Uninstall Movavi Video Suite 16 on Windows 10

This post can be used to uninstall the Movavi Video Suite 16. In order to effectively trouble that issue, you should also consider erasing the potentially unused OpenGL implementation at a later date. In another, you had better rid of the said OpenGL, along with the program by Movavi (aka, Taukonsalt OOO). And, for unsuspecting users, another chief task of your time should be to clean out associated remains in time. Please note though, in some instances, improper changing of file system and/or Registry Editor could cause catastrophic damage to your whole operating system.

The least used yet time-saving method possible:

1. Right-click on the software’s shorter on your desktop. Launch "Open file location".

2. Now, it’s time to make the best of your keyboard: press the U key until you locate the below uninst.exe, which has a "Close" icon.

3. Right-click on the said application and choose "Run as administrator".

4. Choosing the option Yes to allow the exe file to run.

5. You may ignore the company’s offer, and click on the below Next > button when you see the express uninstall wizard show up.

6. You will be good to go after you press the following Uninstall button.

7. You may also directly shut down the below "Thank you for your cooperation" webpage when the default uninstallation is completed.

8. We kindly recommend re-checking the list of programs under Windows Control Panel afterwards. Still need help? Please pay a visit to this page or, run the professional uninstall tool we highly recommend.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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