Uninstall Super PC Cleanup 1.8 on Windows 10

Can’t uninstall the Super PC Cleanup? Or you’re still suffering from so-called PC Clean Plus by Jawego Partners LLC? Take it easy, it won’t take long for those PUPs to get lost. Because we’ve also got you covered, but we kindly recommend that you keep an eye at your mouse, and your downloads. Well, 2 cents here: 1) As I previously mentioned, Super PC Cleanup, at its core, is likely be the same as the Jawego product. 2) both "Super" and its website have been reported to Microsoft for containing a threat. All in all, rid of such digital snake oil for good, and never bother using such registry cleaners again so you keep your personal information safe and private.

1. Ignore those registry errors that have been flagged by the riskware (sha256, 72fefc06a7bf86377444976f804e0250c9982ea787b8efd91269389ecc85f52a)

2. Click on the Close button on the main GUI window. Then choose the option Quit instead.

3. Heading to the PUP’s home (installation file folder) allows you to get the job done effectively.

4. Press the U key on your keyboard until you locate the below unins000.exe. Then, run that application as the admin user.

5. Click on the Yes button on the following UAC info box.

6. Note that, you select the "No, I want full uninstall" option from the below "Uninstall Super PC Cleanup" window.

7. And now… say Yes to the following "Uninstall" dialog box.

8. Press the OK button when your request is completed.

9. Close the flagged "after uninstall" webpage. Clean up browser cache. Restart your system when ready. Detect and erase all associated remains later.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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