Remove My Faster PC on Windows 10 (Uninstall Guide)

Today, Internet is not safe! If you accidentally stumble up some annoying yet stubborn adware, browser hijacker and/or so-called registry cleaner, your whole operating system would malfunction sooner or later. It is truly important to keep digital snake oil at bay. If you’re also look for yet another great study, take a look this troubleshooting article, which aims to help you remove My Faster PC and clear out all undesired PUPs once and for all.

To get the task done, you may take advantage of troublemaker itself.

1. Check your desktop for the app’s shortcut.

2. Double-click on that file to run the application.

3. When the below UAC comes up, hit the Yes button on that window.

4. Hit the "Cancel Sacan" button below.

Or, you have to press the Cancel button when the possibly fake scan is completed.

5. Now, head to the Settings section and simply click on the below option "Uninstall My Faster PC".

6. Then, you press the following green Continue button to proceed with the removal procedure.

7. Hit the Yes button on the below "My Faster PC Uninstall" dialog box.

8. Close that window when the said uninstall wizard finishes your request.

9. Get the below "60% OFF offer from the company, or you shut down the following "Uninstall Complete" web page.

10. One more thing worth noting here is that you must erase all associated elements like the below MFPCReminder.exe from your computer.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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