How to Uninstall MacID on MacBook/Mac Mini

This article allows you to quickly and easily uninstall MacID app on your Mac computer. Traditionally, you can get rid of an undesired app by dragging the target item to the Trash application directly. Yet, something changes when it comes to MacID removal. And, with our recommendation you can handle with any other unwanted app faster than ever before and with less trouble. One more thing, we also suggest checking if your own device(s) fully support MacID before downloading or installing the said item.

To uninstall the MacID v1.3 and/or other newer version, try these steps:

  • Check out your Applications folder.
  • Run the unused item later when you locate it.
  • Check out MacID’s menu when it opens.
  • Head to the option More and launch the sub-option Uninstall MacID.

And to erase MacID v1.1-1.2, read the below directions:

1. Head to Applications folder.

2. Run the client, launch the Unpair iOS device first and quit the app later.

3. Move the MacID to Trash manually.

4. Hit your desktop > enter the Go folder > choose the Utilities sub-folder > run Keychains Access.

5. Simply input MacID and try removing anything that comes up in the auto results. To do this, right click on the result, and launch the option "Delete" on the menu.

6. Now, to avoid potentially unwanted alerts, check out the Notifications section in the Safari and unsubscribe from the company.

And, as for MacID v1 removal, I am just going to be straight forward with you; you get the job done easily:

Unpair, quit and then drag.


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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