Remove Open Download Manager (OpenDownloadManager Uninstall Guide)

How do we see OpenDownloadManager? Our view is that you had better remove that app by Display Time Software Inc. as soon as possible. Yet another challenge for regular readers is to be able to get rid of other undesired programs once and for all, especially because such an riskware (sha256, ba1692c653b9535558026e37799b0656cdf4624df2b11838c9d099b81ee533db) could be frequently bundled with other so-called freebies. Try completing the following instructions to remove Open Download Manager fully.

1. Quit the client properly.

2. Check your desktop for the app’s shortcut file. Right-click on that icon and choose the option "Open file location" instead.

3. Now, simply run the below uninstall application as the admin user to trigger the default uninstaller.

4. Now, click on the Yes button on the following UAC alert.

5. When the "OMD (version number info) Uninstall" appears, hit the Uninstall button on that window.

6. You apply the option Yes to that wizard after you’ve saved all of your personal data.

7. Reboot your Windows when ready. And, we highly recommend that you re-check your programs list so that you can erase any other unknown items related to the uninstalled ODM. An uninstall tool PRO is also available to anyone who want to get rid of unwanted 3rd-party applications within few clicks.

About PUP Hunter

I am experienced in helping avoid foistware attack, and fixing bloatware/ greyware issues, the very proactive way.
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