Uninstall Avira Optimization Suite 2017 on Windows 10

Getting annoyed with Avira’s Firewall Luker? If you’ve also run into trouble when trying to uninstall Avira Optimization Suite 2017 yourself, this blog post has the potential to help fix your issues and restore your browser configurations & settings once and for all. To resolve most browser-related problems with potentially undesired Avira SafeSearch Plus, please the second video guide we’ve attached below. Our editors at iWinPage will describe how remove the Suite completely. You may print this article in your Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome or, save/download this know-how on your local disk.

After completing the above instructions, access the Add-ons Manager settings and try ridding of Avira SafeSearch manually.

1. Exit the Avira Antivirus Pro properly.

2. Now, write down the names of the apps you need to remove: Avira Connect, Avira System Speedup, and Avira Phantom VPN and Avira Software Updater. To do so, please check your own desktop.

And, please do not miss out the add-ons list in your Firefox browser: Avira SafeSearch Plus (, "_MSG_extName_" ( and Avira SafeSearch in the "1-click search engines" list.

3. You may try running Task Manager to terminate the below background processes one by one: AntiVir shadow copy service, AntiVir WebGuard WFP Service, Antivirus Host Framework Service (2), Antivirus MailScanner WFP Service, Avira, Avira Service Host, Avira system tray application, Avira Updater Service Host, and Avira.SystemSpeedup.SpeedupService and Avira.VpnService. This could be your best option to get the job done smoothly.

4. Now, simply input APPS & FEA in the search box, and choose Apps & features from the search results.

5. If you would like to uninstall the upgraded Avira Internet Security Suite fully, locate Avira-related item from the list, and follow the on-screen instructions to remove your unwanted apps one by one. And now, we just take uninstalling Avira Antivirus as an example here:

  • Locate the antivirus app by Avira Operations GmbH & Co. KG.
  • Hit the Uninstall tab behind it.
  • When the below dialog box appears, click on the following Uninstall button.
  • The UAC will appear when trying to proceed with the uninstall procedure: choose the Yes option from that window.
  • Click on the Uninstall button on the left-side of the below "Uninstallation of Avira Antivirus" info box.
  • Sit tight while that setup is performing your request automatically.
  • Restart your system when ready.

6. In order to uninstall the new Avira products fully, you will have to deal with with few other possibly unused apps, critical Windows/shared files and/or registry-related items. Please do not continue until you understand those stuff well. For starters, you can easily avoid those risky factors by using our professional uninstall tool for Windows below.

Last but not least, common methods to remove a security program lack reliable options to identify and clear out associated remains effectively, which can frequently result in system slowdowns, software conflicts and alike.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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