How to Uninstall CleanMyDrive 2 on Mac?

Eventually, you also want to uninstall CleanMyDrive 2? Well, this post provides two options to do so, like say, get the job done within few tabs, using our recommendation below; or try dragging the app to the Trash in order to rid of the majority of the target item, and then try clearing out extra yet useless leftovers which would eventually end up eating up your disk space. There has been concern in recent years the common uninstall routine would not take care of leftover hives that ragging an unwanted app/program. And, we are in no way responsible for any accidental deletion of critical items that are truly necessary for other system processes and/or existing apps on your Mac. And, here’s yet another friendly reminder not forget to back up your Mac first.

So, long story short, how are you supposed to to get rid of CleanMyDrive 2 the right way? Try following the directions and let us know the comments for the result:

  • Let’s start by saying that head to the Applications file folder.
  • Press the C key on your keyboard until you locate the target software.
  • Note that, though, you first double-click the app, and navigate to the Utilities sub-folder and then run Activity Monitor later.
  • Note down all CleanMyDrive and/or MacPaw related files and erase those junk for CleanMyDrive manually, at a later date. Please know that the output information may be incomplete, for example, check and delete /Volumes/CleanMyDrive 1.0.3/\xe4\xbd\xbf\xe7\x94\xa8\xe5\xb8\xae\xe5\x8a\
  • Force the app to quit when ready.
  • Now, re-enter Applications and move the MacPaw’s app to Trash.
  • Restart your OS X. Try hunting any remained files or folders you’ve noted down.


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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