Can’t uninstall PC Purifier yourself?!

This mini post contains efficient removal instructions and proven solution if you want to uninstall PC Purifier and/or any other unwanted program from your computer. To get the job done manually, you may view the video guide below. And following this all-in-1 troubleshooting post will also help keep your Windows truly PUP-free. At least, you can rid of so-called registry cleaner within just few clicks.

1. When you (accidentally) install PC Purifier, it would start check your OS for "errors"and show you how to register the software. To avoid potential loss of money, click on the Close button below.

2. Check the "Show hidden icons" on the taskbar. Quit the running software this way: right click on the application log -> launch Exit -> press the below Quit option.

3. Check your desktop, right click on associated short file, and choose "Open file location".

4. Run the below unins000.exe as the admin user so you can uninstall PC Purifier from your Windows.

5. Now, press the following Yes tab when you see the same UAC come up.

6. Choose "No, I want full uninstall" option instead if you really wanna rid of that "PC Support Expert".

7. Apply the Yes option to the below "PC Purifier Uninstall" window.

8. Close the said uninstall wizard.

9. You may ignore and shut down the company’s limited time offer later.

10. Again, if you have any problem cleaning traces or, if you still have problems, we’re here to help you out, in no time.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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