Uninstall KMPlayer 4.1 on Windows 10/Mac/Mobile (Android & iPhone)

Suffering from "Exception EOSError in module KMPlayer.exe at 0002E7B1. System Error. Code: 1400"? Having trouble uninstalling KMPlayer on your computer? Make the most of this blog post so that you can rid of KMPlayer in no time. Please note, though, that KMP’s "Official Link" contains extra offer, which is known as Search Manager Chrome extension. And, you probably are thinking: Has PhantomPDF Business (v8) installed itself without asking you?

To uninstall KMPlayer on Windows, try these steps:

1. Close the client.

2. Head to the below file folder, press the U key on your keyboard until you locate the highlighted uninstall(.exe) application. Right-click on that exe file, choose the option "Run as administrator" instead.

3. Say Yes to the following UAC info box.

4. Now, click on the Uninstall button when the below "KMPlayer Uninstall" window comes up.

5. Please wait while KMP is being removed from your system.

6. Keep all of your preferences only if you wanna reuse the software at a future date.

7. Now close the said Uninstall wizard.

P.S.: The above instructions should work the same on Windows 8.1/8/7/Vista too. (Because I have none to actually test, like say performing the express installation, but based on Microsoft it should go the same there.)

To remove the Mac Beta Version", please view the given directions as listed below:

1. Hit your desktop, enter the Go file folder on the menu bar and choose Applications.

2. The 2nd step is run the undesired app first.

3. Head over to Utilities folder afterwards. Run Mac’s Activity Monitor.

4. Locate the target app, hit the i icon. Then, go to the "Open Files and Ports" tab. Note down the "Output information" (copy & paste), and then force KMP for Mac to quit.

5. Close Activity Monitor, go back to Applications folder. Try dragging KMP to the Trash icon.

6. Enter your Mac password correctly so that you complete the uninstallation procedure.

7. Last but not least, there will be issues with junk, system performance. Mac’s default uninstall module has no right to take care of those leftovers, so you may have to figure them out yourself. 


Using the KMP Mobile App? Please refer to this post to remove that app from your smart phone.

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I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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