About This Blog Centre

This is an informative professional blog about troubleshooting PUPs on the web, making it easy for Windows, Mac & Ubuntu starters to learn about how to effectively address problems of ridding of an undesired installation, how to proactively avoid the term PUPs/ PUAs, and how to resolve extra annoyances in time. Go to this main page to see our editors’ time-saving solutions or search specific application. Take action NOW and blow all other unwanted programs away!


  • Q: What is PUP?
  • A: “A PUP (potentially unwanted program) is a program that may be unwanted, despite the possibility that users consented to download (or, install) it.”, according to TechTarget.
  • Q: How to deal with such PUPs for Windows?
  • A: Be careful when surfing, downloading and/or installing somethin’, and learn some up-to-date solutions through my tech-based forums above. Feel free to contact me@ iUninstall anytime…

I’d like to recommend the below Windows troubleshooting resources to you. Check ’em out if you run into related issues:

  1. Get simple yet effective solutions if you have trouble with managing your installed items on Windows.
  2. (Discontinued project) Having DLL/ EXE erorrs on your PC? These two sites are just for U. For example, you can quickly fix the vga.dll/hal.dll error. For details, here are professional articles.


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