Uninstall Immunet AntiVirus 5 on Windows 10

Not a big fan of ClamAV? Looking for efficient solution to easily uninstall Immunet AntiVirus 5 from your computer? Somehow, Windows’ Control Panel is a total waste of time if you also take care of system performance and/or potential software conflicts. Well, take it easy at our blog, as this post you’re reading will address your annoyance effectively, and will completely eliminate antivirus-related issues like this. At least you would no longer have to worry about application leftovers anymore. Our video (coming soon) below goes into extra details:

1. Log on your system as the administrator.

2. To complete the express uninstall of Immunet app, head over to the said Control Panel, open up your own programs list and

then locate the target program. Press the Enter key and/or launch your system’s Uninstall/Change option afterwards.

3. Now, click on the below Next > button when "Immunet Uninstall" comes up.

4. Please wait a bit while your own Immunet is being uninstalled automatically.

5. Close the said un-install wizard when your request has been completed.

6. If you want to switch the said malware protection, you can say Bye-bye those unused local data generated by the security program. Otherwise, you press the Yes button.

7. Restart your operating system when ready.

8. Last but not least, just curios what did you do with the remnants of Immunet? Can’t remember last time you suffered from system slowdown?

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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