Uninstall Amazon Music in Windows 10 & Mac

In this post, you will learn how to uninstall Amazon Music with some very basic troubleshooting methods. But frequently, Windows and Mac both fails to help clean out remained leftover hives because of known issues with the default uninstaller. Before you proceed, please read and understand this: uninstalling an unwanted app or programs does not mean paying a visit to the "Uninstall or change a program" under Control Panel, nor trashing the target item from the Applications folder when it comes to your Apple Mac computer. Fortunately, we have the best apps to help rid of all associated items once and for all.

Part 1 is demonstrating how to remove the Amazon Music for Windows:

1. Download your personal playlists, albums and songs and such. Sign out your Amazon (Music) account when ready. Then, shut down the main window.

2. Run Task Manager and look into the Processes tab. Find the installation path for that undesired app, and then terminate the below Amazon Music Helper manually.

3. The next thing you can easily do is pressing the U key on your keyboard – this helps locate the Music’s uninstaller program fast. Right-click on that application and choose "Run as adminstrator" option on the menu.

4. In order to proceed with the un-installation, hit the Yes button on the following UAC that might be preventing that music machine from being uninstalled.

5. Now, simply click on the Yes tab on the "Setup" info box below.

6. Wait and, watch, then press the OK button below. If all goes well, you shouldn’t be able to see that app on the programs list.

Then, how to delete the Mac version that’s won’t launch nor uninstall? Try following the given steps in this Part 2:

1. Sign out. Exit the running agent when ready.

2. Click on your own desktop, head to the Go folder, and choose Utilities and then, run Activity Monitor.

3. Locate the aforesaid Amazon Music Helper, hit the i icon and note down all "Output information" using Notes for Mac. End that process afterwards.

4. Close all unrelated windows. Re-head to he embedded Applications folder on Go. Try moving the target app to the Trash icon.

5. The following cmmand rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/Amazon\ Music/ may take care of junk the app has created previously (recently). Type that line using Terminal, press Return when ready – you don’t even have to provide your Mac password to trick. However, if you’re not a power viewer, your next best option is to try the top-rated app remover today.


About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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