Cannot Uninstall Keka 1.0 on Mac OS X?!

In an attempt to help uninstall the unwanted Keka 1.0 effectively, we just re-visited the app’s official web site and located respective online documentation. Well, through our research, we learned a lot more about the Mac industry. And, here at iWinPage, our mission is also to help Mac starters get the task done with ease. This mini article will tell you more.

1. First off, hit your desktop.

2. Head to the Go folder on the Menu bar, and enter the Applications folder.

3. Here, we kindly recommend running your unwanted Keka by double-clicking on the app’s logo there.

4. Then minimize the GUI and head over to the Utilities sub-folder.

5. Run Activitiy Monitor afterwards.

6. Locate the running process, and hit the i icon.

7. Now, visit the 3rd tab "Open Files and Ports" and note down all of the "Output information". To do so, you copy all of those hives and paste them to the Mac version of Text.

8. Exit the program when ready. To do so, you first click on the above Quit tab and confirm your request by pressing the "Force Quit" button later.

9. Now, close the "Keka (640) Terminated)" window then Activity Monitor.

10. Go back to the Applications folder and uninstall the said Keka (v1.0) by dragging it to the Trash icon.

11. Additionally, if you decide to clear out those remains or, you’re good at making changes to your Mac manually, feel free to do that later. Because we believe that is crucial to hard disk health and system performance.


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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