, run Terminal:

1) make sure about the existence of .mono and NzbDrone by typing ls -a ~/.config

2) copy rm -R ~/.config/.mono -> press Return.

3) copy rm -R ~/.config/NzbDrone -> hit Return -> repeat this command to ensure you’ve uninstalled Sonarr for Mac.

6. One more thing, rid of Mono Runtime Environment (aka, MRE) 3.10 later if you do not use nor need it.


For Windows users, please follow the below directions instead:

1. Save all of your series, episode and as such.

2. To Sonarr from running in the background after you close the above URL at localhost:8989, try these additional steps out:

  • Run Windows Task Manager
  • Take a closely look at the Processes tab
  • Right click on the below NzbDrone.exe (32 bit)
  • Launch the option "Open file location" on the menu
  • Terminate the said item afterwards

3. Press the U key on your keyboard until you locate the following unins000.exe. Run that application as the admin user.

4. Now, apply the option Yes to the UAC window below.

5. Now’s definitely the time to hit the Yes tab on the following "Sonarr Uninstall" info box.

6. Exit that info box when it finishes its job.

7. Restart your system when you’re ready to do that.

8. Then, it’d be not easy to detect and clear out all of associated remains manually. Because Windows Explorer is set to hidden those protected items. This means those data, like say ProgramData, can’t be accessed directly.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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